The Pirates didn’t do much last week to change their image of a pathetic excuse for a Major League Baseball franchise, but they have some competition for the title of Most Clueless Team In Baseball down south.

Vuvuzelas have become a world wide joke since the World Cup started about a week and a half ago.

They’re the horns that thousands of people blow incessantly during the games that actually make soccer more unwatchable than it already was.

So what do the Marlins, who have trouble getting more than 10,000 people in their park most nights, decide to do?

The Marlins hand out vuvuzelas to 15,000 people and tell them to blow them all night.

The stupid horns may have actually played a role in the outcome of the game. Because everybody was wearing ear plugs, there may have been a miscommunication problem that resulted in the Marlins being called for batting out of order.

The Marlins lost in extra innings.

The players, managers, coaches and umpires thought the vuvuzelas were a cruel joke. The idiot GM, of course, thought it was a wonderful idea.

What kind of a moron watches 10 seconds of a World Cup match and then says, “Hey. That’s unbelievable annoying. How do I get that for my ball park?”

Fans everywhere were better off before anybody ever heard of the expression “game experience.”

When did the game stop being the most important experience?

  • Darrel

    Does McChrysal deserve the same treatment as the Pirates mascot for this article and revealing some unpleasant thoughts towards his bosses? If you are going to fire the mascot for speaking out against management, shouldn’t you do the same for the general that is speaking out against his superiors? What’s the difference?


    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      No difference. He should resign or be fired.

      • Darrel

        I thought the same thing, but was curious to think what other’s thoughts were since we have an example of a general vs. a mascot. I’ll be curious to see the results of the Obama meeting.

        • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

          I hope he fires him so that the general can speak freely.

          • InTheMiddle

            A general possibly speaking out more like this is something that could spell doom for Obama.

            Not an expert analyst like Meat Loaf (guest on Hannity last night alongside another national policy “expert” Leeann Tweeden) calling him out to “just plug the hole”.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            MeatHEAD has already been booked, from what I hear.

          • Darrel

            Did they really have Leeann Tweeden on Hannity last night? If so, what was the reason?

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            He puts entertainers and other airheads on the panel every once in a while. Very lame. The panel idea is stupid. It’s always Hannity and two conservatives beating up on a liberal. Even though Holmes is a lightweight, the show was better when he was on it because he would grill conservative guests and Hannity would grill the liberals. Now it’s too one sided.

          • Darrel

            But Leanne Tweeden?? Couldn’t they come up with someone that appears a little more intelligent? She might be smart, but my opinion of her as a weathergirl and bikini clad magazine covergirl doesn’t really portray her as knowledgeable about anything.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            It’s a lame segment at least four nights a week.

          • InTheMiddle

            Yes, Tweeden was a guest to talk politics and no, I don’t have an answer for you to why.

  • Scootermojo

    for football i’d say it became secondary around the time the super bowl half-time shows became seemingly the major attraction in the late 70’s, early 80’s.

    i miss being able to hear myself actually think since it’s obviously become a requirement in NHL bylaws to blast music in between whistles…sometimes i feel like I’m at a concert instead. i miss the 80’s where you could urinate in the seat next to you and nobody would know since there was only 5,000 people at the game…remember FREE CHILI?!?!?!?!?!?

    i’ve went to far more baseball games than any other sport and other than the pirate parote i really don’t remember that many shenanigans until after ’94 post strike seasons…maybe it was a way to lure fans back?

    one thing you have to remember though is that owners in all sports did crazy stuff to bring fans to the game from the very beginning…beer sales in the rival American Association in the 1800’s…DISCO DEMOLITION NIGHT AND TEN CENT BEER NIGHT!!!! Bill Veck (sp?) and Charlie Finley for the White Sox and Athletics, respectively…mascots in football date back to the beginning of college football…the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders….I think it’s the same as it was earlier with promotions just to put butts in the seats it’s just that there are new and more avenue’s to use for marketing and tickling that buying bone.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      The Pirates had disney characters dancing on the dugouts between innings for a few years. The Parrot was actually on the cover of their yearbook in the early 80s. I remember ripping them for not selling baseball.

  • randy newman

    it always makes me laugh when media folks say this or that is not worth watching. is it any wonder that the hardcore fans of what ever sport or sports have decided that media members of your ilk are as useless as reading glasses on a stripper?

    you simply were too lazy to keep up with the information age, or “it wasn’t worth your time” the fans increasing know more about their teams than you do. back in the day, whomever read off the ap reports on the evening or late news was a relevant source of information. i know you are nostalgic for thay bygone era when you might not have been thought knowledgable in many of the bars where sports are discussed, i’m guessing, nowadays you would be laughed out of the place for lacking depth of knowledge of any particular subject, and for not having the insight as to why things you decided weren’t worth it, are relevant to the teams you were supposed to know..

    the fans lapped you, several times, and they didn’t do it for pay, they did it for curiosity. you did enough to get by in an era where you could in some part control the flow of information. sad really, to get laughed out of a paying gig by amateurs who conclude you aren’t up to their standard.

    i bet bill mazeroski never got told he couldn’t play second base in a beer league.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      Yeah. I got laughed out of the business after only 32 years. My failure will haunt me for the rest of my life. I’m actually too good for local news if you want to know the truth, because meaningless information is much more important than any kind of analysis and anybody who expresses an opinion scares the hell out of them. It wasn’t always that way. I actually was the highest paid guy in town when sports anchors and reporters were allowed to have an opinion .
      Why would anybody want to tell Bill Mazeroski that?

      • randy newman

        please, you survived on being in the pre-internet era, where your “opinion” was only one of a dozen or so available, when the meaningless information you put out, was only available from a handful of sources. rest assured, it was the scarcity of that information, not the quality of your opinions, that sustained your popularity.

        you may well have been the britney of local sports news, when local sports news paid the bills, and brought the ad revenue, but if you weren’t offering the songs people wanted you to sing, the useless information, like who won, when even that was a commodity, much less the few highlights available, your opinions then, as now would have been as meaningless as every song britney has written for themselves.

        you got laughed out of the business by the beer leaguers. it no longer matters what sports they put on the local news, if they do local sports at all, most people get that content elsewhere, or they don’t care enough to value it.

        • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

          You’re entitled to your interpretation. By time I was finishing up I was too good for local news.

  • randy newman

    “the cure for boredom is curiosity, there is no cure for curiosity” dorothy parker.

    generally when someone complains of something being boring, it’s not the thing that is boring, it’s the complainer that lacks imagination, insight, etc….

    i can’t wait til the vuvuzelas catch on, and they will, so far they seem to be annoying the right people. that and vuvuzela sounds like a way better euphemism than va-jay-jay, so i am hoping that catches on as well

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      That gibbersish sounds like it came from your va-jay-jay.

      • Scootermojo

        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Dude, you’re hilarious that’s why I keep reading everyday!!!!!

      • Al Bundy

        (Smacks John’s wrist……….but still giggles)

    • Adam

      remember that when no one watches games anymore or wants to go because they cant stand the sound and teams start to fold

  • francis

    …steigy u continue to make me laugh…i think steeler fans otta bring those horns to heinz field…and bring lots…everytime the JAGOFF QB throws they otta blow them…HAHAHAHA….why people continue to go to PNC park remains a mystery to me…seriously are pittsburgh baseball people that goofy…everytime a pirate fan buys a ticket…you tell management it’s ok to screw us over as fans…STOP GOING TO THE GAMES PIRATE FANS…STOP HELPING THE OWNERS…DON’T BUY THE PRODUCT…boycott the product it’s a joke…

  • Sportsfan3


    I think the question should be for teams like the Marlins and Pirates is when has the game ever been the most important part of the experience…? As a 25 year old former Pirate fan I have no idea the answer to your question or to mine…

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      I feel bad for you. You have no idea what an enjoyable part of my life the Pirates were growing up. I try to tell the Pirates’ and MLB’s apologists all the time that there is no way they would feel the way they do about baseball if the current system had existed when they were growing up. The older fans who go because of their undying love for baseball are only making it more certain that their kids and grand kids will never know the same Pirates that they remember.

  • RuthenianCowboy

    “Because everybody was wearing ear plugs, there may have been a miscommunication problem that resulted in the Marlins being called for batting out of order.”

    How in the hell does a major league team, with a manager, all the coaches, 25 players that do this for a living, and a BIG SCOREBOARD THAT HAS THE FREAKING ORDER ON IT, bat out of order?

    When I was in little league, I was one of the smaller, less coordinated kids, so I learned how to keep the scorebook when I wasn’t in the game. Early my one season (I was 10 or 11), we had a bunch of new 8-year olds on the team, and two had the same first name, Aaron, and they were batting back-to-back. I sent them up out of order. (Our coach was in a wheelchair and didn’t sit right in the bench area.) It cost us an out, but thankfully didn’t cost us the game.

    After the game, the coach made the two Aarons run a lap for not remembering the order they were to hit in. He made me run three for not paying attention to details when I was older and I should have known better, and told me he would have had me run more if I’d cost us the game.

    Everyone involved with the Marlins should be running laps today.

  • InTheMiddle

    Greed. There are too many teams in every pro sport.

    10 too many in MLB and NFL. 16 too many in NHL and NBA. It waters down the product. Regular-season games in the NHL and NBA border on unwatchable status, teams just don’t play hard. The NFL will always be different because it is only one game a week. Fans have a chance to see something special on any given night in MLB.

    I am entertained and sometimes amazed by things the games in college football and basketball. I actually think the college baseball world series is good entertainment.

    The professional seasons are too long and there are too many teams. However, its still better than Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, etc., for entertainment purposes.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      I don’t watch the NBA but I disagree about NHL regular season games being unwatchable. Some are but you are no more likely to find an unwatchable NHL game than an unwatchable NFL game. And MLB are no more likley to see something special in a game than NHL fans. Or NBA fans, for that matter.

      • InTheMiddle

        I went to 4 Pens’ regular season games this year. Different times of the year. I went to one playoff game. It is a different sport in the playoffs. I have been to 2 regular season NBA games in my life. The teams do not play hard.

        Now, if the NHL played half as many regular season games, but we’ve been down that road before. It’s not going to happen because of the greed.

        Say Minnesota and Atlanta are playing in hockey, football, basketball or baseball. And anyone had their choice of going free to any of those regular season events which were all played on the same Pittsburgh street on the same day. Do more than 3% go watch the hockey? There’s your answer.

        • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

          It’s about opportunity. People might choose football only because they could watch 5 hockey games for every football game. There’s no reasson to believe that a Viking-falcons game is gfoing to be more exciting than a Wild. Thrashers game. Both have the same potential for excitement or dullness.

    • RuthenianCowboy

      “Regular-season games in the NHL and NBA border on unwatchable status.”

      I’m not an NBA guy, but I’d sooner watch any Pens’ game, including training camp scrimmage games, than most of the stuff out there.

      That includes the Yanks-Sox games that seem to be on every other time I turn on the TV.

      (I do enjoy the college world series though. They actually had FSU-TCU on in the ER waiting room on Saturday.)

      • InTheMiddle

        Ruthenian, I respect your point, but hockey may just be your favorite sport.

        Baseball isn’t my favorite, but I’d rather watch a Yanks-Sox or Athletics-Reds regular season game than an New York-Phoenix NHL or NBA game.

        Doesn’t mean I am right, I just don’t think they play too hard in the NHL or NBA because a majority of their regular season games are meaningless due to the number of teams in the league that make the playoffs. Any organization should punish teams that dog it and make their fan bases pay to watch them go through the motions and then turn it on once the real games start (2010 Celtics and Flyers for example).

        • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

          I don’t ever get the feeling that NHL players are dogging it.

          • InTheMiddle

            The Pens supposedly dogged it in Thierren’s last few weeks, right? I have no facts to back that up, but something was going on. It happens when the season is too long.

            And the fact that they could play 5 games (300 minutes) in the span of one 60 minute NFL game leads even more to the argument that Crosby or Malkin’s motor isn’t going 100% on every regular season shift. Not blaming them, it is their sport’s fault.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            Of course some teams stop working as hard as they should but it happens in every sport. It just shows up more in hockey than it does in baseball.

          • InTheMiddle

            Did the Penguins “dog it” to get rid of Thierren?

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            I don’t think so. I just think his act got old. He was a good fit when they were a young team that needed to play a conservsative defensive system. Bylsma turned them loose.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com Bobzilla

            Players “dogging it” shows up more in hockey because of the NHL players’ alarming success rate of having a disliked coach replaced “within the hour.”

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            WhenI say it shows up in hockey I meant that it’s such a high energy game that anybody loafing sticks out like a sore thumb as opposed to baseball. Although they are quick to change coaches in the NHL.

          • Ochotexto

            They’ve admitted several times , “we didn’t give our best effort tonight”. As Gary would say., you’re in the tank for hockey.
            A lot of great stuff has happened in baseball this reg season., the 2 perfect games., the amazing one that shoulda been. Hometown hero Neil Walkers first HR in front of his folks., etc.,,, and many more. Five more things will happen in the next month you’ve never seen before.
            Greatest game ever invented.
            The Gunner had Babushka Power and the Green Weenie., gimmicks aren’t new., now they’re just overdone.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

            And I’ve known many managers who overturned the post game spread because they thought their team was loafing. No team in any sport that requires more than 25 games is capable of giving it’s best effort every night.
            The green weenie was a result of something that happened on the field. The Pirates trainer had a green plastic hot dog that he used to put the “hex’ on the other team. Prince talked about it and it took off.