SteigerWorld Podcast | Micro-Aggressive Fake Field Goals EP. #40

Welcome to the world of John Steigerwald. The show is a weekly gluten-free format on sports, trending topics, politics and movie reviews.


SEGMENT 1: “STAG ON SPORTS” Starts at 00:00
– Steelers, Penguins, Pitt, Pirates & Pedro

SEGMENT 2: “NEWS THAT MATTERS” Starts at 16:53
– Obama at Global Warming Summit

SEGMENT 3: “WHY WE MAY BE DOOMED” Starts at 27:46
– Politically Correct…Micro Aggression
– Chick-fil-a Micro Aggression
– Glitter Pits

SEGMENT 4: “STAG AT THE MOVIES” Starts at 38:31
– Creed

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