Several weeks ago, just as the Ben Roethisberger sexual assault case in Georgia was breaking , I put up my first post for this website.

At the time, I didn’t think more than 10 or 12 people would see it. I really thought I was writing it for myself and it would be a tree falling in the internet forest. It was a brand new website, afterall, and nobody knew it was there.

Bob Smizik was kind enough to give me a plug on his Post Gazette blog and all Hell broke loose.  I recieved over 5,000 unique visitors in the first three days and it wasn’t long before I had 15,000.

I was being quoted on the radio in Chicago and Tampa and probably lots of other places. My original little column was linked to, at one point, 127 other websites.

I was quoted on ESPN.com and profootballtalk.com.  Sirius satellite radio called and asked me to do what ended up being a 20 minute interview.

Mark Madden ripped me on his radio show and I had people visiting the website to tell me that I was going to be sued and that I was out of line for writing so many mean things about the Steelers’ quaarterback.

That was then. I’d like you to read that original post now and see if it seems all that outrageous.

Does all the fuss that it caused seem a little ridiculous now?

I took a lot of heat for saying that it, since there were witnesses saying that Roethlisberger didn’t appear to be drinking, the possibility that he was high on something else should be considered. And I asked if you would be surprised if that turned out to be the case.

Do you think there’s an outside chance that the Milledgeville Cops and/or the GBI considered that possibility and might have asked that question during the course of their investigation?

Something tells me that, if I had written that original post today, it would have been almost like a tree falling in the forest.

Does calling him a bad citizen seem all that out of line right now?

How about a jackass?

If you see Ben, tell him I said thanks for helping Just Watch The Game get out of the gate.


There has been a lot of talk over the last two or three months about the Penguins not looking like they’re ready to repeat as Stanley Cup champions.

The 0-10 record against New jersey and Washington has given lots of people the impression that the Penguins think that they can “Just flip a switch” and turn into the team that won the whole thing last year.

The conventional wisdom seems to be that they can’t.

I disagree.

This is a team that has been to the Stanley Cup Finals two years in a row. It knows all about the grind. There is a locker room full of players that knows better than any team in the league, with the possible exception of the Detroit Red Wings, how much differenlty you have to play in the playoffs to still be playing in June.

Not as many east to west passes. Don’t take stupid penalties. Keep your shifts short and really concentrate on taking  a one shift at a time attitude. Get the puck on net.

When the puck drops tonight, the Penguins will get that old feeling back and you will see a much different team. The switch will have been flipped.

That’s not to say that they can’t lose to the Senators. If they don’t win, it won’t be because of anything that happened in January or February.

At least one guy at the Hockey News seems to like the Penguins’ chances of  repeating.


With the Penguins playing a Canadian team in the playoffs, the best place to get non-local coverage of the Penguins-Senators first round playoff series is TSN in Canada. Go to the NHL page and check out the two video reports. One is the panel of experts talking about the Senators’ chances.

There’s also another good report on the Senators’ defensemen who have to stop Sidney Crosby.

The man to watch for the Penguins from here on out is Geno Malkin. You know what you’re going to get from Crosby. You also know what Crosby is going to get from Ottawa–lots of attention from their best defensive pairing.

That gives Malkin the opportunity to make them pay.

As one of the panelists pointed out, the Senators had a better second half record than the Penguins.

I think the Penguins will be able to turn it up a notch because it’s the playoff. I know that there is nothing in sports that I enjoy more than a good, long Stanely Cup run.

With all respect to that basketball tournament that they have in March, the best tournament in sports starts tomorrow night.