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It looks like the American press has given President Obama a pass for playing golf on memorial day, but not the British press.

I wish Obama and everybody in congress would play 36 holes five times a week.

Anything to distract them from coming up with more ways to tax us and ruin the country.

But, I have to agree with the British writer who says it was a bad move for the Commander in Chief, who should have spent the day looking like a Commander in Chief. There are plenty of family members of the men women killed in our most recent wars who would have appreciated a visit.

For a smart guy he sure can be amazingly tone deaf sometimes.


Thanks to poster “Sirpea” for this one.

Whiffle ball is now a risky sport.

What else do you need to know in order to be convinced that America is way down the road toward total sissification?

Does the government need to protect your kids from whiffle ball?

Frisbee is OK, of course.

The Frisbee stands forever as a major symbol of the creeping sissification.

In my summer camp, they would be outlawed.

Get a ball, kids.


The busybodies have backed off for now.

Of course, the fact that there are people in position of authority who tried to get away with something like this is scary enough.


I have a confession to make. If I’m on a plane and I see a group of 20-something Middle Eastern men sitting together, I get nervous. Maybe not nervous enough to get off the plane but definitely nervous enough to pay attention to how often they use the bathroom.

Here’s another confession. If I see a group of 20 something Swedish men, I don’t get nervous.

If that gives you the right to accuse me of being a bigot. I plead guilty.

Juan Williams was fired by NPR for making the confession that I just made.

I never listen to NPR and wouldn’t if I were in solitary confinement at Sing-Sing, and I often wonder why I’m forced to pay for it.

Why do we want the government to have a radio station? I get 150 stations on XM, why does the government need to take money from me for another one?

I don’t listen becasuse NPR is ridiculously liberal, but I wouldn’t want to pay for it if the government hired Rush Limbaugh to run it.

The predictable, knee jerk, politically correct, gutless, liberal reaction to Williams’ perfectly logical and understandable statement should tell you all you need to know about what goes on at NPR every day.

De-fund it.


We have no chance. The human race can no longer exist on the planet when someone can move in next door to a restaurant and then get the local government to order the restaurant to remove the ventilation fan because of the offensive smell of bacon.

It happened in the world capital of political correctness, the UK.

It would be pathetic enough if a Muslim, who chose to live near a restaurant complained about smelling bacon, but the guy who complained said it was because his Muslim friends didn’t want to visit him any more.

If his Muslim friends are immigrants, somebody needs to explain the meaning of the word assimilate to them or tell them it migjt be a good idea for them to stay in the country where they never had  to worry about the horror of someone having bacon and eggs in te morning.