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Of all the people writing about politics in America, no one makes more sense (to me)  more often than Walter Williams.

Over the next five months, we’re going to be hearing and having discussions about what’s “fair” and what’s not “fair” when it comes to how much you and I should be taxed.

How much would money would be a “fair” amount of money for the government to take from you or me to give to someone else?

Lots of smart people will make convincing arguments for both sides.

And they’ll all be wrong.

Because it’s never “fair” to forcibly take money from one person and give it to another.

“…does an act that’s clearly immoral and illegal when done privately become moral when it is done legally and collectively? Put another way, does legality establish morality? Before you answer, keep in mind that slavery was legal; apartheid was legal; the Nazi’s Nuremberg Laws were legal; and the Stalinist and Maoist purges were legal. Legality alone cannot be the guide for moral people. The moral question is whether it’s right to take what belongs to one person to give to another to whom it does not belong.

Don’t get me wrong. I personally believe that assisting one’s fellow man in need by reaching into one’s own pockets is praiseworthy and laudable. Doing the same by reaching into another’s pockets is despicable, dishonest and worthy of condemnation. Some people call governmental handouts charity, but charity and legalized theft are entirely two different things. But as far as charity is concerned, James Madison, the acknowledged father of our Constitution, said, “Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.”

Understanding and adhering to  the sentiments of those two paragraphs would eliminate about 90% of our country’s problems.



While the government in New York City is protecting its fine citizens from the evil 16 0z Pepsi, in Wisconsin, their government is spending $900,000 to teach kids how to walk home from school.

And there are still people wondering why we’re trillions of dollars in debt?

When did, “Look both ways before you cross the street” stop being enough?

What’s next? Government funded programs to teach kids how to wipe their asses?

And, by the way, shouldn’t these kids who are walking home be wearing helmets?


I was severely deprived as a child.

I read lots of comic books. Mostly Superman, Batman and other superheroes and every once in a while Archie.

I don’t recall ever wondering what they did in their bedrooms.

Imagine how much more enlightened and enriched I would be if Superman had been in love with Lewis Lane instead of Lois.

Green Lantern is gay.

Not only is he a homosexual, but he’s an effeminate one, who says things like, “Why not, it would be magical.”

Help me out here.

Do kids who are young enough to be reading comic books really need to deal with the sexuality of the make believe people they’re reading about?

Or are there actually that many people out there  old enough to understand sexual preference who are still reading comic books?

If so, why?



Lech Walesa  is one of the great greatest heroes of the 20th century.

He played a major role in causing the fall of the Soviet Union.

He’s not welcome at the White House.  Too political.

And people wonder why Obama is suspected of being a socialist.



There is no better example of a government busybody than the idiot who has been mayor or New York City for way too long.

Michael Bloomberg is pushing a law that would make it illegal to sell large sugary drinks in New York beginning in March.

This is all part of the anti-obesity campaign.

Apparently, there are a lot of Big people in the Big Apple.

Bloomberg says that obesity is a problem and he says he’s doing what the people want their mayor to do.

Think he’d be willing to prove that with a referendum?

Here’s what I would ask the mayor if I were at the press conference when this stupid law was introduced:

“Mr. Mayor, if you’re really concerned about all the big bellies that you see in the city, why wouldn’t you outlaw the sale of beer?”

Call me crazy but I think that beer might be contributing to some of those beer bellies.

I don’t know about you, but, I’ve noticed that, when people drink beer, they also tend to eat lots of potato chips, peanuts and nachos. Maybe even pizza.

How much skinnier would people be a year from today if tomorrow the federal government outlawed the sale of pizza and beer?

How do people like this get elected?

A bigger question: How the hell do they get re-elected?




“For a start, voters are getting gloomier about the economy. Joblessness remains high and debt is out of control. According to one poll released this week, only 33 per cent of Americans expect the economy to improve in the coming months and only 43 per cent approve of the way that the president has handled it. Voters think Obama has made the debt situation and health care worse. The man who conducted the poll – Democrat Peter Hart – concluded that “Obama’s chances for re-election… are no better than 50-50.”