With the Penguins playing a Canadian team in the playoffs, the best place to get non-local coverage of the Penguins-Senators first round playoff series is TSN in Canada. Go to the NHL page and check out the two video reports. One is the panel of experts talking about the Senators’ chances.

There’s also another good report on the Senators’ defensemen who have to stop Sidney Crosby.

The man to watch for the Penguins from here on out is Geno Malkin. You know what you’re going to get from Crosby. You also know what Crosby is going to get from Ottawa–lots of attention from their best defensive pairing.

That gives Malkin the opportunity to make them pay.

As one of the panelists pointed out, the Senators had a better second half record than the Penguins.

I think the Penguins will be able to turn it up a notch because it’s the playoff. I know that there is nothing in sports that I enjoy more than a good, long Stanely Cup run.

With all respect to that basketball tournament that they have in March, the best tournament in sports starts tomorrow night.