Could we please stop with the stupid James Harrison -Mike Vick comparisons.

It’s not about abusing humans versus abusing dogs.

It’s about premeditated, systematic, barbaric cruelty versus a stupid, violent, cruel, spontaneous action.

Nobody denies that hitting an undeserving human is worse than hitting a dog.

James Harrison slapped his then girlfriend in a fit of rage – a rotten cowardly thing to do.

Mike Vick deliberately and continuously, systematically tortured and killed defenseless dogs.

Not in a fit of rage, but for his ENTERTAINMENT.

He stuck their heads in buckets of water.

He hanged them from trees.

He electrocuted them.

And he laughed while he was doing it.

Is that as bad as slapping a woman in a fit of rage?

Is it worse?

I don’t know.

You tell me.

  • Siggy

    YOU need to explain how you condoned, and endorsed the signing on Vick, after trying to single handedly to run the UNCHARGED Ben Roethlisberger out of town.

    This proves what many have suspected about you, you hate Ben simply because he waltzed into Pittsburgh and won two Super Bowl rings while your boy Kordell never could.

    Because of your morals were consistent? You’d destroy them for signing Vick.

    Fuck You!