When did we get to the point that a rich guy should be ashamed of admitting that his wife drives “a couple of Cadillacs?”

Mitt Romney may not be ashamed to admit it — let’s hope he’s not — but the media ridiculed him for mentioning it during a speech in Michigan last week.

It was called a major gaffe.

Apparently the media would prefer a rich candidate who got rid of all his fancy cars before the campaign started and had his wife buy a couple of Smart Cars or maybe a couple of used Pontiacs.

Of course, the media jumped all over the comment as further indication that Romney is out of touch with most of America.

Here’s a clue: Romeny is out of of touch with most of America. He’s worth a few hundred million dollars. His wife doesn’t clip coupons and she doesn’t take in ironing.

He’s really, really rich.

So was Ted Kennedy. So is John Kerry. So is John Edwards. So is Al Gore.

So what?

If Romney gets the nomination, the media are going to be poised to pounce on everything that Romney says that shows how much richer he is than the average voter.

If Romney gets the nomination and calls me for advice, here’s what I would have him say in an ad:






Geno Malkin put on a show today that had to have every Penguins fan thinking of Mario Lemieux.

He scored a goal from a ridiculous angle and he scored a goal after stick handling through the entire Tampa Bay lineup.


Sidney Crosby has a lot of work to do if he’s going to re-establish himself as the best player in the world.

It’s not just about Malkin’s numbers.

It’s how he’s getting them. There is not another player on the planet with his size and reach who can handle the puck and shoot the way he can. That’s what set Lemieux apart. He wasn’t just the most skilled player in the league. He was also one of the tallest.

Crosby does things that Malkin can’t do that don’t show up on the scoeboard and he was actually putting up more points per game before he got hurt last season than Malkin is now.

If (and that if gets bigger every day) Crosby comes back and picks up where he left off, the NHL owners might try to convince Gary Bettman that it’s just not fair to let one team have two players who are so much better than everybody else.


The Steelers appear to be getting their salary cap under control and it’s looking like they’re not going to lose Mike Wallace.

That’s a good thing.

He’s the most dangerous deep threat in the NFL.

At least he was for the first half of the season.

He only averaged over 14 yards per catch in a game once in the last nine games and when the season was over, he averaged 1/2 yard per catch more than Antonio Brown.

I think Brown has actually become the Steelers’ most dangerous offensive threat, but he would become a lot less dangerous if Wallace disappeared.

If the Steelers pay Wallace the big bucks this year, Brown will be asking for just as much at this time next year when he becomes a restricted free agent.

If I had to choose between the two, I would take Brown, but the Steelers’ chances of winning are greatly diminished with either of them out of their lineup.


Bob Nutting was right not to fire his president, Frank Coonely after it was revealed that he was arrested and charged with DUI.

He blew a .16 on the breathalyzer. That’s twice the legal limit.

He almost went the wrong way on an entrance ramp to I-79.

None of that should cost him his job but it should put him in jail for at least 30 days, even though I’d prefer 90.

I know it’s Coonely’s first offense. That’s why it should only be 90 days.

Multiple offenses should mean multiples of five years.

Coonely is saying all he right things and has been as apologetic as a human can be and nobody is suggesting that he is a bad guy.

I’m sure the Pirates will write a check to Mothers Against Drunk Driving or come up with an equivalent PR move. That’s all very nice. But it’s not a deterrent.

If our government really wanted to protect us, it would start using the best deterrent available.

Jail time.

And no passes for first offenders.

If Coonely had not caught himself and turned around on that ramp and had wiped out a family in a head-on collision, that also would have been his first offense.

It would have served as a great lesson and a really good deterrent and lots of people would be dead.

This has nothing to do with how I feel about Major League Baseball or the Pirates.

I said that Hines Ward should have done jail time if he had been convicted of DUI and I would say the same thing about my wife my son or my brother.

If you drive drunk, you need to go to jail.




When you’re playing against a goalie whose goals against average is under two, it means your goalie is going to need to play a pretty good game.

Marc Andre Fleury pitched a shutout against the Rangers.

The game last night had a playoff feel to it and the Rangers should have gotten the message that they need to add more offense.

They’ve been the best team in the Eastern Conference most of the season and they’ve been doing it with great goal tending and good defense.

But, in the playoffs, everybody plays a tighter game, so, you better have plenty of scoring punch if you want to go deep.

Speaking of playing defense, did you watch Jordan Stahl last night?

He has plenty of critics who seem to be waiting for him to become Geno Malkin or Sidney Crosby, but the guy is a beast in the defensive end. He breaks up plays, clogs up lanes and digs the puck out of the corners as well as any player in the league.

And he has shown a good scoring touch this season.

He seems to be making it through this trading deadline frenzy without having his name brought up.

Let’s see if his critics can bite their tongues this Summer.