• Meathead

    Gotta wonder how many folks acting all indignant about this whole affair have taken the Buckeyes to cover the spread on a few occasions.

  • Mike V.

    It’s especially bad in Columbus. Kirk Herbstreit recently had to move from Columbus to Nashville because people around Columbus were giving him and his FAMILY a hard time in public.

    OSU fans badly needed this to happen to them to humble them a little.

    • Dr. Phibes

      Playing SEC teams in BCS bowl games should have been humbling enough.

      • Mike V.

        Bowl games don’t count. In most of them, the playes don’t care.

        Where tosu should be laughed at is going 1-3 against USC and Texas over a four year period. Other than that, playing three MAC schools a year and a collapsed Miami (FL) program along with a horrible Big Ten is not impressive.

        • Bobzilla

          There’s nothing “horrible” about a football conference that has as many as three or four schools ranked in the top 15 annually. When I think of “horrible,” the Big East immediately comes to mind.
          The common mistake made among the narrow-minded is not knowing the difference between parity and parody.

          • Mike V.

            Maybe horrible wasn’t the right word. I think it is the fourth best conference though. I went to and played for a MAC school and I think I know what terrible looks like. The Big East isn’t terrible. Take it from a MAC guy….we’re terrible…CUSA is terrible….Sunbelt is terrible…etc.

            The same schools tend to get ranked high every year. I don’t think much of rankings because I don’t think much of the voters.

            Until college football requires the BCS level schools to have their own division and force them to play one another in lieu of MAClike schools three times a year, we’ll only have meaningless bowl games to gauge how these teams stack up against each other. We don’t need a 16 team playoff to determine who is the best. Force the top teams to play each other during the season and a small four team playoff would work at that point. The BCS level schools hide behind scheduling 2 non-BCS schools and one I-AA school a year. That needs to stop before a playoff begins.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            if 10,000 fans showed up for Penn State-Akron instead of 110,000, Akron wouldn’t be scheduled anymore. The fans have themselves to blame for showing up.

          • Mike V.

            The schools hold the fans by the “you know whats”. If you want tickets for the good games, you have to swallow a lot of crap.

            I have season tickets for Wake Forest. Part of the deal is if I go to every game, I get a discount on the next season. Not only do they force me to eat crap, they make it so if I want discounts the next year (it’s a pretty hefty discount), I’ll have to eat even more crap.

            The truth is, I’ll give my Wake vs. Gardner-Webb tickets to a customer who has a six year old son who doesn’t know Gardner-Webb is not in the same class as Wake. Although, if Wake is as bad as last year, it might be the only close game all season. Maybe I should go. It may be my only chance to see them win all year.

    • Blasto

      Agreed- but nothing has really happened yet. to OSU. The NCAA should come down hard on them. I am betting they won’t.

  • Erik

    Have you ever gotten death threats for stuff you’ve written John?

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      Not yet.

      • Parker39

        if you say one more negative thing about President Obama, I’m going to pee in your cornflakes! Hows that for a threat? LOL

  • Mason

    One place baseball has it right. They have a minor league system, you can enter the draft steaight out of HS. If you go to college, you are there for three years before you are allowed to reenter he draft (I believe that is the time period). I think it would cut down on a lot of garbage. Of course neither the pros or the colleges want that – it would cost them both too much money.

    • Tim

      Let the players make money via marketing themselves. No more expense for the college or pros and the players get a cut. Everyone wins. If the NCAA doesn’t come around, the big schools should leave it and form their own athletic league.

      • jwit

        If they get to makret themselves, then they should pay tuition, room and board, books and meal plans. I love when radio hosts say they dont have money in their pockets. Have you ever seen the meal set ups these players have, seperate from the normal students? I have no idea why they would need money. Free apartments and dorms, three tremendous meals a day, free tutoring, free counseling all the acess to free workout equipment that the student body will never see. Let em maket themselves, but take away the free ride and the lowered admission standards. None of them would even get in.

        • davidmcgwire

          There’s something unamerican about the ncaa rules.

          A normal college student can sell anything he wants without fear of losing his scholarship. If a student on a full ride for music wants to perform or sign autographs every weekend, they can do that without fear of losing scholarship. If a football player sells one of his rings (his own personal property), he’s treated like a criminal.

          You can be a 16 year old heart surgeon, but not a 16 year old NBA player.

          The whole system is kooky.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            The system is stupid. The problems begin when you give “scholar”ships to kids who have no business being on a college campus.

      • Matt

        How about they just suck it up for 3 or 4 years like every other poor college student?

  • Niblick

    What a cesspool college sports have become. I cringe every time I hear that college sports are so great because of the amateur status of the players. Money has ruined anything related to college sports. I hope Ohio State pays a big price for what Tressel has allowed to go on there. If there are more SMU type penalties, maybe some of this will stop.

  • mark

    sports in general are being taken far too seriously these days.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      You ain’t kidding.

    • slrpea

      Yes, and it’s pathetic. Several times, when I’ve been back to visit Pittsburgh, I’ve had people say to me that they’d love to live in California (or some other place), but they “could never leave the Steelers.” Leaves me speechless.

      • Bobzilla

        In 1966, my parents left the area to attain employment at Kodak in Rochester, NY. Since I was just entering my junior year in high school, I had no choice but to tag along. In 1977, I returned to my home roots, mainly because of my interest in the Steelers. There was no such thing as Direct-TV’s NFL Package back then, so returning was an easy decision. There’s no place like home.

      • Mike V.

        One can move away and go watch a Steelers game with 200 Steelers fans a bars around the country. I do that at Dixies Tavern in Charlotte.

        • Bobzilla

          Or … REAL Steelers fans can simply stay home, stay sober and concentrate on the games without being disturbed by the bar-scene bedlam.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            I never got the thrill of watching a game in a bar.

          • Mike V.

            I used to have no choice. Now that I have Direct TV, Dixies is a part of my past.

            Staying home to watch football in Charlotte involves watching the Panthers because the other network is blacked out. I’d rather scratch my eyes out than watch the Panthers. I turn down free tickets to their games so I don’t have to watch them play. Count your blessings Steelers fans. Two years ago Carolina went 12-4 and now look at them. It wasn’t that long ago they went to a Super Bowl. Don’t think it couldn’t happen to the Steelers. It could happen to anyone in the NFL.