Does taking PEDs to improve your athletic performance amount to cheating?

I never had a strong opinion on the subject.

Now I do.

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated makes the case by showing how players who decided to stay clean during baseball’s steroid era were cheated.

As I read this piece…which is ridiculously well written, by the way… I couldn’t help remembering the conversation I had with Dr. Charles Yesalis, the steroids expert from Penn State, a couple of weeks ago.

He said he finds references to MLB’s post-steroid era “hilarious” and says that he believes PED use in MLB is still rampant.

I also couldn’t help thinking about the NFL and how the culture must still be a lot like MLB’s  drug culture of 10 or 12 years ago described by Verducci.

  • Turk182

    Who didn’t know the bullshit responses defending football PED use and especially Steeler PED use would come?

    Despite that it’s probably fact that the NFL has more of a widespread PED use than MLB ever had there are still clean players…and how many of them have been cheated from being in the NFL due to the HUNDREDS of ‘roided out goons and thugs who are in the NFL now?

    And the Steelers were pioneers in entire team use…they gained an enormous advantage in the 70’s….teams only followed suit after their success.

    If you fools say it’s bad in MLB then it’s bad in the NFL, too…don’t be hypocritical and pathetic just because men in tights grabbing other men in tights is your favorite sport….doesn’t make the least bit difference.

    ‘roid Bowl IX…*; ‘roid Bowl X…*; ‘roid Bowl XIII…*; ‘roid Bowl XIV…*….and let’s not forget ‘roid Bowl XL when the Steeler team doctor was busted a month later illegally prescribing HGH (as if he wasn’t giving the players that, too)….**********************

    Steelers=cheaters…that’s the true Steeler way.

    • John Steigerwald

      I knew college football players who were taking steroids in 1970. The Steelers didn’t have any more users than the rest of the teams in the NFL. They WERE the first team to employ a strength and conditioning coach. Paul Ulam was a pioneer in the use of stretching. He wrote a book about it.

      • Mike V

        I know a guy who played in the early 60s and said players were taking them at that time. It’s been going on for a long time. Training has improved, but the combination of good training and peds has really turned the players into monsters.

  • Martin

    You just realized now that steroids work? Why do you think people take them, because they work.

    • John Steigerwald

      Yeah. I was stunned to find that out. Thanks.

  • franji1

    Does lifting weights give an unfair advantage?
    Does taking Geritol every day give an unfair advantage?
    Does taking No-Doze on Sunday before an afternoon game when Saturday night’s game went into extra innings give an unfair advantage?
    What about coffee?
    These are all LEGAL drugs.

    If the drugs were LEGALLY prescribed, then I have no issue. BTW, Michael Jackon’s doctor’s prescriptions should NOT be considered LEGAL.

    I have yet to find out whether these drugs were acquired and/or adminstered ILLEGALLY. The question is NOT whether a “drug” is LEGAL or ILLEGAL – steroids are valid drugs for multiple ailments – so it sounds like the steriods themselves are LEGAL.

    But did a doctor (or a trainer) prescribe (administer) these medications WITHOUT MEDICAL CAUSE (cuz I wanna hit more homeruns is NOT a valid cause)?

    I have yet to hear what the ACTUAL LEGAL QUESTION is.

  • Mike from Boston

    If steroid use does equate to cheating when referring to the “steroid era” of the MLB, then what does it say about the Steelers in the 70s?

    Whenever I bust the chops of my pats-fan friends over Spygate, their usual retort is that the Steelers in the 70s used steroids and cheated by doing so. Terry Bradshaw tends to be their favorite example.

    My usual response to that is: 1) Bradshaw used corticosteroids, not anabolic steroids. Corticosteroids decrease inflammation, have never been illegal, and have never been banned by the NFL; and 2) There were no bans or rules regarding steroids in the NFL in the 70s, there also wasn’t much if any testing to my knowledge

    Steroids in the 70s were prevalent at both the college and pro levels by several teams, but only a small handful are mentioned when discussing the subject, the Steelers being one of them. Does that mean the 4-time champion Steelers cheated?

    • John Steigerwald

      Steroids were widespread in the NFL in the 70s. The Steelers gained no advantage.

  • EricMichaelZ

    Steroids are cheating in baseball because its man vs ball. Its not cheating in the football because its man vs man.

    • John Steigerwald

      I’d say pitcher vs hitter is man vs man.

    • Turk182

      More pitchers have been busted using steroids than hitters.