A few weeks ago I said here that Pedro Alvarez was making the Pirates look pretty smart.

The consensus in the media was that he shouldn’t have made the Major League roster coming out of spring training, where he was hitting in the 100s.

He had a good series against the Cardinals at the beginning of this month, but since that series, he’s 6-44 with 19 strikeouts. He’s driven in three runs in two and a half weeks.

Maybe he has a way to go before making them look smart, not only for bringing him north, but for drafting and signing him.

It’s way too early to give up on him but it’s too late not to start wondering.

  • colt

    Hey John, I thought you were gone. Good to see that you are still around.

  • Patrick F Bruce

    how would you like to get up every morning knowing in the back of your mind the team is not committed to winning?

  • Arnie

    How can an entire organization focus so much on pitching and so little on everything else?

  • EricMichaelZ

    I think hes struggling cause NOBODY is hitting behind him in the lineup and pitchers aren’t stupid they pitch around him cause nobody else on the Pirates can beat them. Its just like football, the Steelers rookies do well cause they have other good players with them, Browns and Bengals stink cause everybody else on their rosters stink.

  • Dan

    I agree that’s it’s too early to give up on Alvarez, but until he shows he can put together full, productive seasons, the jury will be out.

    A second overall pick who’s 25 years old, should be more productive than Alvarex has been to date. Since the half season he played in 2010, he’s batting .196 with 11 home runs (a home run every 30 at bats). Hardly the kind of numbers to inspire a lot of confidence.

    Hopefully, he’ll come to justify being such a high draft pick.

    • John Steigerwald

      He needs to go down to AAA if not AA. He’s 5-35 with 4 walks and 21 Ks in his last 39 at bats.

      • Bobzilla

        Good hitting is contagious, and Alvarez needs to go somewhere to be around good hitters. Triple-A Indianapolis, which has been shut out in four of its previous five games, would not be that place.

        • John Steigerwald

          The number of strikeouts is pathetic. If he’s not getting good pitches to hit, he’s been around long enough that he should be walking a lot more.

      • Tattoo Rick

        Pedro has hit minor league pitching already so we know he can succeed there.. The pirates need to find out if he can hit big league pitching. If you send him down this year you are right back in the same spot next year, can Pedro hit in the bigs? The Buccos are not going anywhere this year anyway so at least know where you stand with this guy. Pedro is 25 he is no kid,, give him a full year and if he fails move on…

        • John Steigerwald

          He wasn’t exactly tearing up “AAA”. He obviously is fighting himself at the plate and needs to get some confidence. A long time ago, the Pirates sent Jeff King, (I believe the #1 overall pick) back for one more spell in AAA and it helped him. He became a solid major league player.

  • Chuck

    Any team in their position in the draft woould have taken him. Nearly all the draft experts had him as a sure fire guy who would hit maybe not for average, but with plenty of power. That said, I just don’t see this ever happening. I’ve seen him in games were he looks absoutely horrible, waving at pitches not anywhere near the strike zone. You would think by now he’d have a little discipline at the plate. Defensively, he’s not much better. Unless things change, Alvarez has all the earmarks of a bust. For one of the few times in the last 20 years, you really can’t blame the Pirates on this one…

    • John Steigerwald


  • slrpea


  • jethro bodine

    Pedro, is a fast ball hitter but a pitcher who throws an average fastball. If its a star, stud or a picture who is way above average pedro cant catch up to it and when pitchers throw him junk and curve balls, HE CANT HIT AS HE SUCKS !!!!!!!!! look at our catcher we got now, same thing fast ball hitter and cant do jack other wise. Yes pedro has to be the 4th hitter and the power clean up man, but maybe slide him to the 5th spot and lets look for some one trade wise to bat 4th and the pitchers wont pitch around pedro as much 5th. But batting him in that 4th slot is like sending a man to DEATH ROW his DONE

  • ISteve Roissy

    Remember young phenoms?

  • Bobzilla

    I was thinking the other day about the Pirates of the 1970s. and how they were always perennial contenders. They managed to stay competitive without a lot of superstars.
    Aside from Clemente, the 1971 Bucs were basically built on team chemistry, with players who were developed and had played together at the minor-league level.
    Non-HOFer Steve Blass was the ’71 team’s best starting pitcher, and the team batted .300 collectively. How many HOFers emerged from those amazing teams of the early to mid-1970s?
    Alvarez needs to stay in Altoona for how ever long it takes for him to become a confident hitter. Rushing him to the Majors to play on a team with so many weak hitters is doing him no favors.

    • John Steigerwald

      Pirates were best team in MLB at developing homegrown stars. They were way ahead of everybody else in Latin America. It’s amazing how stupid they became when salaries skyrocketed.