We’ve been having the usual discussion about what I consider to be the ridiculous situation in Major League Baseball.

I consider the revenue disparity and the lack of a salary cap to be an insult to my intelligence.

I came across a perfect way to explain how I feel about MLB and what it has done to the Pirates.

It’s a trailer for the movie “The Dictator.”

Stay with it and watch the race at the end. I take MLB as seriously as I would take this race.



  • Rex

    Reds give Phillips & Votto $324 MIL GUARANTEED.

    So much for small markets.

    • John Steigerwald

      Paying it and getting a return on the investment are two different things. Let’s see how many post season games they win.

  • Duke

    Ohh, the same guy who champions free market economics, thinks the wealth gap is nothing but liberal class envy, and despises labor unions is now boo hooing about no salary cap and an unfair playing field ….

    Hi kettle, I’m pot

    • John Steigerwald

      Another person incapable of seeing the difference between a business decision and government interference. Pathetic.

      • Duke

        Feel free to enlighten me then John. The lack of government “interference”, or as us moderates refer to it as “regulations” or rules, is the reason the economy tanked. Greedy bankers ripped off, for the most part, investors through derivative-driven investments that banked on people failing to pay for houses that most were duped into believing they could afford. And, wait for it, here is the kicker, it WASN’T ILLEGAL! But somehow, Obama, who is putting in “rules”, or “interference” as the Tea Suckers call it, feel we are heading towards Socialism. Get real.

        Also, feel free to enlighten me even further with any historical evidence showing that financial deregulation causes nothing more then a financial catastrophe.

        • John Steigerwald

          First, you’ll have to tell me what any of that has to do with a group of businessmen (MLB) coming up with a business plan.

          • Duke

            It highlights the fact that you’re a hypocrite. Nothing more then a phony gun-toter that pretends his conservative ideals withstand the test of time and that if this were 1781, things would be better.

          • John Steigerwald

            I’ve never toted a gun in my life.

  • Mike

    Wrong for society but okay in baseball. Yup, just what I’d expect from you.

    • John Steigerwald

      Mike, are you really having trouble understanding the difference between the government FORCING you to do something and you doing it by CHOICE? I own a franchise. I and all the other franchisees pay 6.5% of our gross to the corporation. That money is used by the corporation for advertising, development etc. Do you seriously have a problem making a distinction between a voluntary business decision and the government passing a law FORCING one person or one company into giving something to another person or company? How old are you, 12?

  • Erik

    Off topic but i just wanted to share the stupidity

    Just imagine what will happen if they win it all

  • Tony D

    There is no way anyone can say with a straight face that a salary cap wouldn’t make a difference in baseball. Of course, it would. The whole point isn’t about winning, it’s about having an equal chance to win right from the start. The Pittsburgh Pirates, and teams in similar markets, don’t have the same chance right from the start. They have to play by different rules if they want to win. And the odds are so stacked against them, it’s not even funny. Someone mentioned earlier that every team has been competitive over the past two decades. Really? How competitive have the Kansas City Royals been? What about the Mariners? The Reds used to be a baseball factory, now they’re one of the have nots that has finally been able to put a decent team together for the first time since maybe the mid 90’s. How long will that last? When Cincy’s little run is over, how long will their fans have to wait before they’re good again? Another 10 or 15 years?

    If not for a salary cap in football, we wouldn’t be in the middle of the second golden era of Steelers football. And we damn sure wouldn’t have witnessed them take on a team from Green Bay, the smallest market in all of sports, in the Super Bowl just 14 months ago. My guess is both Green Bay and Pittsburgh would be annual bottom-feeders, and more than likely, the Packers would have moved to Los Angeles years ago.

    And if there wasn’t a salary cap in the NHL, not only would Crosby, Malkin and Fleury have been long gone by now,but the Penguins would have as well.

    I just get glassy-eyed whenever someone tries to justify MLB not having a cap. It’s just total nonsense.

  • JWK

    It’s off topic but take a look at Bill O’Reilly’s latest column.

    I’m sure it will confirm your statements about growing up when you did.

    • John Steigerwald

      Confirmed. Thanks.

  • Bobzilla

    John, Have you seen or been aware of this?
    Obama’s dad served in the military?

    • Bobzilla

      WWII, no less!!!

    • John Steigerwald

      Wow. His father was a communist in Kenya. Get Dan Rather on this.

      • Bobzilla

        Plus, Obama’s father was 9 years old and stepfather was 10 when WW2 ended. Why hasn’t the mainstream media picked up on this blatant lie?

        • John Steigerwald

          The media were too busy sniffing around the Wasilla, Alaska library to see if Sarah Palin banned a book.

      • Tim

        No need John. I got this. His grandfather served in the military during WW2. Obama simply misspoke. No big deal.,0,5853572,full.story

        • Bobzilla

          It’s a BIG deal because the liberal media failed to question him on his rather HUGE gaffe… I mean, even I know the difference between my Dad and Grandfather, and I ain’t even the president.

          • John Steigerwald

            The guy said he had been to 57 states. He said, “I don’t know what the word for it is in AUSTRIAN.” He referred to corpsmen as CORPSEmen. He said he was happy to see the fallen heroes in the crowd. None of which disqualifies him from being president, but all of which would have been hammered home every five minutes if it had been said by “stupid” Republicans like Sarah Palin, George Bush or Dan Quayle.

  • Mike from Monroeville

    If every one had health care it would be a more productive society. It would still be socialism. It doesnt matter if its a good idea.

    • John Steigerwald

      Everyone DOES have health care.

    • DormontDirtBag

      If everyone had food it would be a more productive society. If everyone had a car, it would be a more productive society. If everyone had 30 acres and a mule….

      Monroeville Mike and the liberals are excellent champions of the parasite class.

    • Paul

      This is an example of the classic liberal mentality which confuses cause and effect. He thinks that if everyone had health care they’d be more productive. The truth of the matter is that if everyone was more productive, they’d all have health care.

      • Mike

        Wrong. Healthcare is something citizens in a large part of the industrialized world have access to FOR FREE. Remind me why we don’t? Oh, right, because that would be bad for insurance companies!

        • John Steigerwald

          You mean like in Europe where all those people have been rioting because their government is taking the “free” stuff away. Go to Canada and you’ll find out how “free” their health care is. There is a 13% sales tax on everything. If the government give you something it has to first be taken from someone else. Nothing is free.

  • Mike from Monroeville

    Sounds like socialism to me. Move to China if you dont like it here, John.

    • John Steigerwald

      Actually socialism would require, you know, GOVERNMENT COERCION. But thanks for the suggestion.

      • oksteelerfan

        Don’t you just love how fond those on the left are of telling others to move? What ever happened anyway to all of them that said they were moving if Bush got elected to a second term?

      • Mike from Monroeville

        Why are we entitled to New York’s money? Sounds like socialism

        • John Steigerwald

          Here’s something for you to do today: Look up the words voluntary and involuntary.

  • oksteelerfan

    This has nothing to do with MLB, but kind of relates to a dictator.

  • Parity

    There’s definitely so much more parity in the NFL! I mean, since 2004, only 9 teams have made the playoffs 5 times or more. But in baseball it is a whopping 5!

    And it’s not just the Yankees who are always winning, you just see the same teams in baseball winning all the time. In the last 10 years you only had 14 different teams make the World Series and only 8 different winners.

    But the NFL has it right. In the Super Bowl you had 13 different teams and 7 different winners.

    Someday I hope that baseball can be like the NFL. I don’t get tired of seeing the same teams in the playoffs every year in football, but I’m SO tired of it in baseball.

    • John Steigerwald

      Look at the world series participants since 1998: How many did not include a team from a top 10 (or top 5) TV market?
      How many World Series did NOT include a team from NY, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston or San Francisco?
      The answer is one.
      The Rangers have gone the last two years and they are from the 6th biggest TV market.
      You can have a different winner every year for 50 years and the winners can still come from five or six different markets. That’s a bogus statistic.

      San Diego Padres New York Yankees
      Atlanta Braves New York Yankees
      New York Mets New York Yankees
      Arizona Diamondbacks New York Yankees
      San Francisco Giants Anaheim Angels
      Florida Marlins New York Yankees
      St. Louis Cardinals Boston Red Sox
      Houston Astros Chicago White Sox
      St. Louis Cardinals Detroit Tigers
      Colorado Rockies Boston Red Sox
      2008 Philadelphia Phillies Tampa Bay Rays
      2009 Philadelphia Phillies New York Yankees
      2010 San Francisco Giants Texas Rangers
      2011 St Louis Cardinals Texas Rangers
      = winner
      Now look at Super Bowl participants going back to 1998
      Last year both teams were from major markets but the previous two Super Bowls included four teams that can’t support a competitive MLB team.

      Look how many times teams from places like Pittsburgh, Nashville, Indianapolis and Green Bay show up.
      If the Steelers and Green Bay played each other in the next 20 Super Bowls it would show a domination by the same two teams, but the domination would be a result of smart drafting, good coaching etc. NOT geography.

      New York Giants New England Patriots 21-17 Indianapolis, Indiana
      Green Bay Packers Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 Arlington, TX
      New Orleans Saints Indianapolis Colts
      Miami, FL

      Pittsburgh Steelers Arizona Cardinals
      Tampa, FL

      New York Giants New England Patriots
      Glendale, AZ

      Indianapolis Colts Chicago Bears
      Miami, FL

      Pittsburgh Steelers Seattle Seahawks
      Detroit, MI

      New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles
      Jacksonville, FL

      New England Patriots Carolina Panthers
      Houston, TX

      Tampa Bay Buccaneers Oakland Raiders
      San Diego, CA

      New England Patriots St. Louis Rams
      New Orleans, LA

      Baltimore Ravens New York Giants
      Tampa, FL
      St. Louis Rams Tennessee Titans
      Atlanta, GA
      Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons
      Miami, FL
      Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers
      San Diego, CA
      Green Bay Packers New England Patriots

  • Chris

    Hey John

    You oughta read Mitch Williams take on Bud Selig’s contract extension.

  • jethro bodine

    John, does your wife ever tell you to shut the F _ _ K up and go in the other room !!!!!! So many of your rants any more you remind me of the kid in school that would cry PICK ME, PICK ME for their team, they would,but you didnt get to play…………..HEEE HEEE HEEEEEEE

    • John Steigerwald


  • Dan

    I don’t really agree with your take on MLB, but I can definitely see where your analogy is coming from. Funny stuff.

  • Deuce

    A salary cap does nothing….ask the Columbus Blue Jackets, Winnipeg/Atlanta Jets, Phoenix Coyotes and Edmonton Oilers how a salary cap has helped them become so “successful” in the NHL. Ask the Bills, Browns and Bengals how the salary cap has allowed them to become so “successful”.

    Salary caps don’t matter when you have foolish management. A salary floor would be more beneficial but still wouldn’t help teams as mis-managed as the Pirates. Every team has been competitive in MLB since 1992….except the Pirates. You’re taking one team that it’s in the local vicinity and indicting all of baseball because of it…I’m sorry, that’s as foolish as saying race relations in America can be based on what’s going on in Florida. Every team in MLB has gone through cycles of success along with increasing payroll….except the Pirates. The Pirates are still trying to use a mid-90’s payroll to compete….every other team has increased….and those that have payrolls that are around the Pirates level are only in a rebuilding mode after spending and being competitive. The Pirates need a new owner 1st who is willing to spend to win…a salary cap is a distant 2nd when it comes to turning around the Bucco’s.

    • John Steigerwald

      They need an owner who is willing to LOSE money. It’s ridiculous to say that a salary cap does nothing. Without a salary cap in the NFL there would be no such thing as the Steelers, Titans, Packers, Saints, Jaguars, Bengals, or Panthers. Without a salary cap there is no way that the Penguins would be able to keep the large TV markets from taking Crosby, Malkin and Fleury out of Pittsburgh. The Penguins would cease to exist. If there is a salary cap and you stink every year, then you have no excuse. That’s just bad management (the Browns, Bengals, Redskins etc). The Pirates have had one good team in the last 32 years –the 90,91,92 group. That’s it. How many ownerships, GMs, personnel directors, mangers etc. have they had in that time? In 1979 the Pirates had the third highest payroll in baseball. In 1992 the Yankees payroll was only $8 million higher than the Pirates. By 2002, it was $50 million higher and now it’s $140 million higher. I don’t care how good the Pirates’ management is, they will NEVER be able to compete for big time free agents. That alone is enough to make MLB an insult to the intelligence of any self-respecting sports fan. Is it possible to overcome the long odds that the system creates for teams not in major TV markets? Yep. Can a league legitimately qualify as a league if a certain number of teams are required to overcome long odds? Nope. Not in my book. Not ever.

  • Al Bundy