If you’re a professional athlete, you probably don’t want to be on any list that includes Mike Vick. Since Vick hasn’t done anything worthwhile with a football in about three years, if you’re on a list with him, it probably has something to do with people not liking you very much.

In fact, it probably means that you’re despised by a lot of people.

Ben Roethlisberger has a lot of work to do.

He came in third on Forbes Magazine’s “Most Disliked People in Sports” list. The only two ahead of him are Al Davis and Vick.

I’m actually kind of surprised that Davis finished ahead of Roethlisberger. What’s Al done lately?

Vick got a 69% unfavorable rating,  which is understandable. He’s going to be on just about every ten most disliked list for the rest of his life, no matter what he does. And deservedly so.

I have him at the top of my career ending injury list. I hope he blows his knee out on his next snap.

Davis got a 66 and Ben got a 57.  Tiger Woods and Jerry Jones tied for fourth. Mark McGwire and Alex Rodriguez are on it, too.

That’s some pretty bad company.

Whatever it is that Jones and Davis did to get on the list can’t be overcome. They’re just there because the sight of them annoys people.

Roethlisberger and Woods have a chance to get off the list.  They can ask Kobe Bryant.

All they have to do is stay out of trouble and play up to the standards they set before they got into trouble.

Ben took the first steps toward getting off the list last week with his sit down TV interviews.

Woods has kept a low profile and could have had people talking about his game a lot more if he had been four strokes better at the U.S. Open.  Based on his post-round interview on Sunday, he still has a long way to go if he’s interested in getting people to like him again.

He was his usual grouchy, impatient, condescending self.  He probably succeeded in making most of the people watching glad that he didn’t win.

  • crash

    So John wants to stop discussing Ben, but yet brings him up again?

    Makes sense.

    Btw, wasn’t Mario Lemieux involved in a scandal in Minnesota similar to Roethlisberger’s? ‘

    “Nice guy”?

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Very nice guy. Not perfect. Nice guy.

  • Bobzilla.

    Ben Roethlisberger’s name appearing on the negative side of a poll is nothing new.
    Before the start of last season, Godsend Ben was named by his peers as the No. 1 most overrated NFL player in a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated.
    Of course, that poll was a vicious lie… so why should we believe this one?
    Wish they’d leave poor Ben alone.

  • Isteve Roissy

    The Pirates have a lot of nice, likeable guys.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I wouldn’t know. I’ll take your word for it.

      • Paul


        • JohnSteigerwald

          Jim Leyland. Chuck Tanner. Sidney Crosby. Mario Lemieux. John Wooden.

          • Paul

            Nice guys all. However, they didn’t play on a team of nice guys.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            They were nice guys and they didn’t finish last. I know a lot of jackasses who finished last, by the way.

          • Isteve Roissy

            John Wooden benefited greatly from a sleazy booster named Sam Gilbert pulling all kinds of shenanigans including monetary to get blue chip players in to UCLA. Wooden was either guilty of being naive to this or knowing about it and pretending not to. Still a good coach and a good man though.


          • JohnSteigerwald

            I’m aware of Sam Gilbert. I’m also aware that Wooden didn’t ascend into Heaven.

  • Scootermojo

    maybe it’s just me but I find it odd that McGwire is lumped into the rest of those jerks. all he did was take steroids and not ‘fess up to it…he never had a me first attitude like terrell owens and alex rodgiruez; mcgwire doesn’t seem to have the same fake plastic “i want everyone to love me” personality that Arod has…and he actually seems like a person that everyone would be glad to know; he’s not a serial adulterer like tiger woods nor does he seem to have the same arrogance and self-entitlement; he’s never been accused of rape like Little Dick Ben…2 and counting, i might add; he also doesn’t have the “i’m a religious deity and should be treated as such” attitude that Al Davis and Jerry Jones have, either.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      He killed himself with that pathetic appearance before congress and people look at him as the co-poster child of the steroid era with Bonds.

  • francis

    …siegs calling for vick to blow his knee out…thats harsh…BTW alotta people will root against ben&the steelers…lots john lots…

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I’m sure they will. He’s the villain now. He has a lot of time and opportunity to change it. And you read that right. I hope Vick blows his knee out on his next snap.

  • Jason C

    Some people just never learn!!!!

  • Meathead

    just win, baby.