I stopped watching the baseball post season a long time ago, so it really doesn’t matter to me how many teams the Idiots Who Run Baseball put in the playoffs.

It’s up to 10 out of 30 teams now that the IWRB added two more wildcard teams.

The last two wild card teams to get in will play each other in a one game playoff.

It seems pretty stupid to me to have what a team does over six months come down to one game, but it’s all about keeping several more teams involved in what now passes for a pennant race and the fans showed a long time ago how gullible they are.

It’s possible that the division races could be decided early and all the attention could shift to several mediocre teams fighting for a chance to play a play-in game.

Let me know how it turns out.

  • jethro bodine

    93.7 THE FAN,,,,,,,, hear they are the new radio home of the pittsburgh pirates. since that station has been on the air, all they do is bash the buc’s with their cocky comments and now lets all watch them SUCK UP to the pirates now that thats their bread and butter . how dare do day talk shit now.

    • Ken

      I think it’s been a mix. Some of them, Vinnie Rechichi (sp?) in particular, have been very supporting and sometimes overly optimistic about the Pirates.

      I don’t like when on-air commentators try to be funny at the Pirates expense, mostly because their attempts at humor tend to be completely unfunny. Be honest about the team, but there’s no need to mock them either. They do still have a lot of fans. Granted, there is a lot there to make fun of. But the Pirates can be on a five-game winning streak, lose their next game 5-1, and all you’ll get is “same old lousy Pirates” comments out of a lot of commentators.

    • Erik

      Pirates on the fan huh….I guess you could say The Shit has hit the Fan

      • John Steigerwald

        Very good.

  • jethro bodine

    The pirate baseball season from the start of each year is like opening a pack of topps baseball cards when i was a kid. we knew that they had good players and bad players but the unknowing who was in each pack when you bought them is like not sure what kind of team we will have. Im tired of hearing that we lost the last how many seasons. its a game and despite not buying a championship like others do, its the fun and enjoyment of the boys of summer. Look around major league baseball and the NFL, you cant win all the time and what fun is it as a sport, being a fan if you knew your team was going to win every year??? if your that turned off towards the pirates, just DONT WATCH THEM, that simple.

    • John Steigerwald

      I’ve been not watching them for 10 years.

  • Ochotexto

    Agree., it’s a joke and money grab. It’s like having a shootout decide a hockey game. Exciting? Maybe in today’s fast food, short attention span era., not for me. A bastardization of crowning a real champ.

    • John Steigerwald

      Actually, it’s like having a one game playoff in hockey.

  • Rich

    Who cares? They could play that game in my backyard and I wouldn’t watch.

  • colt

    I was just a boy, but I well remember how it used to be. There was the National League Pennant winner and an American League Pennant winner. Those two teams played in the World series. Maybe it is just me, but that was more exciting than what we have now…just my opinion.

    And the American League teams and National League teams did not play each other during the regular season. Not only did that make the World Series special, even the All Star Game was exciting. I mean, all of a sudden you would hear what you had never heard before: “Now batting for the American League, Mickey Mantle.” Can you imagine that? Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays playing in the same game. And what made it so exciting was that, not only are two of the greatest ballplayers in the same game, but they did not play each other during the regular season. It was special.

    I know, I am just old and nostalgic, but it was better then. It really was.

    • franji1

      The World Series games were also played in early to mid October, in the daytime, when it was sunny and temperatures got into the 50s and 60’s even in Pittsburgh. Now they’re played in late October, at night, where game time temperatures are lucky to be in the 40’s at night up north, and end at midnight with temperatures in the 30’s. Even weekend World Series games are played at night. IWRB started in 1971.

    • Ken

      I totally agree about interleague play. It’s really destroyed what used to be special about the All Star game. It was really cool back then to see “the other league.” Between this and so many games being on TV (the TV part I really don’t mind), the All Star game now just seems like a nuisance that interrupts the season.

      I grew up in the twelve team league in two divisions era. I thought that was a good setup. Only first place teams in one five-game playoff series followed by the World Series.

  • Ken

    I read the other day a reference to the “competitive balance fund,” which is what they call revenue sharing.

    Oh brother.

    Eventually Drago or someone will defend baseball and spew all that nonsense about how it’s the most competitive of the major sports just based on percentage of teams that have made the playoffs in recent years. No mention that regardless of revenue sharing some teams can outspend others by a margin of 5-1. That some teams constantly have to sell off their best players for prospects while others can keep whatever players they choose for their entire careers. That people will say with a straight face that small market teams can “overcome” the obstacles to winning in a small market, as though obstacles that are only in the way of some teams and not others are fair.

    How can anyone with a lick of sense and sportsmanship defend major league baseball?

    • John Steigerwald

      I have no idea. The defenders point to teams that defy the odds. I don’t know why anybody would pay attention to a league that has teams that are given odds to defy.

  • Donald

    This news means nothing to small-market teams.

    Which is why it’s the perfect example of the moronic thinking of MLB.

  • Chuck

    Now that 10 teams will have a shot at the playoffs, does that make the odds for the Buccos getting in 999 to 1 instead of 1000 to one??????

    • John Steigerwald

      At least.

  • ivan koloff jr

    I kind of like the one game playoff, gives teams a real payoff for winning the division. Interleague I could care less about, it only means anything to- surprise- the big markets. Yankees-Mets, Cubs-White Sox, etc. while we get Bucs-Royals.

  • Jim

    I must be missing something. If 10 teams make the playoffs & 1 is eliminated in a one game playoff, that leaves 9 teams. So what do they do from there?

    • John Steigerwald

      Two are eliminated.

      • Jim

        Okay, so the last 2 in BOTH leagues have a playoff game to get it down to 8.

  • Birdland

    Couldn’t agree more.

  • Mike from Boston

    There’s plenty wrong with Major League Baseball, yet THIS is what they take it upon themselves to “fix”. Go figure.

  • Dannyboy

    John, this joke of an article will make you laugh.

    He says, “MLB — not the NFL, not the NHL and certainly not the warring NBA — is now the model for labor relations in professional sports.” He is 1/3 correct and 2/3 horribly wrong.

    To close, enjoy knowing only 5 of the 30 some teams will win it all EVERY YEAR. Boring.

    Go Pens.

    • John Steigerwald

      Donald Fehr, who’s now in charge of the NHL players association says the same thing. If I’m a fan, why do I care about how well the workers and the bosses are getting along? I want my team to have something close to an equal chance to win. I want my team to have a legitimate chance to sign the big name free agents and if it takes a lockout to get that, I’m all for it.

  • Ken

    Just ridiculous.

    I don’t care about the “excitement” that the first wild card supposedly added to the baseball season. To me it’s manufactured excitement and added an undeserving team to the playoffs.

    This isn’t a 16 game NFL schedule. If you’re not in first place after play 162 games, you just don’t belong in the playoffs.

  • GeeWhiz

    I like them adding additional teams, but 1 game? What’s the point then?

  • Erik

    I’ll bet the real reason they’re doing this is to make sure the yankees and red sox get in just in case one of those pesky small market teams happens to defy the odds and win their divisions.

    • Erik

      i also see that the astros are moving to the amercian league which means we’ll have even conferencees. does this mean more interleague play?

      • John Steigerwald

        Lots more. All season long.