In some ways, I guess you could say that we’re half way there.

The best news would be that none of us pay income tax. It should be eliminated.

The really bad news is that half of the people in the United States pay no income tax.

Where is President Obama on this?

Fair is his middle name. He’s all about fairness.

How could it possibly be fair to have one half of the people in the country paying the freight for the other half?

And, of course, this plays right into the hands of big government, socialist leaning politicians who want to “transform” the country.

“This trend should concern everyone who supports America’s republican form of government,” Beach and Tyrrell wrote. “If the citizens’ representatives are elected by an increasing percentage of voters who pay no income tax, how long will it be before these representatives respond more to demands for yet more entitlements and subsidies from non-payers than to the pleas of taxpayers to exercise greater spending prudence?”

How long? How about yesterday?

Obama will run for President by promising the non-payers that he will make the payers pay more so that they can get more free stuff.

Maybe he can get them free one way flights to Greece.


I really don’t know how much longer I can hold up.

If Ben Roethlisberger and Todd Haley don’t speak soon I’m not going to be able to function.

Have they no regard for the hopes and aspirations of the The Steeler Nation?

There are only 6 1/2 months until the first exhibition game.

Where’s Mayor Ravenstahl?

Where’s Governor Corbett?

Can somebody wake Bob Casey from his coma and get us some federal mediation?

Maybe it’s time to get a few thousand people waving Terrible Towels outside Steelers headquarters on the South Side.

Quick. Somebody get on that.


Back in 1989, a Canadian nut went berserk and shot and killed several innocent people.

The idiot politicians at the time decided that the solution was to make Canadians register all of their guns, including “long guns”, hunting rifles etc.

The conservatives have been in power for a while and they voted last week to repeal the gun registry law.

As usual, the stupid law penalizes law abiding gun owners and sends a message to criminals everywhere that they’re victims are less likely to put the bullet in their head that they deserve.

I don’t know the origins of the Canadian right to bear arms, but the biggest mistake made in this country on the subject is to believe that our Second Amendment is about self defense or hunting.

That’s a part of it, obviously, but it’s there mostly because our Founders believed that the government should always be aware that we are capable of an armed uprising.

I would hope that that was the reason for the Candians’ insisting on the right to bear arms, eh.


Before the euphoria created by the Pirates trading for A.J. Burnett could be savored, the Penguins stole some thunder and signed James Neal to a six-year, $30 million contract extension.

If you’re a PNC Park customer who doesn’t follow hockey, the Peguins have what is known in sports as “a realistic chance to win.”

That’s win championships. Not win more games than they lose.

If the  NHL hadn’t installed a salary cap, Neal would be trying to decide if he wanted to play in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston or Toronto after he escsaped from Pittsburgh

This is a great lesson for Pirates apologists who insist that the lack of a salary cap is not the Pirates’ biggest problem.

Neal is the hockey equivalent of  a home run hitter and he’s going to hit a lot of homeruns for the Penguins playing on a line with Geno Malkin and/or Sidney Crosby.

He will play a major role in the Penguins making deep playoff runs.

A.J. Burnett is a mediocre, 35 year-old pitcher who is going to have zero effect on whether the Pirates make the post season.

If the Penguins wanted to be mean, they could put up billboards with side-by-side pictures of Neal and Burnett with th caption: “The Difference Between Being a Pirates Fan and a Penguins Fan.”




Liberals have had a lot of fun the last few months making fun of the “clowns” who were running for the Republican nomination for president.

They had trouble remembering back to those debates when Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, John Edwards and the Reverend Al Sharpton were up on the stage being asked serious questions by journalists.

Everytime I see Reverend Al I think of the Lenny Bruce line : “Never trust a minister who owns more than one suit.”

Of course, he has been elevated to the position of a serious political commentator on MSNBC.

And Al Sharpton, this holy man of the people, whom I’m sure has a deep and abiding concern for the environment, has a driver who picks him up at the airport in a Lincoln Navigator –one of the biggest SUVs in captivity.

The Reverend didn’t like it when his driver was cited for stopping in a no stopping zone:



At that point, Sharpton emerged from the terminal after a flight from Washington, DC, and raised holy hell over the situation.

“He begins yelling, saying the cop was just doing this because of who he was,” a source said.

“Sharpton was adamant there was insurance,” the source said. “He said he was on the phone with his lawyer, and he told the driver not to give the officer his keys.”

But the driver ignored his boss and turned over the keys to the cop — who issued the vehicle three summonses for illegal parking, lack of insurance and suspended registration.

Sharpton at first disputed the police account when reached by The Post last night — but soon saw the humor in the situation.

“It ain’t my problem,” Sharpton joked, pointing out that he gets driven in cars registered to his media company.

“I just called another car. I keep on rolling.”

When asked what was going to be done about the Navigator’s suspended license and lack of insurance, he said, “Somebody at the office will handle that.”

Al has a media company: Sharpton Media.

I’m sure most of the revenue that it produces is used to feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

Help me out here. Is Al part of the 1% or the 99%?

I think a Kucinich-Sharpton ticket would have been tough to beat.