• r.s.

    Nice mock t-neck you f’ing dork

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      Thanks for watching.

  • UsedtobeaSteelersfan
  • Khalifa

    looks like the Steelers may be seriously looking into trading Ben…

    • http://justwatchthegame.com Bobzilla

      One of the talking heads on ESPN today pointed out a trade is very unlikely, because, starting with the 2010 season, Roethlisberger will be paid roughly $11 million per for the next six seasons. By today’s NFL standards, that’s a bargain.

  • Chris

    Give’em hell John…How appropriate you appear on Tax Day. Dont hold back. Of course, I know you wont, LOL.

  • ivan

    NightTalk. I miss John Mcintyre.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      Not as much as the show does. I would like to do a show with McIntyre. We disagree on everything except that Roethlisberger is a jackass.

      • Ochotexto

        You and Johnny Mc would make for a good local Hannity/Colmes with brains type show. Conserv vs. lib politics with a dash of sports ; Id be tuned in.

  • Sarcastic Sword

    Im glad you have a set, weekly appearance with The Fan because youre not only informative but very entertaining..

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      Thanks, Sword.

  • UsedtobeaSteelersfan

    John, I am going to ask that you share with the listeners my suggestion that everyone turn their Pittsburgh Steelers license plate borders upside down (it may take drilling a few new holes, or just using some zip strips like me) and leave them that way until Pig Ben (remember my wife calls him “Rottenberger”) is gone from the team. And when he is finally gone from the team, my posting name will change to “OnceagainaproudSteelersfan”.

    • The_Game

      You can speak for the fans who agree with you, but not the fans who disagree with you. You’re not a Steelers fan because of what Ben didn’t do? Then, my friend, you were never a fan to begin with. I’m not going to keep repeating what I’ve been saying…but if you cheered James Harrison on, you’re being a hypocrite now.

      • UsedtobeaSteelersfan

        As a man I am simply seeing for the first time the subject of sexual assault through the eyes of my 20 year old daughter. You go on being a Steelers fan with Pig Ben at the helm. My stomach just isn’t that strong anymore.

        • UsedtobeaSteelersfan

          I should have also said I was probably a Steelers fan before you were even born.

  • Tor Eckman

    Try to work in that line you used on the Fan yesterday about having Ben read his apology from the bathroom. That was classic, John.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com JohnSteigerwald

      That bathroom “echo” that you get would have been a nice effect.