There is no better example of a government busybody than the idiot who has been mayor or New York City for way too long.

Michael Bloomberg is pushing a law that would make it illegal to sell large sugary drinks in New York beginning in March.

This is all part of the anti-obesity campaign.

Apparently, there are a lot of Big people in the Big Apple.

Bloomberg says that obesity is a problem and he says he’s doing what the people want their mayor to do.

Think he’d be willing to prove that with a referendum?

Here’s what I would ask the mayor if I were at the press conference when this stupid law was introduced:

“Mr. Mayor, if you’re really concerned about all the big bellies that you see in the city, why wouldn’t you outlaw the sale of beer?”

Call me crazy but I think that beer might be contributing to some of those beer bellies.

I don’t know about you, but, I’ve noticed that, when people drink beer, they also tend to eat lots of potato chips, peanuts and nachos. Maybe even pizza.

How much skinnier would people be a year from today if tomorrow the federal government outlawed the sale of pizza and beer?

How do people like this get elected?

A bigger question: How the hell do they get re-elected?


  • CS

    I love how everyone here equates obesity with stupidity. I guess people who drink are idiots too….or how about smokers. I know, lets just round up all the people who drink, smoke, and overeat and put them on their own island. Then about 7 people will be left in America. Obesity is a disease caused by an addiction to food, an addiction that is more powerful than the addiction to cigarettes. If anything should be done it should be to tax the bad food and sugary drinks at higher rates like they do with smokes and make the healthier food cheaper and more accesible.

    • John Steigerwald

      Why should I be taxed for other people’s addictions?

  • Tim

    I found the true cause of obesity in America. It’s too bad God didn’t make gluttony a sin.

  • Heisenberg

    If soft drinks are so bad, why don’t they just make them illegal. Just like smoking, if it’s so bad, outlaw it. But they’re politicians, they talk out of both sides of their mouths. They like to buy votes with the sales tax on pop and cirarettes and the additional tobacco and alcohol tax. Soon they’ll realize how much tax revenue they’re losing by keeping pot illegal and their “opinion will evolve” like Obama at a gay wedding.

  • oksteeler
    • John Steigerwald

      It’s China. Not surprising. Totalitarian governments would never consider allowing citizens to be armed. That’s why the 2nd amendment is so important.

  • Gary M

    The part that I found interesting is that this law would cover restaurants but not convenience stores.
    So already, the government is picking winners and losers. I mean don’t kids go to 7-11’s? That is the stated purpose of this inane law, right?
    But I take issue with a ban on a legal product. You think its bad, have the FDA ban it. You don’t think kids can be responsible with it, raise the age limit.
    But to come up with some hair brained ban that has about as much chance at curbing obesity as the all you can eat bar at Eat N’ Park just highlights the ban for what it is, an attempt to pander.
    I guess we are going to need to hire government inspectors to make sure that the soda in the glass is indeed, under 16 oz. And what about the glasses, they will all need to be calibrated. And if we find an offender with 20 oz, how much do we attribute to the ice?
    Oh I heard the mayor, he said you can still get your 32 oz, but you’ll need to order two glasses. I guess he never heard of a re-fill.

    • John Steigerwald

      He should be tarred and feathered for his arrogance.

      • oksteeler

        What about the people who agree with him? I’m always amazed when people are fine with the government taking away freedoms.

    • Mike from Monroeville

      If it lengthens one life marginally because they stop at 16 oz isnt that a good thing?

      • John Steigerwald

        Not unless you think that lowering the speed limit to 10MPH would be a good idea.

        • Mike from Monroeville

          Its not the same thing. 18 oz is probably more than enough to drink anyway for most people. If you want more, order another after you finished the first.

          • John Steigerwald

            How about letting me decide what’s a good size for me and not a moronic bureaucrat?

  • Mike from Monroeville

    The law is meant to limit the size of the drink. You can still order more but just one at a time.

    • John Steigerwald

      And you’re OK with the government telling you how you can buy your Pepsi?

      • Mike from Monroeville

        Its not that big of a deal. Unless your right to an immediate Big Gulp should be held inviolate. Go march in the streets then.

        • John Steigerwald

          What is a big deal to you when it comes to government overreach?

          • Dan

            Mandatory vaginal probes.

          • Mike from Monroeville

            The right to vote. Free speech. Certainly not the right to burden my bladder.

  • gmuny2002

    I thought this was America, “Land of the Free”?! Stand by people, they’re taking away your rights slowly but surely, like Hitler and his minions did in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s, only now instead of wearing brown-shirts, they now wear Armani suits!

  • Steve MacDonald

    There is something else behind this law, it’s a precedent to a new tax or new regulations of some kind. The politicians don’t actually care about anybody’s health or beer bellies, there’s an agenda here. Even if it’s not that it’s still a stupid law, people will just buy 2 (or 3 or 4) small beverages. What’s the sense in even wasting time with this nonsense?

    • John Steigerwald

      Politicians can’t help themselves. That’s why they should have less power Not more.

  • slrpea

    Everyone is a god damn victim and needs to be protected, right? Unbelievable. This is what a population full of excuses and leaned helplessness gets I guess… politicians who will “take care” of them and go after the “bullies.” Give me an effin’ break. A lot of people in this country really just suck.

  • GeeWhiz

    Kind of ironic, really. Ban the sugary stuff, but drink as many diet drinks as you want. Aspartame potentially causes more problems than corn syrup anyway.

    • John Steigerwald

      How are Doritos allowed on the shelves.

      • franji1

        Don’t forget Twinkies. Ding Dongs. Ho Ho’s. Let’s just ban all food that isn’t a raw vegetable or bottled water.

  • oksteeler

    I’ve said it a hundred times, it’s not about the pop or the food, it’s about the inactivity of kids and adults in their normal every day life. Kid’s sit in front of a tv or video game all day. Adults sit behind a desk all day. Fewer and fewer people even mow their own lawn, rake their own leaves, etc. You can’t govern laziness.

    • rob in london

      it’s not as simple as laziness. it’s about the shift to a majority urbanized population. as of 2008, > 50% of the global population (US, 80%) lived in urbanized areas – more than any other point in history.

      i’ve been living in new york and london since 2005. i don’t have a lawn to mow or leaves to rake. neither do 250 million (out of the 310 million) other americans.

      i’m not denying that people are becoming increasingly sedentary as the population shifts and more advanced consumer technology is introduced, but to attribute it to laziness is wrong.

      i’m also not for the banning of plus-size drinks, but i do understand where bloomberg is coming from.

      • John Steigerwald

        It’s easy to see where Bloomberg is coming from. A position of power that needs to be taken a way from him.

      • oksteeler

        I will agree people overeat and eat way too much fast food, but even the fast food isn’t the problem, it’s the quantity of the fast food.
        I went to a kid’s b-day party a few weeks ago at McDonalds. All of the kid’s were given a happy meal, but this one obese girl was whining to her parents she was still hungry after inhaling her food. So her Dad went and bought her a Big Mac meal. 1st grade and eating like that. She also didn’t go play with the other kids and instead sat and played games on a phone while the other kids were playing.
        So you can’t legislate stupid either.

        It’s not just about mowing your lawn and raking leaves, it’s an example of how lazy people have become and how people sit on their ass doing nothing. You can’t legislate it and banning pop is not going to solve anything. I’m not fat and if I want to drink pop all day it’s my business and not the business of big government. Government is the problem not the solution. Like John said about sugar, if the government stayed out of the way pop would still be made with cane sugar.

  • Tom

    John, the fact of the matter is a portion of the population has no self control and desires to be treated like a child. Pompous politicians like Bloomberg are happy to fullfill their needs. Its depressing to listen to these whiney sheeple cheer the politicians who are slowly eroding our rights.

  • Dan

    When I first heard this, the first word that came to mind was: “idiotic”.

    If you want to put out the message that too much pop is bad for you, then fine. However, after that, let the people decide how much Mountain Dew they want to drink.

    For God’s sake, you mean to tell me Bloomberg has nothing better to do than this kind of government overreach? I’ve never been a fan of his, and this gives me even more reason to dislike him.

    • Dan

      But this is a small, local government decision. You’re telling me you think they should be running the schools and deciding what is and isn’t allowed in various facets of the schools, but they can’t decide what is and isn’t allowed on their store shelves? I’d have a bigger problem if this was a state law and certainly a federal law but they’re not banning soda altogether, just the giant energy drinks and the tubs at 7-Eleven. They wouldn’t do this if kids weren’t drinking over 1,000 calories a day. I wonder how much of a drain obesity is on the local public services?

      • John Steigerwald

        Cut public services.

        • Dan

          I’m speaking of fire, police, EMT’S and hospitals. New York more than any city doesn’t need less of those.

          • John Steigerwald

            They should have nothing to do with the size of people’s drinks.

      • Dan

        First, this isn’t a small.local gov’t decision. This is NY City, one of the largest cities in the world.

        Second, I never said they should be running the schools. Based on the state of public education, the gov’t doesn’t do that very well.

        The mayor should be focusing more on how bad the schools are, rather than wasting his time with this foolishness. This won’t limit how much pop people will drink. It’s amazing Bloomberg spent even a second on this.

  • Dan

    We are officially out of problems.

    But if somebody doesn’t like it, they can move out of New York City. Everyone will be better off without those giant Monster Energy drinks on the shelves. We drink more of our calories than ever these days. Really though, this will be just like the trans fats ban. Companies will adapt their formulas and no one will have to move. And if someone does, New York won’t miss them because that’s exactly who this targets.

    More to the point, who cares?

    By the way John, the new password thing on the site sucks. I copy then paste it in the box, type my post, and half the time get an error message saying the password is wrong (when it was pasted, not typed.) Then you hit the back button and either have to re-type everything or just give up because it takes too much time. It’s probably why comments are wayyyy down from the last site. Just food for thought.

    • John Steigerwald

      Thanks for making me aware of the problem. I’ve passed it along.

      • Dan

        A shorter password would help. Other than that everything looks and works great.

  • Erik

    So if I ‘m walking down the street carrying a two liter of pepsi am i going to get arrested?

    • Erik

      or what if i buy two 12 ounce pepsi’s? thats over 16 ounces. wil i be sent to jail?

    • John Steigerwald

      Not yet. It starts with the stores not being allowed to sell it. If they could get away with outlawing possession of more than 12 oz of Pepsi,they would. And it would be for the common good.

  • lefty

    Very good John. And very true.
    But children cannot drink beer (legally) and should really be the target of this campaign.
    I think it’s a great initiative, and if he can somehow find a way to ban public beer consumption, as he did cigarettes, I’d applaud that as well.

    • John Steigerwald

      How about banning donuts? Or, how about leaving people alone?

      • Paul

        But they can’t leave people alone, John. They know better, don’t you see? They’re so smart and need to tell these stupid fat people what to eat and drink. We all should feel so blessed to live in the company of such enlightened people.

      • Frank

        What about milkshakes?

        What about candy stores?

        What about Frappuccino’s?

        What about that little thing called personal responsibility and leaving it up to the consumer?

      • lefty

        Because leaving them alone is why so many Americans are so obese. Clearly, they’re not smart enough, or have enough self control to stop themselves. Clearly they have proven they’re like children, and their obesity and the subsequent health problems many of them can’t pay for, are costing tax payers billions.
        Saving tax payer money, and saving lives John! Thought you’d be all for this.

        • John Steigerwald

          Taking freedom away to save tax dollars is a non starter for me. Stop taking money from responsible people to pay for the actions of the irresponsible. Govt doesn’t get to decideeople are stupid in what is supposed to be a free country.

          • Lefty

            The irony of your statement is staggering, John, and you don’t even realize it.
            This goes back to your debates on the Health Care plan. Money is being taken away from the responsible to pay for the irresponsible who don’t have insurance. Hence the mandate.
            Besides, nobody is taking any freedom away here. If you want any amount of soda, you can still get it. Just buy or order 2. Or 3.
            What are you even talking about?!?

          • John Steigerwald

            It’s the government that is forcing hospitals to pay for the irresponsible. When you forcibly take money away from one person and give it to another that is theft. The government is telling me that I can’t buy a 16oz Pepsi. It’s none of the government’s business. That infringes on my freedom and, as I said, promoters of the nanny state have learned that they have to take our freedom away incrementally.

        • franji1

          Eliminate all the taxi’s and public transportation in NYC. Cleaner air, more walkers, skinnier people. I’m a friggin’ jeen-yuss.

          Because leaving them alone to take public transportation is why poor people are so obese. They’re not smart enough to have the self control to walk places. Clearly they’re like children and their obesity and subsequent health problems many of them cannot pay for, and costing tax payers billions. Along with public transportation costs – that would also save tax payers billions.

          Saving tax payer money, and saving lives, lefty. Thought you’d be all for this.

          • Dan

            Stupid example. If people can’t get to work quickly they can’t work as many hours, and if they can’t work as many hours the economy goes in the toilet for dozens of reasons.

            Try harder.

    • Bobzilla

      Lefty: Bloomberg didn’t simply ban public smoking, he outlawed smoking in the GREAT OUTDOORS. NYC is now a smoke-free city. Congratulations!!!
      But this is what politicians do. If they can’t conquer real problems, they zero in on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens. It’s so much easier to bust a smoker than it is to stop a drug czar.
      Keep applauding.

  • Chuck

    I’ve been saying for years now that Big Sugary Drinks should be the #1 concern for New Yorkers even over murders, rapes, muggings, burgleries, and other assorted crimes. Bloomberg hit it on the head this time. What a mayor!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    I’d have a better question to ask him – “Why don’t you just tax fat people directly? You would pay X amount in tax for every percent of body fat over a certain level.”

    Of course obesity is an epidemic in this country with the military having trouble finding qualified soldiers and obesity related health care costs exceeding those related to smoking. and anytime someone tries to curtail they are accused of taking “freedoms away.”

    Of course there are a thousand things that could lead you to gain weight and its not fair to pick on one. Of course its also not really fair that obese people get to pay the same health care premiums when they are in a group health care plan which most people are in.

    • John Steigerwald

      How about leaving people alone? Why should he mayor have anything to do with your insurance costs?

      • Tim

        You’re absolutely right. A mayor should have nothing to do with insurance costs. That is a Governor’s job. A Governor like Mitt Romney.

        Leave people alone? Feel free to tell me when the drug war ends. You give the stoners their weed back and you can have your high fructose corn syrup. By the way, one grown naturally in nature and one is a corporate produced poison. Just saying.

        • John Steigerwald


          • Richard

            We should be concerned by what’s in our food and drink, though that problem shouldn’t be solved by banning or outlawing certain portion sizes.

            HFCS is in everything in this country. It’s true that kids have been drinking soda forever, but soda has changed in this country, along with all of our food products because HFCS is cheaper than sugar. HFCS is not the devil, of course, there are ways to avoid ingesting it, but look at your food labels, it’s in nearly everything and our bodies are not designed to digest it.

            What I wish you’d do, John, or anyone else, is an experiment.

            Buy two bottles of Coke. One being the American version made with HFCS, and the other being the Mexican variety made with cane sugar. Drink them. Judge for yourself how they taste and how they make you feel. I can tell you that when I drink an American Coke, my mouth turns sour and my teeth hurt and feel coated with sticky grime. After, I feel sluggish and bloated.

            When I drink a Mexican Coke, I don’t encounter these feelings.

            It’s really anecdotal evidence, but I’m telling you there’s a huge difference between the two.

          • John Steigerwald

            Your govt has manipulated the sugar market and made it more expensive.

  • Frank

    Destroy your liver and get a beer belly? Go for it.

    Drink a pepsi? No way.

    (There are not many things in life that go better together than the occasional pie from A’Pizza Badamo and a six pack.)