The title of my forthcoming book and this website “Just Watch The Game” comes from the times when my dad and I were at Forbes Field and he would catch me spending too much time looking for the popcorn vendor. He’d give me a nudge, nod his head toward the field and say, “Just watch the game. We didn’t come here to eat.”

Boy, how things have changed.

I wonder how many people would give up the ridiculous PNC Park menu and replace it with the guys walking through the stands with those tubs full of steamed hot dogs if it meant they would get a real Major League team to watch.

The scary think to me is that I’m pretty sure most of the regular visitors to PNC Park would rather have the extended menu.

I do know this: When I was in college in the early ’70s, my friends and I went to 60 or 70 Pirates games a year. If they had announced that there would no longer be any refreshments available at the games, it wouldn’t have affected the number of games we went to by one.

We knew what we wanted to do at the ball park: Just Watch The Game