I’m not proud of my generation.

The baby boomers have done a lot of good things, but they’re also the parents of the people who are now doing a really nice job of ruining the children of America.

Being obnoxious about your kid’s involvement in sports is bad enough.

I don’t know what it was that my generation passed along to the next one, but today’s parents seem to be convinced that their kids are so special that they can’t be allowed to do anything on their own.

Including taking part in an Easter egg hunt.

It used be that throwing a few colored eggs out on the lawn was good enough. Now the Easter egg hunt has to involve the local government or church and it has to be organized, which gives parents the opportunity to ruin it.

Forget the perils of global warming and radical jihadists.

Helicopter parents may be more of a danger to this great country of ours.

(Thanks to poster franji.)

  • ivan koloff jr.

    John, you’d love the experience I have dropping my 11 year old off at elementary school in the morning. The cars line up, drop their kids off at the door and pull out. Should be easy enough, except you have parents who insist on watching their kid walk the entire 25-30 feet from their car until they get in the door so the line doesn’t move until the kids gets inside and the parent puts the car in drive and pulls away. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s frustrating when you’re going to work and sitting there waiting for a line full of parents to watch nothing happen.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      They might get kidnapped on the way in.

      • Parker39

        Or bullied, or called “fat”, “short”, “four eyes” or any one of a number of things that WILL destroy their self esteem for life!!!

  • Ken

    John, have you seen a movie called “Carnage,” with Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, and Kate Winslett?

    It all takes place in one room. Four characters. Absolutely no action at all, just dialogue, some quite funny. Not for everyone.

    It’s about two couples discussing a playground incident where one little kid knocked another kid’s teeth out. One couple wants the other to accept full blame,and they branch out into discussion of other unhappy parts of their lives. But it always comes back to this playground fight.

    In the end, with their parents just fighting about it, the two kids work it out on their own.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      Haven’t seen it.

      • Ken

        I think it’s new to rent this week. Very good acting.

  • Dan

    Helicopter parents are the worst in little league. I used to umpire and it’s the strangest thing in the world to get yelled at for a close call in a game involving 9 year olds where half the pitches go to the backstop.

    • Mason

      It was always hard for me sitting in the stands at my kids games. I couldnt take listening to the other parents. Eventually, I made the decision that I had to bring my own lawn chair and sit some distance away or say something to loud mouth parents who couldnt just enjoy watching their kid play sports – I brought my own chair.

      • Blasto

        said it many times….You will see adults do things at youth sports events that they would never do anywhere else in their lives. It brings out the worst in people.

      • JimGott

        -That’s hilarious! My Father did the same thing at our games for the exact same reason!

  • Parker39

    When I was a kid, playing organized baseball with the Steigerwald brothers from Beaver County, (the ones who always told us they were related to the sports guy from WTAE and could get free Pirates tickets any time they wanted) every town had 8-10 teams in each age group. The league had a draft and all the talent was pretty evenly spread out. After the season each town put together a traveling team and played in tournaments against the other towns until football started in August.

    What I see now is each town lucky to have enough kids to put together 2 teams of 10 or 11 kids on each and coaches who “stack” one team. It seems just about every game I go to now is a blow-out. Here’s the funny thing, when I was a kid and we played pick up games I hardly ever remember games being blow outs, it was simple, if one team was crushing the other we traded players in the middle of the game balance the talent and have a better game. I watched for 45 minutes as my two boys and their friends played hockey in the street on Saturday and saw them doing the same thing (as well as settling disputes, fighting, pushing, bullying and make fun of each others Mother) It was GREAT! My advice to parents is to leave the kids alone and let them figure some of life out for themselves. Unless you want them hangin’ out at your house until they’re 29 years old, ruining your retirement.

    • Parker39

      I should add that I watched the kids play from a window upstairs in my office, they didn’t know I was watching. The damn teacher knows what the hell she’s talking about by the way, my kid does swear too much. I wonder where the little shit head learned that?

      • franji1

        All AWESOME! There IS hope!

  • Parker39


  • Dr. Phibes

    I never used to believe any of these types of stories or would chalk them up to their being one nut in every crowd who ruins it for everyone. But, having been a parent for over 10 years now, this is far closer to the norm than being the exception.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald


  • franji1

    I spoke recently with a mother of 5 boys to encourage the older siblings to resolve issues with their younger siblings ON THEIR OWN. It’s gotten to the point where kids MUST HAVE AN AUTHORITY FIGURE to resolve ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, even the “commencement of an East Egg Hunt”.

    We learned on the playground, on the street, in a sand lot, how to play competitive sports WITHOUT an umpire, referee, let alone an adult. We learned that BEING A BUTT doesn’t get your issue resolved. Sound logic, witnesses, endorsement for your case, starts at 8 years old. 26 year old “kids” today have “Parents day” at their work! Really!?!

    I think this falls back on the anti-bullying and “everybody has to be a winner!”, caused by the EMASCULATION of America.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      Obamacare FORCES insurance companies to keep the 26 year old “children” on their mommy and daddy’s insurance.

      • Dan

        And thanks to it, my best friend’s 24-year old little brother has been receiving covered treatment since October after being diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. He needs over a year of treatment. He couldn’t have led a healthier lifestyle before he got sick. Two days inpatient stay and a surgery cost over $90,000. Without that coverage, he’d have been in a multi-million dollar ocean of medical debt for the rest of his life and completely uninsurable for at least 10 years, meaning any other incidental illnesses or accidents must be covered 100% out of pocket. Obamacare has helped save his life so far before it’s even really begun.

        Same with my mother who was forced to retire from her various illnesses at age 43 and would have had nowhere to turn once her COBRA expired. For the last 6 years she has been in a hospital every month for a week at a time, sometimes longer including many intensive care stays. And yes you read that right. She only just turned 50 and will never work again. Where is she now if every company out there could simply deny her? Imagine living through that, then imagine living through worrying about how you’re going to pay for it every single day of your life.

        Charity wouldn’t have had a chance of keeping up with either’s bill past a few days or weeks.

        So good for Obamacare. I don’t care who disagrees with me. Health care is the main reason he got my vote in 2008 and the main reason he’ll get it again this year. There’s many others out there like me who care more about someone they know’s life than some insurance company’s bottom line. I’m not saying no one else does, but there’s people who vote to try to save a few hundred bucks in taxes, or because they don’t like someone’s stance on gay rights. So I feel like my reason is as good as anyone’s.

        I don’t care how much it costs, we’ll figure it out as a nation. I don’t care who thinks it’s an overreach of government. I don’t care if it’s basically unconstitutional (up for debate anyways). I don’t care how costs got this way because once you get that bill it doesn’t matter how it got there. And I don’t care to argue anyone who may think I’ve got it all wrong. People I know are getting the care they need without putting themselves or their families under an insurmountable, permanently demoralizing mountain of debt and stress just because they got sick through no fault of their own. So are countless others that I don’t know. And if I have to pay a few hundred extra bucks a year, so be it. I know many of you will disagree, but you might not if you were in my shoes. Just something to consider, nothing more.

        • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

          How about giving taxpayers the OPTION of contributing money to pay for people with the inability to pay. For every story like your friend’s little brother, there are 10,000 20-somethings who choose a nicer car, a flat screen or a nicer apartment over insurance. Those are sad stories that you tell and I have sympathy for you, but what you are talking about is not insurance. It’s charity. That’s fine. If you think the government should force people to pay for other people’s medical expenses, you’re entitled to your opinion. Just don’t call it insurance. And don’t wonder why everybody’s premiums are so high. It’s because insurance companies are being forced to be charitable organizations and they have to pass the costs on to everybody else. If you force All State to pay for someone’s house that burned down because that person didn’t have insurance, that has nothing to do with insurance. It’s charity. Just call it what it is and leave the insurance companies out of it.

        • Paul

          That’s interesting since most of the provisions of “Obamacare” haven’t kicked in yet.

          • Ken

            Exactly. Whatever care those family members are receiving has absolutely nothing to do with Obamacare.

        • Ken

          There’s always sad stories like the ones that you related. That still doesn’t make it right to coerce money from people. You may think it’s heartless, but that’s the facts. In your position, would I feel differently? Perhaps. But I’d be thinking emotionally and not rationally.

          And, as has been pointed out, people are not refused care.

      • Tim

        So what? Reagancare required hospitals to treat anyone regardless of their ability to pay. What part of the Constitution allows the Federal gov’t to require a private business to provide their service for free to poor people?


        • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

          Nobody’s perfect.

          • Blasto

            As has been demonstrated many times on this blog: when Reagan raised taxes….Or required hospitals to treat everyone. Etc..it’s either the dems fault or nobody’s perfect. When it’s Obama he’s a damn socialist heathen that wants to abolish freedom .

          • Parker39

            I’d like to say “very observant Blasto”, but the truth is, you don’t need to be very observant to notice that on this blog. Well said anyway.

          • RKR

            Yeah, you’re right…

            The policies of Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and Obama are nearly indistinguishable… good post!

          • Parker39

            Yea Reagan was perfect….except for that little “bypassing congress to sell arms to the contra rebels” thing.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

            It was good for the people of Nicaragua.

          • Blasto

            Yep- that’s what I said RKR…but since you brought it up. The FACTS show that St. Ronnie was much more liberal than any GOPe will ever admit and Osama Obama is much more conservative than any GOPe will ever admit. Most “liberals” I know see this quite clearly.

          • RKR

            Depends on how you define “liberal” and “conservartive.” Give me your criteria…