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Lots of our liberal posters love to bash Fox news. They ridicule it for not being a real news channel but only a PR machine for the Republican party and refuse to acknowledge that it does a good and fair job of covering NEWS.

There are O’Reilly, Beck and Hannity and there is NEWS coverage.

The big TV news story this week was the rescue of the miners in Chile.

Fox blew the competition away.

This wasn’t commentary. It was a NEWS story and people turned to Fox to get the story.


If you refer to Barack Obama as a socialist, you stand a really good chance of being called a moron, a radical, or a racist. Probably all three.

Stanley Kurtz is an author and a contributor to National Review. He’s also an investigative reporter.

If what he knew about Obama had been made public by the mainstream media in 2008, Obama would have lost in a landslide.

But the media were too busy sniffing around Wasilla, Alaska to find out the relationship between Sarah Palin and her librarian.

I had Kurtz on my radio show a few times. He is not a knuckle-dragging stereotypical right wing, bomb throwing birther.

I brought him on my KDKA radio show to talk about the roadblocks that were being put in his way as he tried to investigate Obama’s record in Chicago politics. Compare the number of stories you saw or heard about Kristol Palin’s baby compared to the number of stories done on the Annenberg Challenge.

Never heard of if? Kurtz wrote about it a lot during the 2008 campaign and had trouble finding anybody who didn’t work for Fox News to listen to him.

Kurtz has a new book that is a result of two years of research into Obama’s past and his serious socialist sympathies.

I said on the radio in the Summer of 2008 that there was no way that Barack Obama could be elected president. I made the mistake of assuming that the media would actually take a serious look at his background. They never did because they were in the tank for him at hello.

The piece in National Review has enough damaging evidence to make it impossible for Obama to be re-elected but, unless the dinosaur media let him tell his story, he’ll just be preaching to the choir.

Obama has been secretive and dishonest about his past. He’s the closest thing that we’ve ever had to a Manchurian Candidate and….yeah..he is a socialist.

With a capital “S”.


OK. I know it’s never OK for a man to hit a woman. Not in the eyes of the law, anyway, but what about in the eyes of male athletes?

There were several stories in the news this week about athletes abusing women.

What is it with big, strong professional athletes and the way they treat their women? There was a time when, if you had been seen hitting a girl, you would have been ostracized.

You also stood a pretty good chance of  getting a beating from a nearby male. I don’t have to tell you about the Steelers and the problems some of their players have had with getting physical with women.

The Steelers’ who came back from Domestic Hell seemed to be greeted with open arms when they return to the locker room. When a guy gets busted for slapping his wife, girl friend or baby mama around, his teammate will say he made a “mistake.”

Those of us of a certain age were told that nothing could be more un-manly than hitting a girl. When did that change?


Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News has always struck me as a George Bush hating, knee jerk liberal.

He’s also a proud New Yorker and Lupica rips Obama on the issue of the mosque at Ground Zero.

I almost never agree with him when he strays into politics (Imagine a sports guy doing that.), but I have to give him a great big BINGO on this one.


You realize, of course, that there’s a pretty good chance that, if you’re at work right now, the money you’re making is going toward paying your taxes.  It’ll take you a couple of more weeks of work before you’re working for yourself.

And, as you get ready to file your 2009 income tax, keep in mind that there’s also a chance that you are doing something that almost half of the people in the country won’t be doing.

If the trend continues,  the Democrats will become as entrenched in power in the U.S. as the Castro brothers are in Cuba.

All they need to do is get to the point where there are more people who are NOT paying  income tax than people who are.

Then, all they’ll have to do is promise more and more free stuff and the people who don’t have to pay for it will be more than happy to vote for them

Only three percent more to go and half the country will not pay an income tax.