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SteigerWorld Podcast | “Turkey Bowl Memories” Ep. #39

Welcome to the world of John Steigerwald. The show is a weekly gluten-free format on sports, trending topics, politics and movie reviews.


SEGMENT 1: “STAG ON SPORTS” Starts at 00:00
– Turkey Bowl Memories w/ Ham, Wagner…Swann
– Steelers-Seahawks
– Johnny Manziel
– Penguins
– Pitt

SEGMENT 2: “NEWS THAT MATTERS” Starts at 23:42
– New York Daily News Headline: Obama’s New Terror Strategy: Be Afraid
– Dallas Mayor Lives In White Neighborhood

SEGMENT 3: “WHY WE MAY BE DOOMED” Starts at 31:31
– 40% Millennials Against Free Speech
– Yoga Offensive
– No Legos For Boys
– Washington State-Treating People Differently

SEGMENT 4: “STAG AT THE MOVIES” Starts at 44:13
– Spotlight

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Horses Escape, Obama Closes the Barn Door

Our president is about 30 years too late.

In his latest budget proposal, Barack Obama will call on Congress to put an end to tax exempt funds to finance stadiums.

This would have been really bad news for most of the zillionaire sports owners around the country who have benefited from what may be the biggest and worst political scandal in America over the last 35 years.

Hey, Mr. President, the horses just escaped, would you mind closing the barn door?

According to a story in Bloomberg News back in 2012, when the New York Giants were about to open the season against the Dallas Cowboys in their new stadium, there were 21 owners whose teams were playing in new or renovated stadiums built in the last 25 years with tax free public borrowing.

The story let Giants fans know that they had already helped Jerry Jones pay for his $1.2 billion, 80,000 seat stadium in Arlington, Texas.

How? Because every American taxpayer is forced to pay for new stadiums that are subsidized by tax free borrowing.

According to Bloomberg, tax exemptions on interest paid by municipal bonds for stadiums cost the U.S. Treasury $146 million a year. By the time all the publicly financed stadiums are paid for, taxpayers will have paid $4 billion.

And, of course, back in 2000, President Obama, when he was an Illinois state senator, was more than happy to vote in favor of the $587 million renovation of Soldier Field in Chicago.

That was one of the all time worst examples of government theft of taxpayer dollars to subsidize a billion dollar sports team.

Here’s what University of Chicago sports economist Allen Sanderson said at the time:

“If we started out to build the ugliest stadium in the country for the most money with the fewest alternative uses in the worst possible location, we’re pretty much there.”

The future president was part of one the worst taxpayer rip offs in history.

In Novemeber of 2000, while 99% of media attention was focused on Bush, Gore and the hanging chads in Florida, the Illinois legislature rammed the Soldier Field proposal through.

No referendum.

No public hearings.

One poll of 1,200 registered voters showed 66% opposed to the plan.

During a presidential debate in 2007, Obama defended his support of the Soldier Field debacle by saying that it led to economic development in Chicago.

Pretty amazing for a guy who is so quick to quote the consensus of scientists on climate change, to ignore the consensus of economists who believe that sports facilities and major events almost never lead to economic development.

Meanwhile, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is trying to talk the NFL into bringing the Super Bowl to his city and he wants to add 5,000 more seats to Soldier Field to reach the NFL’s required 65,000 capacity.

Who will pay for them? Who cares?

Meanwhile, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, who is emerging as a strong candidate for the Republican nomination for president and who sells himself as a strong fiscal conservative, recently came out in support of a nice new building for the Milwaukee Bucks.

In their thank you statement to the governor, the Bucks promised “an economic catalyst for the entire state.”

George Will and Charles Krauthammer, two of the country’s most prominent conservative commentators are also two of the country’s biggest baseball fans.

Both spend lots of time at Washington Nationals games in their beautiful, new, government financed, voter-opposed ball park.

I did a lot of Googling and couldn’t find a column by either one that questioned the funding or called the Nationals beneficiaries of corporate welfare.

Meanwhile, back in Illinois: In December the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, by a vote of 4-3, made 30 year old Lou Bertuca its $160,000 per year Executive Director.

The four yes voters were all outgoing Governor Pat Quinn’s appointees. Beruca, who has no experience with sports facilities, was Quinn’s campaign manager.

It never ends.


Lech Walesa  is one of the great greatest heroes of the 20th century.

He played a major role in causing the fall of the Soviet Union.

He’s not welcome at the White House.  Too political.


And people wonder why Obama is suspected of being a socialist.





“For a start, voters are getting gloomier about the economy. Joblessness remains high and debt is out of control. According to one poll released this week, only 33 per cent of Americans expect the economy to improve in the coming months and only 43 per cent approve of the way that the president has handled it. Voters think Obama has made the debt situation and health care worse. The man who conducted the poll – Democrat Peter Hart – concluded that “Obama’s chances for re-election… are no better than 50-50.”


I obviously can’t prove it, but I ‘d be willing to bet that Barack Obama is the first president, with the possible exception of Bill Clinton, to smoke weed in the White House and I’d bet that he’s smoked a joint in the last week.


I couldn’t care less, by the way, and it wouldn’t prevent me from voting for him.


Are we really going to have to hear President Obama and his supporters whine about Bain Capital for the next five months?

Is that all they have?

To see how much Obama’s star has fallen, all you have to do is compare his message this to the one he was selling in 2008.

Back then, he was selling himself. He was selling hope and change. It was all a hot, steaming pile of un-vetted horse manure, but that’s what he was selling.

Now he’s selling –or trying to sell — the other guy is an evil capitalist who spent years doing what he enjoys most, firing people and getting rich.

Of course, his campaign has no problem with taking contributions from the evil Bain Capital.

The Obama campaign and his friends in the media apparently haven’t figured out yet that this election is not going to be about Mitt Romney. It’s going to be about Barack Obama.

It’s not going to be about the evils of equity firms that save and produce jobs for millions of people.







It looks like the American press has given President Obama a pass for playing golf on memorial day, but not the British press.

I wish Obama and everybody in congress would play 36 holes five times a week.

Anything to distract them from coming up with more ways to tax us and ruin the country.

But, I have to agree with the British writer who says it was a bad move for the Commander in Chief, who should have spent the day looking like a Commander in Chief. There are plenty of family members of the men women killed in our most recent wars who would have appreciated a visit.

For a smart guy he sure can be amazingly tone deaf sometimes.