• Lumpy Rutherford

    John, Whatever happened to Leyland’s kid who was drafted by the Tigers a few years ago? Do you have any info?

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      He told us yesterday that he’s playing “A” ball in Grand Rapids, hitting around .270. He’s a catcher, so his chances of making it to the big leagues are better than most.

  • Ryan

    Sorry. Something happened. I’ll finish…
    Only 45 but felt 65 @ the game, complaining about all the shenanigans!

    • Bobzilla

      Ryan: Pirates fans are used to near no-hitters. What Verlander did against the worst-hitting, least-scoring team in MLB history was NO BIG DEAL. Give the Pirates faithful some credit for recognizing that fact. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      • Ryan

        Bobzilla, All I’m saying is that people in my section didn’t realize it until about the 8th inning and even then half didn’t get it. Even though it was against AAA caliber hitting, the record books wouldn’t have cared and it was cool to be there had it happened.

  • Ryan

    I was actually at the Tigers-Pirates game Friday night to see my 2 favorite teams play. What made it special was taking my 9 year old daughter to her first Major League sporting event and that my dad went along. I grew up near Toledo and my parents are from Somerset PA, thus my rooting interests. A few observations, found myself rooting for the Tigers like they were playing the Royals or Twins, yes I’m officially off any bandwagon the Pirates may have. Sad but true…i guess 2 decades of crap will do that to you. Next was the lack of interest from the crowd. They were walking in during play getting pictures taken, not even realizing Verlander had a no hitter going. Its another reason why NHL games are so much better…youre not allowed in the seating areas until a stoppage in play. While Comerica Park is nice, I’ll take Tiger Stadium any day of the week! Comerica is like an amusement park John and very few people go to “Just Watch the Game!” And this is in a market that has the $ to spend and does!
    Thanks for the rant. I’m only 45 but fe