Peyton Manning made his decision and he’ll be playing in Denver  — one of the great football towns in America — next season.

But, according to, Manning shouldn’t be expecting a trip to the Super Bowl anytime soon.

Too bad Peyton doesn’t play defense, too.

The sobering Cold, Hard Football Fact is that the defense in Denver last year was as bad or worse as any of the widely criticized units that Manning played with in Indianapolis. We compared each of Manning’s 13 Indy defenses with the one that Denver fielded in 2011 in three categories: total defense (not particularly important), scoring defense (incredibly important) and Defensive Passer Rating (also incredibly important).

Here’s how the 2011 Broncos stacked up against each of the defenses that Manning played with during his 13 years as the starting QB in Indianapolis.

  • Only two Colts teams gave up more yards than the 2011 Broncos (1998, 2004)
  • Only two Colts teams gave up more points than the 2011 Broncos (1998, 2011)
  • Only one Colts team gave up a higher Defensive Passer Rating than the 2011 Broncos (1998)
  • Manning played with four defenses in Indy that ranked in the top 8 in scoring
  • Denver has fielded three defenses that ranked in the top 8 in scoring since Manning was a rookie in 1998.”

The man who wrote the story, Kerry Byrne, will be on my talks show at 1:00 tomorrow on TribLive Radio.