Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News has always struck me as a George Bush hating, knee jerk liberal.

He’s also a proud New Yorker and Lupica rips Obama on the issue of the mosque at Ground Zero.

I almost never agree with him when he strays into politics (Imagine a sports guy doing that.), but I have to give him a great big BINGO on this one.

  • Mary hallow

    The Chinese kill babies if a family has too many but I guess we give them a pass because they buy our debt. Maybe we should be more worried about the Chinese impact in America compared with a Muslim mosque which are all over the US and are harmless. It’s just a way for politicians to stay in the news.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I’m not as confident as you are about the mosques being harmless. When was the last time someone killed 3,000 or our people in the name of communist China?

      • Mike

        She has a point though. We have a history of associating with repressive governments when it suits us. Saudi Arabia and China are deemed worthy of our time, while Cuba isn’t. And to be fair when is the last time Cubans attacked us? About 14 of the 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          Somebody should have put a bullet in Castro’s head a long, long time ago. I really don’t know what purpose the boycott serves now. It’s obvious that, no matter how repressive Castro’s government is, the Cuban people don’t have the strength or the courage to do something about it. Imagine how much better it would have been for millions of Cubans if Cuba had become our 51st state. If the Venezuelan people are lucky, somebody will put a bullet in Chavez’ head soon.

  • Gary M

    Mike started is article by highlighting someone who was deeply affected by 9/11. He goes on to surmise that an opinion on the subject of the mosque from a person such as this should garner more weight than even the President of the United States.
    I hope Mike remembers this train of thought if he decides to jump into the Arizona immigration debate. I don’t think those living near the boarder and are subject to the ramifications of a federal government bent on not enforcing their laws (or letting anyone else do it for them) care what those of us who are not think.
    Keep it up Barack, every time you open your mouth, you ensure your legacy as a one term President.
    P.S. please enjoy your 10 day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. I understand your wife needs some down time after that major inconvenient trip to Spain to help console her grieving friend. Sorry you and the family had to stop one night in Florida for that photo-op, but unfortunately, duty calls.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Lupica called for MLB to pull the 2011 All Star game out of Arizona. That’s why I was surprised by his stance on the mosque.

      • David Stuart

        Mike should stick to sportswriting and not butting in on this. As for Obama, if he would have done the opposite, then people would have been pissed and said he had no right to tell people where to build a mosque. The guy has balls and thinks and does what he believes in regardless of the situation. ie: health care. Anyone can play Monday Morning QB or post on a Twitter account AFTER finding out which way the public favors, but it takes guts to go against the grain. Maybe that’s why you all don’t like him.

      • Ochotexto

        His views are parochial here. Isn’t he the idiot that said if it doesn’t happen in New York., it didn’t really happen ?
        Personally., if the families’ of 911 victims don’t want this I wouldn’t let it be built if I were the mayor. Id come up with bullshit zoning ordinances out the ass to stop it. It’s a NY city issue. Just remember stuff like this though next time yinz use the Constitution as your crutch.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          You keep brining up the Constitution. Who is saying that they don’t have the RIGHT to build it there?

          • Ochotexto

            You are criticizing BO when accord g to your usuall rants he should stay out of it.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            He should keep his nose out of my health care. But we’re talking about an attack that killed 3,000 people. That seems like a federal issue to me and one that he should address.

  • Ken

    Oddly sensible from Mr. Lupica.

  • Niblick

    Doesn’t Obama scare the heck out of you some days? Why does he keep trying to be someone to everyone? Why is he obsessed with Muslims? It’s ridiculous that we are going to allow a mosque to be built anywhere near that site. It’s not a matter of freedom to practice your goofy religion. It’s the principal. Obama doesn’t get it at all.

    The other day Obama says ” Islam is a faith known for great diversity and racial equality and that it has always been part of America.” This religion has resulted in genocide after genocide through the years. Can you name one major scientific or social advancement we can historically and accurately attribute to Islam? Were any of the founders Muslim? What are the great Muslim moments in American history?

    John, that man scares me.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I don’t think he’s a big fan of America.

      • David Stuart

        That’s about the dumbest comment you’ve ever made. I’ve read about you making fun of gays, women and certain religious, so one could make a comment that you are a racist and bigot and sexist, which is probably not true. Keep on talking., sound more ridiculous. BTW, I loved Prisutta giving you the smackdown on WTAE last night.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          You mean when he made the ridiculous comment that Dixon is a better passer than Stewart. It wasn’t worth discussing. Dixon has played one game.

          • David Stuart

            There were 3 instances when you said something and he rebutted and you had no response. It was beautiful.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            It’s not hard to entertain you, is it? That;s a different kind of a show from the Showdown on KDKA. It’s more of a discusson than a debate. Time is also an issue. When you say something can determine whether there is time to debate. Glad you enjoyed it, though.

      • David McGwire

        If you never heard the story of christianity and heard it here for the first time, you probably would refer to it as well as a goofy religion.

        You should do your homework on christianity before you talk about “a religion that has resulted in genocide after genocide through the years.”

        John, how do you read that and not notice the ignorance in the comment?

        • JohnSteigerwald

          We’re in the 21st century. Christianity seems to understand that. Much of Islam seems to think we’re still in the 14th century. I think I’ve noticed a little more genocide coming from the religion of peace lately.