While the government in New York City is protecting its fine citizens from the evil 16 0z Pepsi, in Wisconsin, their government is spending $900,000 to teach kids how to walk home from school.

And there are still people wondering why we’re trillions of dollars in debt?

When did, “Look both ways before you cross the street” stop being enough?

What’s next? Government funded programs to teach kids how to wipe their asses?

And, by the way, shouldn’t these kids who are walking home be wearing helmets?

  • Heisenberg


  • Ric Ettinger

    Maybe we should change the rules so that all governments in the US are only open two days a year.

  • oksteeler

    I honestly don’t know how we once survived. We were taught by our parents to look both ways and we rode bikes without helmets and elbow and knee pads.

  • Tim
    • John Steigerwald

      The govt wants to let the business keep more of the money it earns. It’s not giving Shell a dime.

      • Tim

        Tax credits are just another form of gov’t expenditure. If he truly wants to let businesses keep more of their money he should reduce corporate taxes across the board.

        • John Steigerwald

          Tax credits are not another form of expenditures. There is spending and there is taxing.

        • sherm

          Corporations do keep more of their money/profits with write offs n loopholes.

          • John Steigerwald

            Good. The less money that goes to the govt to be wasted the better.

    • George Washingon

      It’s called an incentive. You can lure them here with some tax breaks or have them not here at all and receive $0 in taxes. But why think it through logically, huh?

      • Tim

        That type of thought is what has got us having nearly every sports stadium subsidized across the country.

  • Chuck

    I think they should also wear bullet proof vests and have a personal bodyguard with them also, paid by the good citizens of Wisconsin, of course. Seriously, I think these politicians are losing their freaking minds. (not that they had much to lose in the first place). When is shit like this ever going to end??????

    • Mike V

      The per person US debt is greater than Greece. I will stop when the country goes under…right after Europe goes under. It won’t be much longer.

  • gmuny2002

    Boy, you aren’t kidding John! Like you said in your book, it’s the “sissifing of America”! What’s next, a gay “Green Lantern”? Oh wait, lol!