“For a start, voters are getting gloomier about the economy. Joblessness remains high and debt is out of control. According to one poll released this week, only 33 per cent of Americans expect the economy to improve in the coming months and only 43 per cent approve of the way that the president has handled it. Voters think Obama has made the debt situation and health care worse. The man who conducted the poll – Democrat Peter Hart – concluded that “Obama’s chances for re-election… are no better than 50-50.”

  • Tom Patriot

    Yes, Obama is very burnt toast. When Jimmy Carter was running for his political life in 1980, the economy was in shambles. For those of you who were there like I was, remember Stagflation?, The Misery Index?, Double digit inflation, interest rates and unemployment numbers? That is what a noobs like Carter and now Obama can do to an economy. They are clueless, socialist, big government, big spending, tax, tax, tax, progressive, idiots. The difference between then and now is that the MSM and the Fed have figured out how to hide the truth and play games with the numbers. Can you say Quantitative Easing? Otherwise known as printing dollars like crazy until they are worth less than Weimar Republic Deutsche Marks. Real unemployment and inflation are twice as high as being reported and GDP is really negative at this point. Banking reform that is destroying small and midsize banks all across America? Nationalizing General Motors to save the UAW? And don’t even get me started on Obamacare. Do we really want some nameless, faceless, and heartless bureaucrat deciding if you or a loved one should get medical care or just a pain pill to ease suffering until you die. Yes, either Obama is toast in November or we all are.

  • Heisenberg

    Obama won Wisconsin in 2008 by 14%. In 2010 the Republican won as governor. The DNC, the national union lobby, and national press attention caused a re-call election after only two years in office. It’s probable that Scott Walker will win his re-call election. A republican winning twice in less than two years after Obama won by 14%. You’re right John, he’s toast.

    • John Steigerwald

      Looking more like it every day. It’s not going to be close.

  • Dan

    The economy is always the number one factor in a presidential race, and that does not bode well for Obama. Also, the gay marriage issue and the contraception mandate will come back to haunt him. The “war on women” argument has fallen flat.

    This is a center-right country, and the economy plus the social issues will spell the end for Obama.

    180 days and counting.