Are we really going to have to hear President Obama and his supporters whine about Bain Capital for the next five months?

Is that all they have?

To see how much Obama’s star has fallen, all you have to do is compare his message this to the one he was selling in 2008.

Back then, he was selling himself. He was selling hope and change. It was all a hot, steaming pile of un-vetted horse manure, but that’s what he was selling.

Now he’s selling –or trying to sell — the other guy is an evil capitalist who spent years doing what he enjoys most, firing people and getting rich.

Of course, his campaign has no problem with taking contributions from the evil Bain Capital.

The Obama campaign and his friends in the media apparently haven’t figured out yet that this election is not going to be about Mitt Romney. It’s going to be about Barack Obama.

It’s not going to be about the evils of equity firms that save and produce jobs for millions of people.






  • John Steigerwald

    I heard him dismiss Romney’s business experience two days ago. He’s the last person Earthnwho should question any presidential candidates experience.

  • Dan

    Maybe all these people just got misquoted….on television….

    • John Steigerwald

      Go back and look at what Obama’s Secretary of State was saying about him four years ago.

  • oksteeler

    Well according to Michelle he’s a great guy who tucks her into bed every night. I haven’t been tucked into bed since I was 10 years old and maybe I have an abnormal marriage but we usually go to bed together and neither of us need tucked in. So maybe Obama tucks her in like a child and climbs into bed down the hall.

    If the republicans would grow a set and actually hold Holder in contempt and actually use the stuff the conservative sites have dug up on him, such as him headlining a democrat socialist event, he’d sink much faster.

  • Tim

    They should probably start talking about how Massachusetts was 47th out of 50th in job creation during Romney’s tenure as governor. It’s no surprise Romney so rarely talks about his 4 years as governor.

    • Dan

      Exactly, Tim.

      “•College tuition: As Governor, Romney cut about $140 million from higher education, forcing state universities to raise fees by 63 percent to cover the deep budget cuts. By the end of Romney’s term, Massachusetts community colleges cost 59 percent more than the national average, while four-year public colleges cost 34 percent more. As a candidate, Romney’s only advice to students struggling to afford college was to “shop around” or “borrow money if you have to from your parents.”

      That’s how we’ll catch Japan in education. Make community college cost what Pitt costs and make Pitt cost what Harvard costs. Brilliant idea from the vulture capitalist who may be great at making himself rich but has no idea how to preside and govern over anything but hedge funds and offshore bank accounts.

    • John Steigerwald

      Mass.was worse before he became governor. It was a democratic legislature. His record as governor compared to Obama’s as president makes him look like Thomas Jefferson.

    • Gary M

      What Danny doesn’t say, is that when Romney took over office in that state, he faced a 3 BILLION dollar deficit. When he left, he left a surplus.
      That means cuts had to be made and spending had to get under control.
      What shill’s like Danny do, is focus on the cuts. Yes, cuts are going to mean some hardship. It is inevitable. But the alternative, insolvency, is even harsher.
      Same with his work at Bain. Restructuring companies means change and some will lose their jobs. But that is done in business all of the time because the alternative, bankruptcy, is again even more cruel.
      (Obama actually came out and said that while at Bain, Romney was focused on maximizing profits. Really, I didn’t know that’s how businesses operates?)

      This country is in its worst financial shape and it needs to be addressed. Obama has a record now and that record is he will do nothing but balk when it comes to tough financial decisions.
      John, he’s toast.

      • Matt

        It would have been more ironic if he would have said all Romney tried to do was minimize cost. Since that is precisely what we need the president and congress to do.

  • Arnie

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. So on one hand we have the mystery president who as far as we can tell made it as far as a “community organizer” in the most politically corrupt city in the country versus someone that built a business and was very successful. If I were the Obama campaign I wouldn’t be overly anxious to make this an issue, although if that’s all they got I guess they have no choice.

    Odds are this strategy backfires on Lord Obama before its all said and done. I would imagine the Romney campaign is full speed ahead with gathering testimonials that helped businesses survive and become more successful….even though the mindless drones that worship Obama have a very limited understanding of what private equity firms actually do.