There are conflicting stories about what happened to a four year-old girl in North Carolina.

The Carolina Journal reported that a federal agent inspected her lunch bag and found that it didn’t meet the USDA requirments and then made her eat chicken nuggets from the school cafeteria.

There are conflicting responses from the school and the school district about whether there was an agent and if there was one, whether he actually inspects lunches.

I’m going to assume that the school and the school district are spinning the story and based on the report from a second woman who says her daughter’s lunch was inspected, I’m going to assume that there are government agents, paid with our hard earned money, who are out there looking at the lunches of four year-olds.

A few things:

When did four year old kids need to go to school?

When did it become the business of my kid’s teacher what I put in his/her lunch box?

If this is, in fact, happening, what’s up with the wimpy parents? Why aren’t the parents going to the school, getting in the teacher’s face and saying : “If I want my kid to eat Hostess Twinkies for lunch every day, that’s what he’s going to eat. Keep your hands of my kid’s lunch.”

The country is a zillion dollars in debt and we can afford to pay lunch bag inspectors?


Maybe we need some government intervention on this A. J. Burnett thing.

All of Western Pennsylvania has been at a standstill since the rumors about the Yankees trading A.J. Burnett to the Pirates started.


(The deal is done. We can all relax.)

People are calling in sick. The ones who do go to work can’t concentrate.

School kids need counseling.

After 19 losing seasons in a row, Pirates fans are desperate.

They know that Burnett could be the difference between finishing fifth or fourth.

I’m a little confused as to why the Nuttings would be willing to pay $13 million for this guy over the next two years.

His ERA has been over five the last two seasons and he’s 35.

Dejan Kovacevic of the Trib says it will be a good deal and has all kinds of geek stats to back it up.

And he gives the Nuttings credit for coughing up the cash.

There are times when making a deal for a guy like Burnett makes sense. A team that thinks shoring up its starting rotation might make the difference in winning a division or getting a wild card could take a flier on him and hope that he’s a difference maker.

The Pirates are going to stink without A.J. Burnett and they’re going to stink with him.

From what I understand, he has a no trade clause.

If I were the general manager of the Pirates, I wouldn’t want any player who didn’t have enough self respect to refuse to play in Pittsburgh.


Looks like those electric cars might be tougher on the polar bears than the old fashioned gasoline powered ones.

A study at the University of Tennessee shows that electric cars do more harm to the air than internal combustion models.

I have a feeling this story will not attract a lot of attention from most of the media.

It goes against the narrative of evil oil companies ravaging the Earth.


I’ve felt for a while now that football and probably hockey are on a collision course with the new information on concussions.

It’s not about putting dresses on players or having them play flag football.

It’s about a new understanding of what causes brain injuries and what to do about it.

Both sports need to take a serious look at equipment that has turned into weaponry and they (especially the NFL and NCAA) have to get serious about the use of HGH and the ridiculous size of players.

Do you know that there is now a head coach in the NFL (Tampa Bay) who has proposed eliminating kickoffs because they’re too dangerous?

If the people running the sports don’t get serious, they are going to start finding more and more parents steering their kids toward basketball, baseball, tennis and golf.

It could be the end of football.


Robert Kraft went to a Bruins game.

He’s the owner of the New England Patriots and he was really impressed by the experience.

Not the game so much. The other stuff.

And now Kraft is telling Roger Goodell that the NFL should go to school on what the NHL does.

He thinks more interactive media and more highlights on the scoreboard will do the trick.

This is where we are in 2012.

Fewer or no kickoff returns, a ridiculous number of commercial breaks, coaches punting from inside the 35, automatic field goals are not a problem.

What we need is better cell phone access.



That Dick Cheney is an amazing guy.

He’s been out of office for three years and he still may manage to get a gallon of gas up to five dollars a gallon by this Summer.

How does the guy do it from an undisclosed location in Wyoming.

We were told for eight years that the oilmen in the White House were able to control how much we pay at the pump.

Who knew that they could do it with a green president in charge?

It’ll be fun to hear Obama explain the five bucks a gallon on the campaign trail.