After 10 weeks of the NFL season with a multitude of unpredictable games the past few weeks, who would be the league’s MVP up to this point. I would cast my vote for Green Bay’s QB Aaron Rogers. Others to recognize are SF 49ers RB Frank Gore or Houston Texans RB Arian Foster or Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson or Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. In my estimation the real Most Valuable Player is the National Football League this 2011 season should be Peyton Manning. How can I say this, Peyton Manning is not even playing. I am making this statement on the mere fact that the Indianapolis Colts are 0 and 10, have a legit shot at going 0 and 16, and basically cannot score points. Early in the season, the Colts battled the Steelers in a close contest. But since then, the Colts have gone in the tank. With Peyton Manning at the helm, the Colts are a totally different team. Their offense under Manning can be explosive and his TE Dallas Clark at times was one of the NFL’s leading receivers. Dallas Clark is non-existent this 2011 season. The Colts used to run the football well. The Colts defense is constantly on the field. They had a shot to win yesterday vs. the Jaguars but only had a field goal. They may be the NFL’s next 0 and 16 team. It is either going to be Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck next year at the the Colt’s helm.



Maybe you can up with an in depth analysis of the Steelers win in Cincinnati.

I can’t.

The Steelers are just a better team right now and they let the Bengals know that they’re not quite there yet.

Roethlisberger played a solid game and the defense should win any time it gives up 17 points.

The Steelers made it clear several games ago that they don’t need a running game to win.

Mike Tomlin referred to a couple of Roethlisberger’s completions as “long handoffs.”

That’s what passes (no pun intended) for a running game in the NFL today.

Meanwhile, maybe John Harbaugh is re-thinking that post game speech he gave last week in Pittsburgh after the Ravens beat the Steelers. The playesr might be re-thinking the Gatorade shower they gave him.

The Ravens had made a pretty good case for being the best team in the AFC last week.

Today they made a good case for being a team that is just good enough NOT to go to a Super Bowl. They lost to the Seahawks 22-17.


Here’s a guy who’s writing Joe Paterno’s biography. Joe Posnanski sees a lot of piling on and wonders if it might be a little excessive.

I spent a week in Cyberhell myself a few months back and I know all about digital piling on.

What I went through wasn’t 1/1000th as severe as what Paterno is dealing with right now, but I understand where Posnanski is coming from.

Not that long ago, if you wanted to show your outrage, you had to sit down at a typewriter and pound out a letter, put it in an envelope, find a stamp and drop it in the mailbox.

That worked as a filter to eliminate all but the truly enraged.

The internet makes it easy. You pound out a couple of sentences, click on a link and all of your rage is communicated instantly and, in most cases, anonymously.

It’s great therapy for the self righteous.

As Posnanski writes, in Paterno’s case it gives everybody a chance to prove how appalled they are by the sexual abuse of children.

Who isn’t? Other than the abusers, of course.

I think Paterno deserved to be fired and, if he took part in a cover up, I have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

But I also am well aware that it’s possible that he may be taking more abuse than he deserves.

We’ll find out in due time.





I’ve said here that I think Penn State should cancel the rest of its football season in order to send a message that football has suddenly become less important.

That’s obviously not going to happen.

Chris Dufresne of  the Los Angeles Times predicts a bleak football future for Penn State. Both immediate and long term.

“But don’t think Penn State football is going to skate because the NCAA has no rule that covers harboring alleged child molesters.

This case has already started taking care of itself.

“The NCAA is not going to have to do anything,” said a BCS official speaking anonymously because of the sensitive nature of the situation. “They can sit back and watch the house burn down.”

He goes on to say that there are bowl committees out there living in fear that they’re going to get stuck with Penn State this year.

And don’t believe for a minute that this story isn’t going to get a lot uglier.