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If you weren’t alive in 1972 it’s impossible for you to have had a year as a Pittsburgh sports can compare to that year.

The Pirates had what might have been their best team ever and ran away with the Narional League East, with Roberto Clemente getting his 3,000th hit in late September.

Just as that season ended with the famous Bob Moose ninth inning wild pitch that gave the Reds the National League pennant, Franco Harris was taking over the city as no Steeler ever had (before or since)in their 40 year history and the Steelers were actually looking like they could compete for a division title.

As everybody knows, they did win the AFC Central Division championship.

On December 23rd it was the Immaculate Reception, one of the most iconic plays in American sports history.

On December 31st,the Steelers lose to the undefeated Miami Dolphins in the AFC Championship game on a fake punt.

Later that night, Roberto Clemente dies in a plane crash.

An incredible, unforgettable, never to be equaled year in Pittsburgh sports.