There’s obviously no hope for the United States of America.

Enjoy it while you can.

You know it’s over when our court system is being used to settle a dispute involving a gay softball league.

The fact that there is such a thing as a gay softball league should make you worry about the future of the human race, but there are so many gay leagues that there is also something called the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance to oversee them.

How about just playing softball and keeping your sexual preferences out of it?

Teams are limited to two non-gay players and the problem seems to be a dispute over whether one team’s players were gay enough and and, of course, some players who were disqualified decided to sue.


“The San Francisco-based team the men played on, D2, was disqualified after others at the tournament questioned their sexuality and filed a protest. Under questioning, the men, Stephen Apilado, Laron Charles and John Russ, were evasive or declined to discuss their sexuality, according to the organization.

For example, minutes of the hearing say that Charles claimed to be gay but acknowledged being married to a woman, and Apilado initially said he was both gay and straight but then acknowledged being more attracted to women.

The minutes say rumors had persisted for years about whether D2 was stacking its team with straight ringers. In addition to the three plaintiffs, the team had two designated straight players. The organization says it has always considered bisexuals to meet the definition of “gay” for roster purposes, but the minutes also note that one official involved in the decision to disqualify D2 commented that “this is not a bisexual world series. This is a gay world series.”


We’ve reached the point where people are interviewed to see if they’re gay enough to be on a gay softball team.

More alarming than that is that we’ve reached the point where people can discuss it with a straight face.

And by straight, I don’t mean non-gay.

  • BC

    I have started a petition which asks The New York Liberty of the WNBA to join in on the “It Gets Better campaign. Please check it out! Thank you!

  • Al

    This is hilarious. It wouldn’t be real softball if someone wasn’t trying to cheat. It’s refreshing to see that the gays aren’t much different than the rest of us. And to the straight-guy ‘ringers’, what kind of first prize would they have to offer to get you to join in?

    Is there a league out there for ‘middle-aged married guys that wish their wives put-out like they used to’ by any chance?

    • JohnSteigerwald

      It would never work. Too crowded.

  • jferretti

    Well I am surprised John. I thought you would be trumpeting this court’s decision. I quote the Judge: “It is not the role of the courts to scrutinize the content of an organization’s chosen expression.” Freedom of Associaton!!! Strict adherence to the Constitution. A conservative notion if I ever saw one. It’s just news because it involves gays.

  • Niblick

    This is the most ridiculous story I have ever seen. Well, at least in the last week or so. So the implication here is that straight softball players are better players than gay ones. You stack a team by adding straight players. Why aren’t the gays complaining about this fact?

    I think we are in trouble in this country. Why do these minority groups always have to be complaining about something? Just shut up and go about your life.

    • Frank

      We have bigger problems, like the jobless rate. I’m sure daddy Obama will figure it out. The “Messiah” knows all.

      I own a business and my hiring rate is EXTREMELY low.

      • JohnSteigerwald

        You’re obviously greedy, Frank.

        • Frank

          I tend to hollow out Gurkha’s ‘His Majesty’s Reserve’ cigar’s and stuff them with 100 dollar bills and smoke them freely in front of my ‘underlings’.

          I’m wicked like that.

  • GeeWhiz

    Obviously, they don’t allow switch hitting.

  • Matt

    Do they Gay test, or is on the honor system?

  • Mike V.

    This is a non story. There are softball leagues all over America that focus on certain groups. For example, there are church leagues. Nobody complains about church leagues.

    The last time I checked, this was still a free country and people had the right to associations. A gay softball league is just a form of a private association like many others.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Who said it wasn’t? Lots of ridiculous things are legal.

    • Jesse

      Mike, there is a big difference between church league softball and gay league softball. When was the last time you read a story about churches putting restrictions on who was allowed to play?!?!

      While it is a “free country,” things like gay softball leagues should not be allowed to exist, period. What would happen if there was a straight softball league that had a sexuality screening which weeded out anybody who showed signs of being gay. IT WOULD NEVER FLY!

      Just like Black Entertainment Television (BET). What would happen if we had White Entertainment Television (WET). IT WOULD NEVER FLY!

      It’s just reverse discrimination – and it shouldn’t be allowed, PERIOD!

      • JohnSteigerwald

        Actually, discrimination should be allowed. It’s called the right of free association. Unless it’s funded by the government, you should be allowed to form a softball league that is only for people who were born on the fourth of July or for men who used to be women. I’m not questioning anybody’s rights here. I’m just saying that there may not be hope for the human race when we’ve reached the point that our courts are getting involved in deciding whether a guy is gay enough to play in a softball league. if a softball league doesn’t like your sexual orientation, the way you dress, the color of your hair or your skin or your height, it should be allowed to discriminate against you. Remember, if the government can force you to accept a certain group. It can also use its power to prevent you from accepting a certain group. There was a time when the government was using its power to force black people to sit in the back of the bus.

      • Mike V.

        Some church leagues are co-ed and require a certain number of male and female players on the field. That descrimates based upon sex. I don’t have a problem with it. It is the church’s right to run their league the way they want.

        This is a non story.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          Ridiculous story.

      • colt

        I agree with most of what you say Jesse, but the fact is that many churches “put restrictions on whio [is] allowed to play. I played softball in church leagues for years. One of the restrictions that are often placed on players is a minimum of times the player actually attends that particular church. It is a “church” league, and, therefore, to play, you have to go to church. Not all church leagues do that, but some do. And why not? If a player does not want to go to the church for whom he plays, maybe he should go play for Billy’s Tavern. It is a free country.

        Also, if a church has a rule that openly gay men (or women) cannot play, nothing wrong with that either. Let them have a league if they want it. They can have have Elton John sing the National Anthem before each game, or at least play a recording of same.

  • oksteelerfan

    Is there really an audience for gay softball? Why would a straight guy even want to play on a gay softball team?

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Why does a gay person want to play on a gay softball team?

      • oksteelerfan

        Why do we even need gay softball teams?

        Could you imagine the headlines this story would be getting if it was an all white heterosexual softball team that denied a gay man to play on the softball team?

        This is way off topic but did you hear about Florida making it a law if you get welfare you have to take a drug test? I heard a funny discussion about it on the radio, this one guy was arguing it wasn’t constitutional, another guy was arguing welfare isn’t constitutional and another guy just said, “hey it’s my tax money that is paying for welfare and I want to make sure my money isn’t being spent on drugs.”

        • JohnSteigerwald

          I have a problem with my money being confiscated to pay for someone else’s HBO.

  • Goose

    it doesn’t make them bad people

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Of course not.

  • Meathead

    I wouldn’t think the question would be if you were gay enough to play in the league. Throwing your best back door slider should have been sufficient.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I think it’s slow pitch.

  • slrpea

    i wonder what you would have to do to prove that you are “gay enough.” actually… i don’t want to know.

  • Parker39

    God help us!