In case you missed it on Twitter today, I will no longer be working as a co-host on TribLive Radio.

It was a good four year run and I enjoyed it as much as any job I’ve had in the media.

I’ll miss going in every day to laugh it up with Ken and Guy and the rest of the guys at the Trib.

It was not my choice.

My contract expired at the end of this month and the Trib chose not to renew it.

I was told that it was a desire to promote the Trib brand with their own people.

More once-a-week shows made more sense to them than a three man rotation from 10-2 which, Ken Laird, Guy Junker and I had.

They know better than I if it’s a good business decision.

I learned a long time ago that all you can do is show up everyday and do your thing until somebody decides they don’t want you or can’t afford you or both.

I learned a lot doing a talk show for four years.

I love doing it.

And I’m still good at it.

I also learned not to apologize for my age.

I can’t count the number of times that my close to 60 years of watching Pittsburgh sports provided a unique perspective.

There’s nobody doing talk radio in Pittsburgh who watched the Pirates in Forbes Field and the Steelers in Pitt Stadium.

I hope to be doing talk radio somewhere in Pittsburgh as soon as I can – as long as I can do the kind of talk radio I like to do.

In the meantime, I appreciate all the kind words on Twitter and I’ll see you on WPXI’s Final Word Sunday nights.

(I’ll be Mark Madden’s guest on 105.9 The X this Friday at 4:15)

  • Dave in SC

    This makes me want to puke. Will miss you Steigie and hope you get another internet streaming/pod cast opportunity for us “out-of-staters”. Loved to hear your perspectives.

  • Dan

    John, nothing against Ken, Guy, etc, but you were the main reason I tuned in on a regular basis. I always enjoy your perspective on sports and politics, and the Trib has made a mistake in not renewing your contract. I won’t be listening to Trib Live radio any longer. Hope to hear you on the airwaves in the future.

  • Aloha Penguin

    Podcast – Steigerworld Speaks … it will get lots of hits.

  • coachanthony

    I grew up in the Latrobe-Lignoier area, so trips into Pittsburgh were not all that frequent. I got to one game at Forbes Field before the move to Three Rivers. However, my Dad did take me to the very first playoff game at TRS versus the Reds. We lost, 3 – 0 in 10, I think. I have fond memories of that game, where we sat, etc.

    Never saw a Steeler game at Pitt Stadium but my Dad told me about the times he was there. He was also at Game 1 of the ’60 World Series and we went together to Game 3 of the ’79 Series.

    I would love to hear/read more about the Steelers of the 60’s up until Chuck Noll took over.

  • Steve Peresman

    Agree with the Podcast idea. Love to hear more stories.

  • Mark

    Have you thought about doing the Dejan pay for play way?

  • wvkeeper

    Definitely look forward to hearing you on the radio again. Any thoughts to doing a weekly podcast?