I did my usual spot on the Seibel and Starkey show on 93.7 The Fan today and Joe Starkey asked me if I understood the jersery thing–meaning grown men wearing  team jerseys with their favorite players’ names on the back.

I told him I  didn’t get it at all and I don’t.

So help me out here. As I said on the radio, I can not for a second picture my dad walking into Forbes Field wearting  a Bobby Layne Jersey or Pitt Stadium wearing a Kent Nix jersey. It just doesn’t compute.

When did this start?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing or that I’m better than anybody else because I don’t have any desire to wear a Sidney Crosby jersey to a Penguins game.

I just don’t get it.

Kids under, say, 14, I understand.

Young girls, maybe even young women, OK.

Forty and fifty something men?   Don’t get it. Help me.


Here’s a question for you: On which drug would a football player be more likely to beat up or sexually assault a woman, marijuana or alcohol?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall hearing a lot of stories about players being high on weed when they assaulted their women.  I’d have to vote for alcohol and I don’t think it would be even close.

How often do you hear about a player being arrested for disorderly conduct when alcohol WASN’T involved?  I don’t recall too many stories about players attributing their wild public behavior to having smoked a joint.

So, if you’re a football coach, while you would obviously prefer your players to not get high on anything, given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer that they get high on weed to getting drunk on beer?

In college football, a player can get drunk six nights a week and nobody will care if he doesn’t get in trouble or if it doesn’t adversely affect his play. But if that same player takes a drug test and it shows that he might have smoked a joint two weeks ago, all kinds of questions about his character are raised.

Call me crazy but I’d feel a lot better about my player if he spent his time sitting in his room in front of a bong instead of bar hopping until two o’clock in the morning.

According to, NFL coaches are going to have to be more tolerant of college football players who smoke marijuana.


Apparently Ben Roethlisberger needs a body guard when he pees. That’s one of the things that  came out when ESPN interviewed the owner of the club in Georgia where Roethlisberger was accused of  sexually assaulting a 20 year-old woman.

ESPN also reports in the story that the accuser’s friend tried to get into the bathroom where Roethlisberger and the accuser allegedly were but was kept out by one of Roethisberger’s body guards.

Roethlisberger hasn’t been charged with anything yet but he’s been more than charged with being a jackass. He’s been proven guilty of being a jackass in the minds of most people.

Meanwhile, I mentioned here in the beginning that I wasn’t surprised when I heard the allegations coming out of Georgia because I had heard a ridiculous number of unsolicited negative stories about Roethlisberger  Ten times more than I had heard about any other player.

Today was a perfect example. A few guys were standing around talking about the situation in Georgia and someone who works in media relations overheard us mention Roethlisberger’s name and, from across the room came this unsolicited comment. “I’ve worked with professional athletes all my life and I’ve never come across a bigger_________than Ben Roethlisberger. ”  We were then told a story about how, unlike every other player who was approached, he made a major issue out of signing something for charity.  One more story piled on to the existing mountain.

I can’t emphasize enough how often this has happened to me over the last few years. It happens so often and the descriptions of this guy acts are so negative that  it really is astounding.

I also can’t emphasize enough that he was never rude or impolite to me and never turned down any request for an interview because I never asked him for one.


Sometime you don’t need to do a lot of analyzing before deciding which candidate to vote for. I know I could be pretty confident that I was making the right choice without hearing one speech or reading one columnist’s analysis . And I could make my decision five minutes before polls closed.

Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time reading about politics. I could save myself a ton of agravation by asking one really simple question:

Who’s Rosie O’Donnell voting for?  Then vote for the other guy. You will have made the right choice.

Who’s Barbra Streissand voring for. Again. Vote for the other guy.

Sean Penn’s voting for whom? Put me down for the other guy.

I kind of feel the same way about Fidel Castro, a guy who should have been assassinated at least 49 years ago.

Ruthless, murdering dictators have been big fans of government controlled health care because they know that once they’re in charge of doling out health care, they can use the threat of  withholding heslth servies  to force citizens to comply with their stupid laws.

Fidel Castro is down with Obamacare.