I love Tim Tebow.

I don’t know how long he’s going to be able to get away with throwing for 120 yards or less and winning games, but, after Denver’s win over the Jets last night, he’s 4-1 as a starter.

He’s a nice kid who wears his faith on his sleeve –maybe to a fault — and opponents and a lot of people in the media like to make fun of him.

So far, he has just smiled and gone out and proven them all wrong.

He took the Broncos on a 95-yard drive to win the game last night.

His style of play has been called boring. Last night I found it kind of refreshing. I think the NFL Boredom Index has been rising at the same rate as the number of passes.

Watching Tebow improvise and torture the Jets with his running was a nice break from the dink-and-dunk shows that we see every week in the NFL.

After the win over the Bengals on Sunday, Mike Tomlin referred to a couple of completions by Ben Roethlisberger as “long hand offs.”

Call me crazy, but I prefer watching a good running back or an athletic quarterback actually running with the ball to a long hand off.

I have a feeling Tebow’s inability to consistently complete passes will catch up with him, but I will make it a point to watch the Broncos until it does.

Meanwhile, I have to ask, how is it that a guy who’s obviously a tremendous athlete, has so much trouble throwing a football?

Throwing a football is not that hard to do, especially if you’re a good athlete. He’s been a quarterback all his life and had a lot of success. I have a hard time understanding how, with all the time he has spent around football, he hasn’t figured out a way to throw one accurately.



I stopped watching the baseball post season a long time ago, so it really doesn’t matter to me how many teams the Idiots Who Run Baseball put in the playoffs.

It’s up to 10 out of 30 teams now that the IWRB added two more wildcard teams.

The last two wild card teams to get in will play each other in a one game playoff.

It seems pretty stupid to me to have what a team does over six months come down to one game, but it’s all about keeping several more teams involved in what now passes for a pennant race and the fans showed a long time ago how gullible they are.

It’s possible that the division races could be decided early and all the attention could shift to several mediocre teams fighting for a chance to play a play-in game.

Let me know how it turns out.


I remember when the countries in Europe were pushing for a single currency and I remember Margaret Thatcher –the conservative PM of the UK being laughed at for being a dinosaur because she opposed it.

While Europe is going down the toilet because of the predictable results of a one-size-fits-all liberal “solution” Maggie is looking pretty smart.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of liberal running around America who still think we need to be more like Europe.


A few months ago in this space I asked the question, “Whose football program would you rather have right now, Pitt’s, WVU’s, Ohio State’s or Penn State’s?”

My point was that, with everybody calling for the old man in Happy Valley to retire, he was in charge of the only non-dysfunctional program of the four.

Pitt hired and fired a coach in two weeks.

West Virginia had a head coach who was out in public bad-mouthing the coach who was brought in to take his job and Ohio State had a coach who was probably considered second only to Joe Paterno when it came to running an honest, clean program “resign.”

I can ask that question again and I don’t think I’d get the same answer.

We don’t know what more is to come from the Sandusky trial and there are people out there saying that it will take Penn State at least 10 years to recover from the scandal.

What looked like major scandals at Pitt, West Virginia and Ohio State six months ago, don’t look so major any more.


They never call them death panels and liberals like to laugh at conservatives when they use the term, but read the quotes from a guy nominated for the Social Security board by President Obama and see if you think he seems to be in favor of government bureaucrats deciding whether it’s worth it to keep you alive.

His name is Henry Aaron:

“If Americans are serious about curbing medical costs, they’ll have to face up to a much tougher issue than merely cutting waste, says Brookings Institution economist Henry J. Aaron.

“They’ll have to do what the British have done: ration some types of costly medical care — which means turning away patients from proven treatments.”

He’s another one of those government geniuses who likes to use Europe as a model for what he thinks we should be doing here.

“Some medical services widely available in the United States are strictly rationed in Britain, Aaron and Schwartz report in their book, ‘The Painful Prescription.’ For example, British doctors order half as many X-rays per capita as their American counterparts, and use half as much film per X-ray. They do one-tenth as much coronary artery bypass surgery. British hospitals have one-sixth as many CAT scanners and less than one-fifth as many intensive care unit (ICU) beds….

“Half the patients with chronic kidney failure in Britain are left untreated — and die as a result….

“The key to the British system, they contend, lies not in regulation but in a different attitude toward medicine, mortality and the scarcity of resources.

“Unlike their American counterparts, who tend to believe in saving lives at all cost, British doctors define ‘what is best’ in terms of ‘what is available,’ Aaron said.

Yeah. Let’s see if we can get the government more involved in our healthcare so that we can be more like the British.




Ted Turner and Bruce Springsteen are liberals with lots and lots of money who are big proponents of spending other people’s money.

I don’t know much about John Bon Jovi, except that he’s an Obama supporter.

Rich liberals tend to take the “I got everything I need, now the rest of you out there, you need to be forced to share your wealth” approach.  (Nancy Pelosi is a member in good standing of that club.)

They like to exalt themselves by saying that they think they should be taxed more, which, of course, is phony and misses the point.

The “rich” who think they are taxed too much are couples making $125,000 a year. Paying an extra $5,000 in taxes when you have a couple of kids in college can be a real pain in the ass.

When you’re a billionaire like Turner or Warren Buffet, you really don’t worry if you have to pay an extra million in taxes.

Apparently, Bon Jovi, Springsteen and Turner are members of the one percent crowd who are being subsidized by some of the people who are occupying cities as we speak.