The NHL has a new 10 year agreement with Versus/NBC.

NBC owns Versus now and Comcast owns NBC. Getting the NHL could be the first step in NBC/Versus (which is expected to be re-named NBC Sports)/Comcast giving ESPN a run for its money.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see ESPN get some competition?

My suggestion for Versus’ new name would have been NOT ESPN.

Now that NBC has a place to put the NBA and MLB, just as ABC does with ESPN, there could be a monstrous bidding war for those rights when they become available.

That should only make things better for sports fans.


I will have Darren Rovell –CNBC’s sports business reporter –on my TribLive Radio show today at noon to talk about what effect NBC’s move toward its own sports network might have down the road.


Thanks to poster “Sirpea” for this one.

Whiffle ball is now a risky sport.

What else do you need to know in order to be convinced that America is way down the road toward total sissification?

Does the government need to protect your kids from whiffle ball?

Frisbee is OK, of course.

The Frisbee stands forever as a major symbol of the creeping sissification.

In my summer camp, they would be outlawed.

Get a ball, kids.


The busybodies have backed off for now.

Of course, the fact that there are people in position of authority who tried to get away with something like this is scary enough.