Tom Brady is a great quarterback.

Maybe even greater than great in the modern era, but it’s time to stop the talk about him being the best ever and not because he didn’t “win” his fourth Super Bowl.

Eli Manning is better.

If the Giants had fumbled on their last possession and lost 17-15, I would have said the same thing.

All night, I kept thinking “Is this guy( Brady ) ever called upon to make a difficult throw?”

The answer was no.

When he did have to make some tough, non-dink and dunk throws on the Patriots second to last possession, he threw two passes behind his receivers and, on both of them, Chris Collinsworth blamed the receivers.

The game has been over for about 10 minutes as I’m writing this and I have yet to hear anybody point out that Manning’s 38 yard pass to Manningham on the Giants last possession was one of the best passes ever thrown in an NFL game.


(Finally on ESPN Cris Carter said, “The throw was better than the catch.”  He also pointed out that, in his last two Super Bowls, Brady has attempted 13 passes that went 20 or more yards in the air and he’s 0-13. I don’t know what’s more pathetic — fact that he only threw 13  twenty yard passes or the fact that he didn’t complete any of them.)

************UPDATE ***********************UPDATE******************************

Manningham made what might be called a great catch but it was not as good as the throw and it’s a catch that ANY good NFL receiver should make.

Collinsworth (maybe because he’s a former reciever) went on and on about how Manningham did everything he had to do — keep his feet in bounds, hold on to the ball etc.

Manning had only one place to put the ball. There were two defenders nearby and he had to keep it in bounds. And this was no dink.

It was a 45 yard PERFECT pass.

As I was watching the game I kept thinking about how ridiculous it is to try to compare modern quarterbacks to quarterbacks from long ago.

This game was a dink and dunkfest, but I thought Manning was called on to actually complete passes downfield more often.

I also kept thinking about how the old timers were called on to throw passes downfield AND call their own plays.

I just heard Bob Costas, as I’m writing this, say that, if Brady and Belichick had won tonight, they would have to have been in the conversation as the best coach and quarerback of all time.

So, if Brady’s hail Mary had bounced off of three guys and ended up in a Patriots’ reciever’s hands, he would have instantly become the greatest quarterback ever? But now, maybe he’s not?


You will be watching and hearing about Mario Manningham’s catch for the rest of your life.

Remember that it was  a ball that should have been caught and it was one of the best clutch throws any quarterback in any era has ever made in a championship game.




If you’re a Steelers fan, you shouldn’t be worried about being called a whiner if you believe that the Steelers could very well have been cheated out of a Super Bowl trip by the guy who’s trying to tie Chuck Noll for most Super Bowl wins by a head coach today.

Bill Belichick cheated.

Ed Bouchette pulls no punches in his story in the Post-Gazette. And he has quotes from players, including Hines Ward, who say they are convinced that Belichick gained an advantage by illegally taping opposing coaches during games.

If you think Bouchette is being homer, check out what Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe wrote about spygate back in 2008:

“Remember that glorious evening in New Orleans when the Patriots captivated the nation by taking the field en masse rather than individually? Remember those clutch drives orchestrated by Tom Brady, those game-winning kicks by Adam Vinatieri, and all the other snapshot moments in the three Super Bowls?

Tainted, all of it.”





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SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: Giants 24 Patriots 21

I learned a lot about the Giants and the Patriots this week while talking to various NFL bloggers and stat gurus:

Here are some fun facts.

Tom Brady was pressured on 18% of his dropbacks in the post season. Eli Manning 39%.

As I’ve said many times, I’ve never seen a QB get more time than Brady gets back there.

Brady completed 33% of his passes under duress. Manning 53%.

I’ve also said many times that I think Brady is a great quarterback, but I don’t think that he handles pressure in the pocket as well as most other great ones.

Brady has 10 interceptions in his last six post season games.

He has two three interception games in the post season and the Patriots have won both of them. That’s really bucking the odds. In the NFL, when you throw three interceptions, your chances of winning are about 20%.

Final NY 24 NE 21.