It was only a matter of time before someone in government called for the banning of high school football.



And it was inevitable that it would be a woman or an effeminate man.

“Comparing high school football to the gladiator fights of ancient times, Council Rock school board member Patty Sexton has called for banning the sport at the high school level.

Sexton, also a Philadelphia public school teacher, made her comments late at Thursday night’s Council Rock board meeting.

She said continuing the sport at schools funded by the general taxpayer base is inappropriate. It has become too dangerous and carries too much of a risk of lasting effects from injuries, especially concussions, Sexton said.

“It’s no longer appropriate for public institutions to fund gladiators,” she said. “I am very, very concerned about putting these student-athletes in the position of getting a concussion. Football has gotten faster, harder and more dangerous with each passing year. I’m extremely scared we will eventually be sued over injuries suffered in sports.”

It doesn’t make sense for publicly funded educational institutions to continue offering a sport that by its very nature includes physical and often violent contact on every play, Sexton said.”

Not surprising at all that we would get this kind of hysterical response, but it’s another signal to the NFL  that it’s time to seriously address the causes of concussions. Shrinking the players by seriously going after PED users would be the best place to start.

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  1. Niblick says:

    John, you seem to be focused on PED users this week. I am not sure if this is relevant to grade school or high school football. I am sure there are some kids that use it, but I don’t think that it is overwhelming.

    I could not care less if football disappeared in schools. Since the medical world now knows more about head injuries, it just could be that we have become too civilized to have a sport like football exist. It is violent and it is dangerous. Remember, it is just a form of entertainment. No other relevancy at all. Instead of banning it, why not just make it a lot safer? People will adapt to that.

    • John Steigerwald says:

      The questions about letting kids play have arisen because of all the talk of head injuries in the NFL. Those injuries could be greatly reduced if players were closer to the size of real human beings. Two hundred and 60 pound linebackers should be 220. Two hundred and forty pound runnin g backs should be 210. The field is the same size but the players have gotten ridiculously big, ridiculously strong and ridiculously explosive and fast.

    • Mike V says:

      Football is not a violent sport. Played and officiated properly it is a physical sport. Rules have to be made to make sure that happens. The problem is fans want it to be violent because they don’t understand the sport so they want to see a form of human cockfighting. It becomes pornographic for them (attention Yinzers, pornographic does not always mean sex movies).

      • Bobzilla says:

        WTF are you talking about?
        You keep saying the same things over and over again.
        Pro football IS a violent sport. Why you would think and say otherwise is beyond me. Chuck Noll once called pro football a collision sport.
        High school football, however, is played by completely different rules than pro football, which decreases violence and promotes sportsmanship.
        Thanks for the pornography lesson.

        • John Steigerwald says:

          Pop Warner football has reacted

          The nation’s largest youth football organization is banning some common drills and telling coaches to spend two-thirds of their practice time on noncontact activities, part of a wider crusade to reduce the risk of head injuries that can reverberate for a lifetime.

          Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc., which has 2,500 elementary and middle school-age players on 120 teams in the metro area, hopes the changes lessen concussions and reassure parents and players that the game is safe.

          Long ignored, concussions have risen to the fore in recent years as retired pro athletes recount their struggles with head injuries and as new research shows the potentially devastating consequences of repeated brain-jarring collisions.

          • Bobzilla says:

            Pop Warner-aged kids should not be playing tackle football. They are way too young, and they aren’t coached by qualified people.
            In my little town, the youth tackle football league has a weight restriction, which is all well and good. But one of the kids who was too big for the league was Scott Wells, who went on to eventually become the starting center for the Green Bay Packers.
            As a youth, Wells was forced to play in a flag football league.
            Youth tackle football is a waste of time and serves no real purpose in developing and/or preparing kids for junior-high football and beyond.

          • John Steigerwald says:

            I agree. Also decided after watching my 10 yr old grand daughter playing softball, that boys should also play softball until they’re 11 or 12. I saw the ball in play more often in one inning with the girls than I saw in five innings with boys. It occurred to me as I was watching it that I learned to play baseball by playing softball in the St Bernard’s 4th and 5th grade intramural league. When I showed up for a little league tryout at 11 I already knew how to play.

        • Mike V says:

          You don’t understand sports.

  2. oksteeler says:

    I think they should ban baseball and softball too while they’re at it, kids get hurt all the time and might sue. Better go ahead and ban basketball as well, many kids have gotten concussions when there head bounces off the court and they might sue as well. Better go ahead and ban swings on the playground, how many broken arms have happened on the playground when kids jump out of swings?

    • Carl in Florida says:

      Well, we might as well ban all sports. As we all know, there is a chance they could get hurt. No recess either as there is a chance there as well.

      Now that is ridiculous right? We all did this stuff growing up and look how we turned out! Well some of us anyways!!!

      John is right. There are ways to change the way sports are played to make it less dangerous. We still want people to get the lessons and joy that come from sports.

      John, your second book is a great read. I hope to finish it soon.

      • John Steigerwald says:

        Thanks Carl. I diddn’t get the promotion on the second book that I got on the first one. I meet several people per week who tell me they liked my book and when I ask them which one, I find that they’re not aware of the second one.

    • Bobzilla says:

      This is what happens when the media beat something to death: Mass hysteria by the bleeding hearts.
      Football is safer now than at any point in history. And I completely disagree with Niblick. Scholastic football is important in that it can provide partial scholarships to thousands of kids to small colleges. A degree from Clarion University or Slippery Rock is just as valuable as a degree from Notre Dame.

  3. Matt C. says:

    Go figure. Its just more of the feminzation of America. The feminist, liberals, acedemia, and protesters are doing what they can to destroy what was a once great nation. It all started when everyone got a trophy no matter where you finished at. By teaching kids there is nothing to work for or to improve yourself so you can be a winner and we are all even, we are making the generations settle for whatever instead of improving themselves. Then when the time comes, and they face adulthood and realize that there are winners and losers and no one is there to take them by their hand and guide them along, they don’t know what to do. Well yes they do. They go on welfare and live off of other peoples money and success. Now to ban high school football is a joke. Schools today don’t have much to be proud of except maybe their football team. Maybe this school board member should put as much effort into evaluating her teachers and their test scores and maybe think of banning one or two of those and see what happens then. Oh no we can’t do that, the teacher unions will not let that happen. Again the students suffer.

    • John Steigerwald says:

      I put a lot of the blame on Mr. Rogers.

      • oksteeler says:

        Who was it who came up with time-outs and spankings being child abuse?
        I’ve heard of two different parents in the past week who have been charged with felony child abuse, one for spanking their kid with a belt, three swats across the ass. One for slapping their teenager in the mouth for back talking. That Mom was recorded off someone’s phone in a parking lot, she barely popped her in the mouth and if my daughter had called me a bitch like she says her daughter did, I would have slapped her much harder. The other was recorded in his own backyard by a nosy neighbor recording him from his second story window.
        And we wonder why kids are such brats today. No spankings at home, no licks in school. I was a model student in school because I never wanted licks, if the only thing I had to fear was suspension, I probably would have acted out on some of the things I refrained from. Although probably not because my parents would have whipped my butt when I got home and made me work what butt they left me off working during my suspension.
        I really think we should wrap all kids in bubble wrap and let them do as they want as long as it doesn’t involve something where they might hurt themselves.

        • Niblick says:

          So you feel the only way to raise kids is by beating them? I am glad you weren’t my parent. I have raised two very good kids and I didn’t beat them once. That is just so barbaric. You need to be a role model to kids, not someone that they fear. Be a part of their lives and understand what makes them tick. If your kids feel that you are a monster, it is no wonder that they probably turn out bad.

        • Dan says:

          Any parent who takes a belt to their kid is a piece of shit, I don’t care if it’s three licks or thirty. Violence isn’t the answer to raising children, it teaches them to react and not think. I knew kids whose parents beat them with belts and they hated their parents for it. Plus, that’s just where dad starts. Then it becomes the closed fist or the wrench.

          The mom whose daughter called her a bitch first of all obviously didn’t raise the kid right anyways, secondly since she smacked her in the mouth it’s not the first time it happened, and lastly it goes to show you how effective smacking your daughter in the mouth is if she still curses at you and you keep smacking her.

          Kids are kids and kids do stupid things. There’s better ways to discipline them than hitting them with a belt. For you to think that’s a good way to handle things shows how much you lack the ability to think critically about other solutions. Why don’t you tell us what the kid did to get hit with a belt? Did he steal a car or did he fail a math test?

          On the subject at hand, banning high school football is absurd and this lady will rightly get laughed out of town. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that this lady wants to ban it or the fact that if she tried to do it in Western PA or Texas she’d end up dead in a “suspicious” house fire.

          • oksteeler says:

            Oh please, I had my butt busted with a belt. My parents weren’t pieces of shit.

            I spanked my kids, although very rarely and they can count on one hand the times they got a spanking but when they needed a spanking they got one. The point is I was their parent not some busybody next door or some government idiot. I didn’t need anyone telling me how and when to discipline my children.
            My generation had boards in our school, some with holes drilled in them. If you minded, you never had to worry about it, if you didn’t then you got your butt busted. We lived and I guarantee you when it was a teacher who could lift you off the floor, most kids even the big tough boys never got another one from that teacher because they feared not being able to sit down. So classes were not disrupted often. If you were told to go out in the hall, you didn’t think, “yay, no work this hour,” you knew you were going to be told to bend over and grab your ankles, so you didn’t try to get into just enough trouble to be sent out in the hall like many kids today do.

          • Dan says:

            A spanking and the paddle board in the classroom where you got two swats is not the same as a belt. And if it worked so well in this utopian society called the 1960′s then why did anyone ever grow up to go to prison?

            With everything parents know today from the mistakes of previous generations (not that they don’t make mistakes of their own), yes, anyone who takes a belt to their kid these days is a piece of shit. Find another way to parent besides the lazy way – beating someone.

    • Me says:

      Only a staunch Republican could turn a conversation about banning high school football into one about teacher’s unions. You guys certainly have your talking points nearby for everything, don’t you?

  4. Turk182 says:

    I’m on board for the ban….but not for the same reason. It’s a stupid idiotic no-talent sport simply predicated on size and weight and not skill and followed by fat moronic losers living their lives vicariously through the players despite not even comprehending what they are actually seeing…and let’s not forget the ghetto thug juiced out PED using players who get free access to a college education but take up classroom space from legitimate students despite not even being able to read and write at the 8th grade level and the NFL where 1 in 4 players has either a violent crime conviction or, at the very least, an accusation that led to criminal charges. Add to that the billionaire owners in the most successful sports league on the planet, financially speaking, who actually have the audacity to ask tax payers to pay for their stadiums like that asshole in Minnesota does….

    …and I’m not even mentioning the great lengths and corruption that people will go to, with the blessing of many in the public, just in order to continue this fascination with a sport that is ludicrously compared to war (I never seen one football player die on the field…have you?)….and that apparently includes foregoing the safety of children as evidenced by the Sandusky/Penn State scandal where this stupid-ass game has somehow become more important than protecting children from pedophiles (on that note: quite interesting how such a “manly” game, as football is somehow supposed to be, has had more homoerotic examples and scandals than a San Francisco bath house in the 70′s….kiddie rape, high school hazing incidents involving players tea bagging their testicles on the faces of incoming freshmen as exampled by Central Catholic in this area several years ago…and, of course, the very nature of the game itself: men in tights grabbing other men in tights. I can’t believe how any conservative could like football since they are so anti-gay….of course, considering the staggering number of anti-gay Republicans getting caught red handed longing for man on man love I guess it should come as no surprise to me).

    I say ban it in high school….ban it in college….ban it everywhere!!!! America will be so much better off and more productive without this rubbish masquerading itself as a “sport” and that will also enable the losers who toss aside everything to sit in their favorite chair and get themselves fat by watching football on TV all day become more productive in their own lives.

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