It seems pretty obvious that there are people in the Steelers’ front office who don’t think Hines Ward can play anymore.

Ward obviously disagrees.
He deserves a chance to prove them wrong.

There has to be an NFL team out there that has a receiver or receivers on their roster who aren’t as good Ward.

Unfortunately for him, the Steelers aren’t one of them.

He would be a disraction in the Steelers’ training camp.
In another camp he might be a hero.
There’s no room for sentimentality.

Ward should ask for his release and the Steelers should give it to him.
Here’s hoping he ends up in Baltimore.
give it to him.


This is the best explanation of Sidney Crosby’s injury that I have seen so far.

The neck, or cervical spine, is made up of the first seven vertebrae beneath the head, all of which are intricately connected by ligaments and supported by muscles, constituting multiple joints. A soft-tissue injury of the neck can yield the same result as a cavalcade of ankle sprains in one concentrated area … only worse. The potential for more problematic symptoms following a neck injury has to do, in part, with the more significant role the mechanoreceptors play in this area. Like their counterparts in the ankle, they contribute to joint stability, but they also play a key role in maintaining posture along with control of head and eye movements. Information from receptors in the neck, especially the upper neck, converges with information from the eyes (visual) and inner ears (vestibular — balance and equilibrium) so that the body consistently adjusts to being in the right position at the right time, whether moving or standing still.

But what if one of these systems is not functioning properly? Dr. Rob Landel, director of physical therapy and residency programs at the University of Southern California, says this exact scenario creates a “sensory mismatch,” which can be extremely debilitating, especially for an athlete. Landel, who has extensive experience in the area of cervicogenic dizziness (or dizziness originating from dysfunction in the neck), says muscular damage in the neck can result in misinformation being sent to the brain about where the head is positioned.

“If you turn your head 10 degrees and your eyes say it’s 10 degrees, your ears say it’s 10 degrees, but your neck says it’s 5 or 15 degrees, then there is a mismatch of information going to the brain,” Landel says. “You literally don’t know where your head is in space.”

He says the symptoms that result are often similar to motion sickness or seasickness, more so than true dizziness. In fact, Landel says when he hears someone describe vague symptoms of feeling “off,” “foggy,” or like their “head is floating,” he immediately suspects the neck as a possible culprit.



Here’s some shocking news.

The federal government (through the FCC) has been forcing wireless phone companies to give “free” phones and “free” phone service to people who can’t afford them.

What this means, of course, is that the phone companies are making you and me pay for those “free” phones with the money that we send them every month.


There are currently 12.5 million wireless accounts registered under the scheme, which is administered by the FCC. Any American citizen who is on food stamps, Medicaid, or who earns up to 135 percent of the federal poverty line can apply. If an application is successful — and, given that the FCC actually advertises it by direct mail, who are we kidding here — the $1.6 billion program will pay for either a cell phone (up to the value of $30, of which there are many available) or a landline installation, and then pay your bill to the tune of $10 a month, which is roughly equivalent to about 250 minutes talk-time on an entry-level handset. To paraphrase Rick Santelli, Congratulations! You are now paying your neighbors’ phone bill.

The Lifeline program has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and spending on it has more than doubled, from $772 million in 2008 to $1.6 billion in 2011. It is now so popular, in fact, that many people have registered multiple times; an FCC audit conducted in 2011 showed that up to 269,000 wireless subscribers had free phones and cell service from at least two carriers. (And people who don’t qualify appear to like it, too.) These abuses have caught the attention of Democratic senator Claire McCaskill, who has called for an investigation.


The senator called for an investigaton when she was notified that she qualified for a “free” phone. She thought that was strange since she’s a multimillionaire.

And it’s easy for you to get a free phone from your friendly federal government.

Maybe we could save money by cutting out the phones and sending these people a roll of quarters.

Or, we could always just make the rich pay more in taxes.




For about 40 years, the Steelers were the worst major professional sports team in North American history.

That was due in no small part to the fact that Art Rooney hired his friends and relatives and was too nice of a guy.

The statue of him that sits outside Heinz Field has nothing to do with winning and everything to do with being a nice guy. I’ve always said that that is what makes his statue the most impressive.

It wasn’t until his son Dan took over that they started to win.

When Chuck Noll retired, the search for his replacement came down to two guys –one from Crafton an one from Baldwin.

When it came time to hire a GM, the job went to a guy from Mt. Lebanon, who was a former training camp ball boy and the grandson of one of Art Rooney’s good friend, David L. Lawrence, former mayor of Pittsburgh and governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Donahoe.

He helped them get to a Super Bowl in three years and oversaw a personnel department that drafted and/or traded for three or four Hall of Fame caliber players who helped the Steelers win another Super Bowl.

When Donahoe was fired, he was replaced by a guy who went to North Catholic High School –Dan Rooney’s alma mater.

The Rooney’s like Pittsburgh guys and they like to hire people they have known.

This is just a theory and it’s based on no inside informaion:

Art Rooney II was not happy with Bruce Arians anymore and was thinking about making a change.

Todd Haley gets fired as head coach in Kansas City and the word gets around the league that he was working under impossible conditions and got the shaft.

Rooney remembers Haley as a kid and he has a friendship with Haley’s father, Dick, who played a major role in the dynasty of the 70s as personnel director.

He decides to give the old ball boy a chance and that’s when he decides to “retire” Bruce Arians, who had been told by the head coach that he would be back next year.

This is the old Rooney cronyism at work. And that’s not a criticism.

Since 1970, cronyism has helped make the Steelers the most successful franchise in the NFL


Remember Air America?

That was the liberal radio network that lasted about 12 minutes before going down in flames.

Al Gore and Joel Hyatt started Current TV at just about the same time that Air America crashed and burned.

Al thought that there was a yearning out there for a liberal TV news channel.

That’s because Al hasn’t noticed that ABC,CBS and NBC have been liberal for the last 50 years, CNN for the last 30 and MSNBC for the last 15 or 20.

If Al had thought about it, he might have realized that Fox News Channel’s success is a direct result of all those years of liberal news. There was a huge audience of non-liberals waiting to be spoken to.

The people at Air America were also too stupid to understand that, before Fox,  conservative talk radio was successful for the same reason.

Current TV is a national network devoted to political coverage.

On the night of the Iowa caucuses, it had an audience about twice the size of The Nightly Sportscall on Pittsburgh’s CW–47,000.

And now, the former Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, has been reduced to groveling in front of one of the biggest assholes in the history of television (and believe me, that’s saying something), Keith Olberman, in a last ditch effort to save his baby.

Good luck with that.

Quick question: Have there ever been two people on the planet who deserved each other more than Keith Olberman and Al Gore?

(By the way, Olberman’s politics aren’t what make him one of the biggest assholes in television. He’s an amazingly smart, talented guy. He’s just an amazingly smart, talented, flaming asshole with flames as long as the Parkway.)