SteigerWorld Podcast | Ep. 11

Welcome to the world of John Steigerwald

John Steigerwald brings his 40 years of sports and worldly knowledge to the online podcast world with “SteigerWorld.” The show is a weekly no-holds barred format full of hot takes on sports, pop culture, entertainment, trending topics, politics and interviews with forty years of friends.


SEGMENT 1: “SPORTS” – Starts at 0:00
– Penguins/Rangers series
– Pens GM Jim Rutherford vs. Rob Rossi
– Crosby’s poor production vs. poor play
– Steelers 2015 Schedule
– WR Antonio Brown holding out
– Pirates not hitting – Top 6 batters under .250
– That lady should’ve been in her seat…
– Cubs improvement will affect Pirates
– ESPN’s Britt McHenry revealed who she is

SEGMENT 2: “NEWS THAT MATTERS” – Starts at 26:34
– Dems might need a Plan B to Mrs. Clinton
– “Clinton Cash” book reveals history of quid pro quo
– Mrs. Clinton won’t meet with media

SEGMENT 3: “WHY WE MAY BE DOOMED” – Starts at 32:15
– College apologizes for serving Mexican food at Sci-Fi event
– Sapiosexuals

SEGMENT 4: “STAG AT THE MOVIES” – Starts at 45:40
– True Story

John Steigerwald

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