Good Position For Pitt

If I were Jamie Dixon, I’d be pretty happy with my situation going into the NCAA tournament as a number three seed. Based on history, being a number three seed is a good thing to be, no matter your opponent.

The 14 seeds are 15-85 against the threes since the tournament expanded to 64 teams. So, historically, being a two seed, isn’t that much more a of a sure thing than being a three. The fifteens are 4-96.

Most importantly for Dixon is that his team has beaten three teams that are higher seeds and goes in with very little pressure. For the past few years, anything short of the Elite 8 was considered a failure. Pitt can beat anybody in the tournament. When you can say that about a team without too many people laughing, I think that makes you a legitimate candidate to make quite a bit of noise.

  • Andy C

    I really like the draw Pitt received.
    Most would consider Sweet 16 quite good this year.
    I know it’s not going to happen this year (if ever), but I really wish Coach Dixon would press on defense at least 3 minutes per half.
    No better example than the last Notre Dame game. Playing YMCA walk the ball up style was very accomodating for Harengody and the rest of the lumbering Irish. Gotta get some cheapies with the steals on the press (as per Rick Pitino).

    Run Pitt Run!