I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the Trayvon Martin story just because those stories don’t interest me all that much and, based on what I had seen, it looked like a slam dunk case of a stupid red neck shooting an innocent black kid.

I thought it was just a matter of time before he’s arrested, brought to trial and convicted.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson showing up has become a cliche and, no pun intended, they’ve become white noise.

They make a nice living looking for racists under every bed and have no credibility as far as I’m concerned.

It was a given that they would take this case and point to it as an example of how black people have no access to justice in America.

Kind of like their open minded approach to the  Duke Lacrosse rape case.

So, their involvement didn’t make me any more likely to believe that Zimmerman should be in jail.

Based on what I had seen, I had convicted him in my own mind.

But, it turns out that there is a witness who says he saw the whole thing and that Zimmerman did act in self defense after he was attacked by Martin.

Maybe the witness is a racist Zimmerman sympathizer and a liar.

But it’s also possible that the cops think he’s telling the truth.

It would probably be a good idea to let anybody but Al or Jesse sort it out.



  • oksteelerfan

    Something I heard on the radio this morning said by a black woman. An average of 1800 black babies are aborted a day. An average of 8 blacks are killed by blacks a day.
    I looked it up and it’s actually an average of 1876 aborted babies. So in the 34 days since Martin was killed, 63,784 black babies have been aborted and 272 blacks killed by other blacks.

    I wonder how many blacks out protesting have ever stopped and actually thought about these numbers?

  • oksteelerfan

    I wonder if this is Palin’s fault?!/KillZimmerman

  • saneman

    HA! I knew it. If there was really that much of an injury, you think they would have him cuffed and casually searched like this without any serious medical care?

    Where is this huge wound? Whenever anyone gets into a fight, there is always a fear one could die. But how reasonable is that fear is the crux here. AT what point would you devalue the other guy’s life that you feel you can’t face even a 1% chance that the3 fight may turn deadly versus a reasonable chance? I really think this guy just didnt want to get beat up anymore and shot the guy to end it. It was not because he thought he4 was going to die. I dont see any kind of regret in this guy that he just killed an innocent guy. I am sure by this point he knew the guy had no gun.

  • saneman

    There are two issues here. The first issue is Zimmerman, the second issue is the cops. Also, the cops never bothered to listent carefully to ALL the witnesses. There are witnesses who have said for the record that the cops weren’t paying close attention to their statements and they had to forcibly engage the cops in conversation about what they saw. Also if Zimmerman was really beat so badly that he feared for his life, it would be more than a small cut on the head. If it was a severe beating, why didnt the cops give him immediate medical attention?

    If I decide to start crap with some random stranger despite my friends advising me to stay away and then he beats me up in a fight I started, and then to avoid getting hurt more, which is not the same as fear of getting killed, I decide to shoot him, and then use my busted nose as proof that I feared fro my life, can you imagine how many fistfights can end in one guy getting shot and the shooter getting away with it?

    The facts are this. The cops never bothered to take statemetns from everyone carefully. They never bothered to locate Martin’s parents immediately which means they did not determine if Zimmerman caused Martin to respond instead of it being an unprovoked attack.
    And the only reason the cops decided to do some investigation is pressure from the public. And shouldnt Trayvon be the one who should be using self defense since he was chased by this guy?

    An unarmed guy walking in a neighborhood he had a right to walk in lost his life to a fat idiot who couldn’t take his beating like a man. If you cannot handle risking losing a fight you are itching to get into, do not go near the guy. There was no immediate reason for him to be that reckless. The guy was not going to some getaway car. He was not doing anything suspicious unless the presence of hoodie makes him automatically suspicious. SO I guess if Eminem is walking on the sgtreeet with a hoodie, and I confront him about what he was doing in his neighborhood, and then he curses me out and I dont back down and a fight strarts, then I guess if I can’t handle it, i should shoot Eminem.

    Zimmerman: All more facts will bear out is how reck;less Zimmerman was, not whether he was reckless or not. Let us assume

    • John Steigerwald

      You may be right. Maybe.

    • oksteelerfan

      How do you know he wasn’t doing something suspicious? Did anyone see what he was doing? It’s getting old for everyone to assume they know what happened.
      There was an elderly couple recently in OK that were beaten and one died from their injuries. A 90 year old man and a 85 year old woman who was also raped by black kids. One of them was apprehended later because he was driving the vehicle they stole from the couple. Several people were in the car all black that were released. I don’t see any white people throwing a fit screaming the cops aren’t doing their job or wanting to hang the people they released. I’ve read in local news stories they don’t think it’s a hate crime. That imo is a double standard, a non-black guy shoots a black kid and it’s automatically a hate crime because of the color of his skin. This elderly couple’s children could make the same argument that they were targeted because they were white living in a predominantly black neighborhood.
      That is what many of us have a problem with is the race card everyone is playing when in this country more blacks kill, rape and injure whites than the other way around, but it seems any time it’s the other way around it becomes a big story.

      You probably won’t enjoy this blog that says it better than I can, but maybe others will.

      • saneman

        I guess anything is possible in any case. Maybe OJ was really 100% innocent too. Maybe Casey Anthony is really innocent. Yeah sure.

        The controversy here is not merely about Zimmerman That is why I don’t give a damn to find out if he really said coon or goon or if Trayvon hit him or not. I am sure Trayvon hit him. I don’t think it is a hate crime. My theory is Zimmerman is some fat loser who couldn’t make it into law enforcement for whatever reason and decided to play superhero on the street. And when it comes to a black person, the shooter, whether he is black or white, is usually quicker to resort to shooting that person because they know at some level, consious or subconsciously that it is earsier to defend such actions. If it is some teen white girl, you really can’t get away with the same argument even if she took a stick and beat him with it. There is usually a threshold one is willing to get to before resorting to fatal action. In the case of a black person, that threshold goes lower. That is why even black abusive cops feel they can get away with roughing blacks. It is not about the identity of the attacker, but the victim.

        It is also about the cops who automatically devalued Martin’;s life. Why else did it take so long for the parents to find out? Why did they automatically assume self defense? Why not treat him as a guilty person and let the courts and jury decide if he had good reason. There was never any doubt that he killed Martin. It is upto Zimmerman to prove WHY he did what he did and it is the DA”s job to prove WHAT he did.

        • John Steigerwald

          I’d be interested in how you came to the conclusion that even black cops feel they can get away with roughing blacks.

          • saneman

            Read up on LA cop abuse cases over the years. It is not just white cops who get away with it over there. There are a lot of black thugs and while cops have a hard time dealing with those thugs, they sometimes overreact in situations not involving those gang members. And black cops have been accused of a lot of unprofessional conduct with black citizens.

        • oksteelerfan

          You do realize Zimmerman was taken into custody at first? He went to the police station but was released.
          One cop actually did want to charge him with manslaughter but he was overruled and apparently the DA told them they didn’t have the evidence to charge him.
          As for his parents not being notified. He didn’t live there, nobody knew who he was. So his identity had to be discovered before they could notify his family. I think a better question is why weren’t his parents looking for him? He goes out to buy skittles and then poof just disappears for 12 hours and they’re not concerned? I’d be trying to find my adult children or my husband if they went to the store and weren’t back in 12 hours.

          As to not just treating him as guilty and letting a jury decide? That’s not how our country is supposed to work. We’re supposed to have evidence to actually charge someone and most District Attorneys don’t want to charge someone if they don’t think they can get a conviction. This guy said he was assaulted by the kid, he said the kid tried to grab his gun, he had a bloody nose, bloody lip and a laceration on the back of his head along with the back of his clothes being wet and grass stained. There was at least one witness who said he saw Zimmerman as the one on the ground and the kid on top of him. This was what the police had to go on that night.

          I’m sure you will dismiss everything written on this site because it has conservative in it’s name but the media should be ashamed of their witch hunt and their deliberate attempt to paint the wrong picture of everything. Such as did you know Zimmerman today is 5’8″ and weighs 170lbs, not 5’8″ 248lbs as he weighed in 2005? Did you know the media or someone photoshopped a picture of Trayvon? The media will never admit to what they did and when it becomes too obvious for everyone you’ll never hear the name Trayvon or Zimmerman again as they’ll just pretend they never covered it day and night.

      • DenS

        A GROWN man followed a teenage boy and felt his life threatened by the boys fists? Wow! He must be a total pussy. Whatever happens the facts are facts and the 911 dispatcher told him NOT to follow him. Vigilante justice, race has ZERO to do with it.

        • John Steigerwald

          I think he’s 6-2. Not a small kid. If I had a gun and a 17 year old kid was banging my head off the concrete, I wouldn’t wait for him to reach adulthood before shooting him.

          • Tattoo Rick

            The video of the shooter being led into the police station after the shooting was released on world news today and the guy didn’t have a mark on him. So much for the “banging his head on the concrete” story. DenS is right this is vigilante justice and has 0 to do with race. The police not arresting the shooter and leaking negative things about the kid that got shot,,, , 100% racism.

          • John Steigerwald

            I think I’ll wait for the medical records.

          • saneman

            Are you this patient with other crime cases? And you still did not answer. So what if Trayvon did attack him. If anyone has a better case for Stand Your Ground, it is Trayvon. He was minding his own business walking in a neighborhood he had a right to be in(not that anyone shouldnt have a right to walk in ANY neighborhood). Who is the cdredible guy here? THis is a guy who went looking for trouble despite the 911 operator reminding him to stay put.

          • John Steigerwald

            I don’t trust the media to report an incident like this fairly. I’ll wait for the police report.

          • oksteelerfan

            Actually if you do a little research and search the small town newspapers you see cases where a person isn’t charged all the time or they wait sometimes months before charging them with a crime until they have enough evidence to prosecute. Nobody wants to admit the law in Florida is why he hasn’t been charged with a crime. They have to have the evidence he didn’t act in self defense.
            Most don’t make national news because the race card can’t be played. That’s my problem with this entire story, it shouldn’t be national news and people of authority such as Obama and people who like to find racism in everything such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should not be flaming the fire.

            If it had to become national news then why couldn’t they have just reported the news instead of wanting to make the kid look like a skinny 14 year old kid and Zimmerman as the big guy outweighing him by 100lbs who had a criminal background and that he was white. Isn’t it enough that regardless of if it’s murder or self defense, that it shouldn’t have had to happen?

            If the media really cared about the black kids, if Obama, Sharpton and Jackson really cared about black kids then they’d all make it national news how many black kids are killed every day by other black kids. God forbid anyone do that though, because it’s much easier to blame all the white folk for being racist and I guess being to blame for the black communities problems.

            Take even this boy’s Mother, I’m a Mother I understand her anger and hurt, but regardless if Zimmerman shot him in cold blood or self defense he’s the only one who killed him. Yet every time I hear her give an interview, she says, “they killed my son.” I don’t know who they are, but only one person killed her son.

            If saying that makes me racist then I’m racist.

          • Dan

            And if anyone would know what racism is, and has seen up-close the plight of black America, it’s someone from Oklahoma, where you might run into a black person every other year. Seriously, what’s the black population out there? 5%? 10%? Pretty easy to criticize from a distance. It’s like when all those people were profiling and harrassing and beating Muslims after 9/11 when, y’know, it’s easy if you don’t know any.

            Since the story made national news, I guess the blacks must run the media. Actually I think it’s a national story no matter what because of the policework done, the controversial law that was involved, the killing of a minor, the 911 operator telling him to stand down and the kid ending up dead a few minutes later, AND the fact that he was black. None of those elements are very common. All of them combined give you NBH – Nothin’ But Headlines.

            I also saw above where Zimmerman is listed at 170 pounds. I saw the police precinct video. If he is under 200 at all then my name is Jim Crow.

          • oksteelerfan

            People making assumptions make me laugh. I actually run into a black person almost every day. I have a black neighbor, but you see he’s a good guy, him or his kids don’t go around acting like thugs or shooting people.

            Fun statistics for you though as you brought up the percentage of blacks in Oklahoma, it is 7.4% btw, yet blacks accounted for 45.3% of the murders and accounted for 51.7% of the robberies.

            An elderly couple that were robbed, beaten and the woman raped lived in North Tulsa that is pretty much an all black neighborhood, I guess they didn’t understand the plight of blacks or never seen blacks up close either as Oklahoma only has 7.4% blacks?

            But I guess living in Oklahoma I’ve never met a black person? I guess living in Oklahoma that means I don’t recognize race baiting when I see it?

          • oksteelerfan

            Dan, I just want to ask you one question, a question I read at the end of this article, “Sharpton is trying to force law enforcement, including prosecutors, to take steps based on his pressure, based on mob rule, not based on the facts. Now I ask you this America — is this the kind of country you want? Is this the kind of country that you’re comfortable with?”
            Maybe because Oklahoma isn’t majority black though it doesn’t qualify me to ask that question?
            Read more:

          • DenS

            John I have been jumped and attacked as a teenager(I am white and moved to the projects when my parents divorced) had my orbital bone and nose broken and was still able to fight back. I too am 6’2″ and no one is going to feel threatened by me because of my size. This guy absolutely went out looking for trouble. I too carry a gun but the only time it should be used is if you INTEND to kill someone. Not when you feel like being the neighborhood watch “captain”, which is ironic because if a 14 year old kid is making you feel threatened then maybe you’re not suited to be the “captain”. And where in the world does neighborhood watch become follow anyone that looks suspicious(black).

          • oksteelerfan

            The kid was 17 not 14. He also according to his brother was not out on watch but was on his way to Target and saw the kid and thought he was acting suspicious. He wasn’t carrying the gun going out to look for trouble or at least that’s what his family says.
            It makes it a juicier story though to say he went out with his gun pretending to be a cop and hunted down this 14 year old kid and killed him.
            I have a concealed carry license and my gun goes with me all the time even when I go to the store. I didn’t get the license to leave my gun at home.

          • DenS

            I never said “he went out pretending to be a cop” those are your words. I too have a concealed weapons permit. The only time a gun should be used is if you intend to kill someone. I take my Kimber 45 EVERYWHERE and no one would know as the only time it would be seen is when I intend to kill someone. And alll this about “according to his brother” what brother wouldn’t defend their brother?! The 911 dispatcher told him NOT to follow the boy, yes boy 14,17 whatever still a KID.

          • oksteelerfan

            What is it called when the media only shows pictures of a kid from several years ago and a current photo they mess with to make him look more boyish than he really looks?
            What is it called when the media only look at Zimmerman’s arrest record and quotes his weight, either being very lazy or outright lying, take your pick?
            I don’t even watch national news that often and I’d already have a nice little sum if I had $10 for every time I’ve heard he outweighed him by 100lbs.

            I wish though the liberals would let their democratic congressmen know that disrespecting the People’s House is not a way to honor this kid’s memory and only make them look like idiots. With role models like that is it any wonder that a group of kids thought ransacking Walgreens was the way to honor their friend?



  • oksteelerfan

    Not that this makes any difference but according to Zimmerman’s voter registration he is a registered democrat and he lists his race as hispanic.
    I’ve seen comments on news articles that he’s a crazy gun toting repuke, but seems as if assumptions are wrong.

  • Mason

    I think VDH sums up peoples irritation with this subject very well.

    • oksteelerfan

      We had his attorney general get mad and say “my people.” We’ve had him pull the race card many times.
      This is not being leaders and it’s not representing all the people. Every American regardless of skin color should be “their people.”

      He’s not a leader, his words are not the words of a true leader. He also does not want to unite this country but instead wants to divide this country.
      In addition he has no business butting his nose into local police investigations.
      I did read something about his justice department going to charge Zimmerman with a hate crime even if there is not evidence to charge him with murder or manslaughter.

  • Tony D

    Some people keep saying that Zimmerman acted in self defense. In self defense of what? Is he a diabetic who was being threatened with the bag of Skittles that the kid was carrying? It seems to me that Zimmerman went looking for a fight, and from at least one eyewitness account, after the shooting, he had a look on his face as if to say, “I really fucked up.”

    Zimmerman was told not to follow the kid. He was in a car. I’m no investigator, but it seems to me that Zimmerman wouldn’t have had to act in self defense if he wouldn’t have approached the kid in the first place.

    If the kid wasn’t doing anything wrong (and by all indications, he was not), wouldn’t that mean that Martin was the one acting in self defense?

    This seems to be a case where a man screwed up and did something he wasn’t supposed to do, and now he’s being allowed to hide behind some law that doesn’t seem to apply.

    If I go up to a person and harass that person, and I have a gun and that person does not, how can I possibly be in more danger than the guy without the gun?

    Somebody please explain that to me.

    • John Steigerwald

      Here’s something else that Zimmerman had on his face: a broken nose. And could we please stop bringing up the Skittles? The media are determined to paint Trayvon as an innocent kid skipping down the street with his bag of candy because it promoted the narrative of the evil white man vs. the innocent black kid. That could very well be the case but not because of the candy. Zimmerman told the cops that he was heading back to his SUV when the kid attacked him. Maybe he’s lying. It’s also possible — despite the Skittles –that he’s telling the truth. That doesn’t discount the possibility that he is an asshole who should have left the kid alone, but it allows for the possibility that he did ultimately shoot the kid because he thought his life was in danger.

      • Tony D

        Ever ask yourself why Zimmerman had to go back to his SUV in the first place? That’s right, because he actively got out of the car to approach the kid. For what? Let me ask you something, John. If you were walking down the street, and someone drove up to you and got out of his car to question why you were in his neighborhood, how would you react? Wouldn’t you at least be a little angry about it? People are starting to make excuses for Zimmerman, but he initially acted when he shouldn’t have. He tried to act like a police officer and he clearly demonstrated that he is no police officer. I’m glad he has a broken nose, because he deserves one. Whatever happened to the good old days when fights were settled with fists? So, the next time someone starts a fight with me, I should probably just walk away, otherwise, they might shoot me in self defense.

        And it doesn’t matter how the media is trying to portray Martin. I don’t care if he was an asshole. He was unarmed, and the guy had a gun on him and used it.

        Bottomline, if Zimmerman doesn’t approach the kid in the first place, none of this happens. In my mind, Zimmerman is clearly in the wrong.

        • John Steigerwald

          Zimmerman may have been in the wrong and he may be guilty of murder. But he may also have been on his back having his head banged against the concrete when he decided it was time to take advantage of the gun. So far, the cops seem to believing his story.

          • saneman

            You seriously believe ht ecops are credible after they failed to even do simple investigations like track down who he was talking to on his cell phone. Or find the parents of the dead teen? Or why we should believe the cops were not skeptical of how badly his head was being beat down on the concrete and if they really believed his story, why wasn’t he tested for serious internal injuries?

          • John Steigerwald

            Do you seriously believe the cops decided “It’s only a black kid. Let’s let this one slide?”

          • saneman

            There are enough examples from the past to let me believe that. Johnny Gammage in our own backyard. Read up on Robbie TOlan case. I highly doubt a white baseball player’s son would be gunned down in his own driveway by reckless cops and the cops get away with no disciplinary action. Oh the 41 shots case in NYC. It’s always some lame excuse “oh i thought he had a gun, he was reaching for his wallet”.

      • Matt
        • Dan

          Actually, yes, most of them do and tweet with fouler mouths than Bill Maher. Know why?


      • saneman

        Your comment is a joke.:”The media is determined to portray Trayvon as an innocent kid skippingt down the street with a bag of candy” Guess what. he was an innocent kid and he was walking down the street with a bag of candfy and ice T. The way kids are these days, that is pretty damn wholesome regardless of what he may have done at some point in his high school life. Do you realize how deranged your comment sounds? I know hyou are not racist judging by your Steelers postings. But you have gone off the far right deep end and you rarely have ever contradicted the right wing narrative. When was the last time the right wing has been this considerate of a murderer?

        One more thing, Maybe Jesse jackson and Sharpton wont get that much publicity if Santorum and Gingrich were angrier at Bill lee for his ridiculous statements than Obama for a statrment where he could identify with the kid being his son . What Obama said was the truth. IF he had a son in that same situation, Zimmerman would have shot him. And your comparison to the guy wearing the opposing fan’s uniform is ridiculous. The cops would have arrested the fans who beat that fan. In this case, the cops are saying there is nothing they can do despite a lot of accounts that they were not showing any urgency to find out who Martin was.

        • John Steigerwald

          The media were not content with the truth. Zimmerman killing a defenseless kid wasn’t enough. He had to be made even more sympathetic. It’s an old trick. And this time, regardless of the outcome, the media’s bias is being exposed again.

          • Dan

            Bias against what? White people? Hispanics? Cops? Adults who kill juveniles?

  • HGWT

    All the pictures of Martin look like he almost has a halo above his head. Zimmerman looks sullen and like he might kill you. Nice contrast.

  • The Machinist

    People who witnessed the incident seem to be saying Martin attacked Zimmerman and was beating him. The media is saying Zimmerman walked out and killed a black kid because he was walking in his neighborhood. Which story is more believable? Just saying

  • earl

    why does everybody keep calling zimmerman white? i swear people only think that blacks and whites exist, no such thing as hispanic

    he’s as white as much as obama is

    • Matt

      Because it is not as polarizing if the accused is Hispanic. It’s more media manipulation.

    • JimGott

      -If it were him that wss killed by a person of color, the media would be referring to him as 50 percent hispanic. Instead, because he’s the one that killed the person of color, the media refers to him as 50 percent white. And it’s no accident, that they report it like that.

  • Paul

    Channel 4 “News” 5 :15 pm today: “It’s been one month since Travon Martin was gunned down in cold blood on a Florida street…”

    “In cold blood”? Can we get an ‘allegedly’ here? Did I miss the trial and conviction?

    I’d name the anchor, but I was too busy looking at Wendy Bell.

    Also, news reports call Zimmerman a “white hispanic”. What the hell is that? If we apply that logic to our president, could we call him a “white african”?

  • Mike V

    It only matters what can be proved. If the DA charges Zimmerman, he will get destroyed by even an average defense lawyer based upon the evidence in this case. There is no evidence anywhere that Zimmerman intended or even wanted to kill this kid in a way that would classify it as murder or even a crime. Three people know what happened. One is dead. The other said he didn’t do it. The third saw what happened and said Zimmerman acted in self defense. No evidence for murder and the police know it and that is why Zimmerman was not charged.

    If people are calling for justice, that is fine. Justice can mean a lot of things including a more intensive investigation. Even if no charges are filed after more evidence is collected because there was no crime, justice is served at that point. Justice doesn’t mean railroading an innocent person because Al Sharpton wants to make another stupid point.

    • Rizzenman

      Very good points Mike. Anytime anything like this happens it’s like blood in the water for Sharpton and Jackson. It’s the same as the Fluke type stuff that brings out that hag Gloria Allred.
      Instead of the search for the truth driving the cases it’s the blood lust of those mentioned above and their ilk.

    • Matt

      You summed it up perfectly Mike V. The media coverage is interesting to say the least. Particularly the fact that they only show pictures of the deceased from 5 years ago and the convenience of the accused having the name Zimmerman. Perhaps if his name was Jimenez or Gonzales no one would be talking about it. I wonder how many of these celebrities and what not marching and wearing their hoodies realize the accused is Hispanic?

      • Mike V

        Rizzenman and Matt, I could very well be wrong. All I’m saying is in a court of law, the evidence is what matters and the DA has nothing to go on and I believe knows that…..Unless the jury is crazy as in the OJ trial, but that’s another matter. In any event, there doesn’t seem to be any physical evidence Zimmerman acted in a way that would warrant a murder charge, or any charge for that matter. He acted within the law. In fact, there is a witness who saw him acting within the law. If the laws are bad, then change the laws, but right now he has done nothing against the law. If all we know is what we know thus far, he should not be charged. With further investigation, that might change, but what is there to change?

        • saneman

          There are more witnesses who contradict what that witness said. One of the cops on the scene , the guy who actually wuestioned him, is on record saying he thinks Zimmerman lied. Yet, he was ignored by the rest of the people in the police and legal departments.

          It is funny how conservatives, who usually think about common sense with crime, all of a sudden are acting more cautious than the most stereotypical liberal about waiting for facts. At this point, any new facts are subject to being tampered witrh because they never did a thorough investigation in the first place. More than one witness has already said the cops were not listening to their accounts that night. What kind of investigation have they done to determine that Trayvon actually snuck up on Zimmerman and attacked him as Zummerman ‘s brother laughably claims? Does that even sound credible after you hear what Trayvon’s girlfriend said what Trayvon was saying on the cell phone? Does that sound credible after you hear what Zimmerman said on the 911 call? Do you real;ly think Trayvon snuck up on him? If Trayvon landed any blows, IT WAS BECAUSE HE WAS REACTING TO ZIMMERMAN”S PROVOCATION. If anything, Trayvon had more of a reason to shoot him.

          These are the facts that are enough for me to know Zimmerman had no good reason to kill Martin
          1) Martin is unarmed.
          2) Martin had no stolen goods and was obviously returning home. I doubt he would be committing a robbery with skittles and Iced tea in both of his hands.
          3) We have the 911 call giving less credibility to the notion that Zimmerman was anything but a guy exhibiting good judgment.
          4) We have no proof that Zimmerman tried to stop the attack by warning Trayvon . We are talking “Reasonable” fear here. you do not seem to grasp such a simple concept. By your rationale, any bar fight can end with the guy getting beat up with the reason to shoot the other guy dead.

          Yes, we need more facts to try this in court of law to assess to what degree Zimmerman is in the wrong, but we have enough facts to know that he was in the wrong.

          • John Steigerwald

            Three things about the Zimmerman case”
            1. Everything you say may be right.
            2. Self- promoting, race baiting poverty pimps like Jackson and Sharpton lead the way by showing no interest in learning the facts.
            3. Al Sharpton’s record of fraud and lies should have disqualified him from taking up the cause of justice a long time ago.
            4. A grand jury will listen to people testify UNDER OATH and it will decide whether to indict. That’s the process.

  • sarcastic sword

    I cant wait to hear what Jackson and Sharpton have to say if that FoxNews report that you linked is 100% accurate.

    • John Steigerwald

      That’s not a Fox News report. It’s a Fox affiliate. It’s the equivalent of WPXI’s 10:00 news on WPGH. Fox News had nothing to do with that report.

  • Tim

    Trayvon Martin would be alive today if he was packing heat. You can never be too safe. You never know when some idiot who thinks he’s a cop is gonna ask you why you are walking down a public road.

    • John Steigerwald

      I would have no problem with him packing heat. Assuming it’s legal heat.

      • Tim

        Of course its pretty sad that a 17 year old kid couldn’t walk to and from 7-11 without being harassed by a John McClane wannabe.

        • John Steigerwald

          It would be interesting to know why they felt a need for a neighborhood watch. Does your neighborhood have one?

          • Tim

            No idea. My tax dollars pay for real police to patrol the neighborhood. Who seem to do a good job. And we certainly don’t call 911 when black kids walk around the street wearing a hoodie.

          • John Steigerwald

            How many break-ins in your neighborhood?

          • JC

            If your house gets robbed or you get mugged tomorrow, you’ll be singing a different tone. How’s the view from your high horse Tim?

            “Welcome to the party Pal!”

  • Rizzenman

    I’ve been thinking the same thing. Trial has already been held in the media and by many in the black & white communities. Heaven forbid we practice the “innocent till proven guilty” thingy. I believe if the cops believed it was a slam dunk they would have nailed the guy immediately. If this Hispanic gentleman had killed a white kid, would this many people care? I’m not saying he is innocent but, how about we wait and see the evidence for a change? Isn’t it interesting that some in the media are referring to him as a “white Hispanic.” Gee, I wonder why? First time I’ve ever heard that one before.

  • Bunk Moreland

    That is so shocking. A Fox News link. Surprising they would be the one to question the ‘truth.’

    In all seriousness, I don’t care if Martin did do something wrong (even though I highly doubt it). Absolute zero defense for murdering a kid armed with skittles in a public place.

    All sarcasm aside, I thought even Fox was better than this.

    • John Steigerwald

      It’s a Fox affiliate and has nothing to do with Fox News. The kids father says that it was not his son calling for help on the 911 tape. It’s very possible that Zimmerman is guilty as sin. If so, he should pay the ultimate price. It’s also very possible that the media have jumped the gun — no pun intended. It wouldn’t be the first time.

      • Mason

        What does a box of skittles have to do with it? Are young, innocent children the only ones that carry them?

  • Cambot

    At this points, it almost doesn’t matter what the truth is.

  • Deuce

    Where is the justice for the 13 yr. old Kansas white boy who was set on fire by two black kids who said he deserved that for “being white”? Where are the protests, the marches the Facebook posts, pages and pictures?

    Oh, that’s right, he’s white so he did “deserve” this….and, as Jesse Agenda Jackson and Al I Hate White People Shaprton say, blacks aren’t possibly being capable of being racist.

    I beg to differ…..they are more racist than any white person today…..and MLK would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what was going on now.

  • Roger

    The list goes far beyond the Duke case. Remember the rush to judgement about Richard Jewell? The Arizona shootings of 2011 (It had to be a right winger, it just had to be)? Remember the Times Square Bomber that Mayor Bloomberg attributed to a right winger unhappy with Obamacare? I could go on, but the odd thing about these instant analyses is that they never mistakenly blame the crime on someone on the Left. Never. They also never fail to use this as a chance to advance their “advocacy journalism”. Today on This Week the old guns-are-at-fault arguments were trotted out by the usual suspects. Yes, it would be refreshing to have the MSM wait till all the facts are in before trying and convicting someone.

    • John Steigerwald

      How can any journalist lend any credibility to Al Sharpton with his track record? He should be laughed off the stage.

      • Rory B

        Sharpton and Jackson are irrelevant and get more of a reaction from white people than black people. Black people know how to tune them out.
        It’s a travesty the black people that run NBC gave Sharpton his own show.

  • earl

    the media is showing several year old pics of trayvon looking like an angelic child, several more recent pics have been shown of him looking like a sterotypical thug but the media isn’t showing them

    there are 2 sides to every story, the media picks their side and they only show you that one side

    • John Steigerwald

      He was serving a 10 day suspension from school. None of this has anything to do with Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence. But, it’s beginning ti look like the media are going to be on trial here, too.

      • Cambot

        Read “Bonfire of the Vanities” that will tell you everything you need to know this situation.

      • oksteelerfan

        He was suspended for having an empty bag that had contained pot. He apparently had taken a swing at a bus driver as well. Not that either of those things justified him being killed, but he wasn’t this angelic looking child that the media is portraying.
        I figure it will be pretty easy to determine the angle he was shot and then we’ll know if he was defending himself or not, it’s highly possible that is already known and hasn’t been released.

        I had to laugh at the black panther guy though saying they’d get a million dollars from the black community including athletes for the reward on his head. Obama butted his nose into a local police investigation, so where is he now on his “buddy’s” call for this guy’s capture?
        In case anyone missed it:

    • Matt

      I hope the truth comes out. This is becoming another black political rallying cry. People are shown for being the sheep that they are. Rathr than learn the facts and wait for all teh facts to come out people follwo teh popular opinion.

  • VinceL

    When this happened I made a prediction.Couple days later it came true.Al Sharpton is on the front page of the Orlando paper.The New Black Panthers are offering a bounty on Zimmerman. The investigation needs to play out. How the hell does Sharpton have his own show? Why does the media give him any credibility? And they are so respectful,always making sure it’s the Rev. Al or Rev Jesse. If they’re reverends I’m the pope.

    • John Steigerwald

      As Lenny Bruce said, “Never trust a minister who owns more than one suit.”

  • Mike from Monroeville

    Maybe you could have posted what Martin’s girlfriend said:

    “He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on. He said he lost the man,” said the girlfriend, who’s identity has been kept anonymous. “I asked Trayvon to run, and he said he was going to walk fast. I told him to run but he said he was not going to run.”

    Although he did run, and thought he had escaped, he later told his girlfriend that the strange man came back and was cornering him.

    “Trayvon said, ‘What, are you following me for,’ and the man said, ‘What are you doing here.’ Next thing I hear is somebody pushing, and somebody pushed Trayvon because the head set just fell. I called him again and he didn’t answer the phone.”

    • John Steigerwald

      I posted a local news story. I’m not responsible for the content.

    • John Steigerwald

      How about this:

      Reuters) – George Zimmerman is not a racist and cried for days after shooting dead a black Florida teenager, a black, longtime friend of Zimmerman said on Sunday in a sympathetic portrayal of a man maligned by critics as a trigger-happy bigot.

  • Dan

    Here’s a novel idea; let’s wait until all the facts are in before we convict Zimmerman.

    Unfortunately, the mainstream media has already convicted him, and Jackson and Sharpton never let the facts get in the way of a chance to get their faces in front of a camera and cry racism.

  • Mike from Monroeville

    He hasnt been arrested because of this law:

    1) A person who uses force as permitted in s. 776.012, s. 776.013, or s. 776.031 is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10(14), who was acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes arresting, detaining in custody, and charging or prosecuting the defendant.
    (2) A law enforcement agency may use standard procedures for investigating the use of force as described in subsection (1), but the agency may not arrest the person for using force unless it determines that there is probable cause that the force that was used was unlawful.

    The case is now before a grand jury. If he’s indicted, he will then be arrested.

    • John Steigerwald

      He’s already been tried and convicted in many places.

  • Tim

    2 men got in a fight for which both of them apparently share blame in starting. One of them died. The other goes to jail. Sounds like an open and shut case of manslaughter to me.

    • John Steigerwald


      • Tim

        This is the best article i’ve read on the incident

        “Through stupendous errors in judgment, Zimmerman brought about an utterly unnecessary confrontation and then — in the most favorable interpretation of the facts for him — shot Martin when he began to lose a fistfight to him.”

        • oksteelerfan

          Except for what if Zimmerman is telling the truth that he was on the way back to his vehicle when he was attacked? If you think someone is following you or staring at you does that give you the right to attack them when they quit doing either?
          I wasn’t there and neither was Rich Lowry or Al Sharpton. We have conflicting testimony by witnesses.
          It could have happened that Zimmerman continued to follow him and the kid felt threatened and defended himself and Zimmerman was losing a fist fight and shot the kid.
          It could be that Zimmerman continued to follow him and he instigated the fight and then shot him.
          It could be that Zimmerman lost sight of him and turned to go back to his vehicle and the kid attacked him from behind, a fight ensued and the kid saw the gun, felt the gun and tried to grab the gun and Zimmerman pulled the trigger or the gun went off during the struggle.
          It could be that Zimmerman was attacked from behind and got scared and pulled the gun and shot him.

          The fact is we don’t know what happened and that’s why police investigate to do their best to piece together what happened.

          I just wonder if Zimmerman had been the one shot, would we even be talking about it?

          • Blasto

            We wouldn’t be talking about it because the Trayvon kid would be in jail for a month now.

          • oksteelerfan

            I bet if he had been white we wouldn’t be seeing congressmen making a mockery of the House by wearing a hoodie on the house floor either. I bet we wouldn’t be hearing a black congresswoman saying he was hunted down, racially profiled and gunned down in the street either.

  • Paul

    Weren’t Al and Jesse preaching (pun intended) to us during the OJ trial that we shouldn’t “RUSH TO JUDGEMENT”?

    • John Steigerwald

      Al Sharpton shouldn’t be asked his opinion on ANYTHING.

  • Mitch

    What part of the story you linked to makes you think Zimmerman was justified in shooting him?

    • John Steigerwald

      Where in the post do I say that I think he was justified? I posted a story that included facts that raise some questions. I have no idea if he was justified in shooting him. Neither do you.

  • Mason

    Funny thing John, I did the same as you. I initially ignored it, the same way I ignore the latest blonde girl that disappears in the carribean. Not that I am heartless, simply that these things happen frequently and the media seems to latch on to one case or another, typically for ratings or political reasons.

    After Obama’s very strange public comments (strange in the sense that he clearly took sides, much like the police vs the professor story), I decided to investigate further. What I found was a hispanic/black crime after I read that a white guy shot a black guy. I read that the shooter chased the black kid, then found out the yes he did, but after that, the 6’2″ black kid attacked the neighborhood watch guy and pummeled him to the point a paniced neighbor called 911. I also found that this neighborhood had a watch program because the community was crime-ridden. I cannot verify as fact, but I also read that the shooters house has been burglarized 6 times.

    I have also learned the the New Black Panthers have put out a Wanted Dead or Alive poster on the shooter with a cash reward from money raised from across the country includiing hollywood types. I also learned that spike lee tweeted the shooters home address.

    If I remember my statistics correctly, Chicago recently had its 100th murder of the year – setting a new record. Where is Al and Jesse?

    • Tim

      I don’t find it strange the President sided with the unarmed child who was shot dead over a armed man who was directed by law enforcement authorities to not follow Martin.

      • Matt C.

        You don’t find it strange that the President sided with an unarmed child? Wow, Where is the outrage of all of the people when children are shooting children in inner cities? The outrage with all the unborn children being aborted? The President only sides with things that will try to make him look better. A TRUE LEADER would have waiting until he had all the facts before making a comment one way or the other. No matter what happened that night, if it was a african-american who shot an african-american, do you think that O’bama, Sharpton, or Jackson would have cared? NO because it does not benefit them. All of the people need to wake up and realize the big scam that is being pulled by these so called leaders. Its a joke.

    • Tim
      • John Steigerwald

        Good for him. Where’s Obama?

      • oksteelerfan

        I guess that depends on how you take his comments. It almost sounds like a threat of his own, if you don’t hang this guy then you’re going to see a crisis of bigger proportions?
        Sorry to me it almost sounds to me like I’m holding my dogs back but if you don’t do as we want then I’m releasing the hounds.

        “The violence comes from Zimmerman,” Rev. Jackson replied. “The cover-up from the police department. We would do well to remain disciplined, focused and non-violent. Any diversion from that takes attention away from Zimmerman and Trayvon and the family. I hope we remain in the face of all these provocations, focused and non-violent. We need to keep the focus on trayvon, and who killed him and how that killing will be processed.”

        Kaufeldt asked, “If a few weeks down the road this grand jury comes back and they do not file charges or decide that charges are warranted in this case, what will you be thinking, and what do you think the community as a whole will do?”

        “Tthe world will continue to intensify its protest,” Rev. Jackson predicted. “It’s a blatant injustice and intolerable at this time.”

        “Given how massive the Trayvon Martin case is, and the spilling of innocent blood, we’re at a tipping point,” he continued, “very close to a crisis of bigger proportions unless something happens rather quickly. I do not know why this prosecutor, this state’s attorney and this police department seem to be covering up something. There’s something serious about the protection of Zimmerman in the face of all the crises being created in Florida and all the nation.”

  • Goose

    No one White politician in Florida thought there was anything wrong with the killing… Florida has a “stand your ground rule” … if you feel threatened you are allowed to shoot someone..

    This law was built by the NRA, (who are currently trying to get a law passed that it’s okay to to wear a gun in a holster… )

    22 States now have similar laws…

    • John Steigerwald

      The constitution says it’s OK to wear a gun in a holster. It’s called the right to “bear arms.” The stand your ground law was enacted to counter stupid laws that punished people for defending themselves. Both laws are flawed.