This video, of course, has gone viral because that’s what humans do in 2014. We share videos of people doing sick things.

It’s hard not to focus on the vicious beating that is taking place on the video and here’s hoping the woman spends YEARS in prison for her starring role.

But what about the asshole or assholes who are recording it?

How does a normal human being stand there and, instead of intervening, take out a phone and record it?

Is the person who recorded the video feeling good about all the attention it’s getting around the world?

When he/she showed it to friends did anybody ask him/her why he/she didn’t stop the beating?

Probably not.


  • Jeff

    By the way I’m glad the blog is back. I enjoyed it several years ago and was going through my bookmarks and decided to check this old page out and to my luck it looks like you started to post here again. I look forward to more of this…

  • Jeff

    I feel bad for the kid that starts kicking the lady on the ground…he probably has no legitimate chance as being a productive person to society being around animals like that.