Obama supporters like to dismiss anyone who suggests that President Obama is a socialist as a kook or a racist or both.

I don’t know where other people got their impression that the guy has serious socialist tendencies but I came to that realization by reading about his past.

If the media had spent 1/10th the time on Obama’s past that they spent trying to investigate Sarah Palin’s church, the guy wouldn’t have come close to getting the nomination.

People who dismiss the notion that he is a radical leftist like to base that opinion on what he has said since he became a presidential candidate.

He would have never been taken seriously as a national candidate if he had shown his true colors.

Stanley Kurtz did extensive research on Obama’s past and couldn’t get anyone in the mainstream media to pay attention to him four years ago.

Kurtz has proof that Obama belonged to socialist organizations that he and his campaign claimed he did not.

Obama’s supporters will dismiss this as ancient history and say it’s no longer relevant, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s proof that the guy harbors dangerous anti-capitalist if not anti-American feelings and it’s a great argument for not letting him fool the American people again and preventing him from getting a second term.

  • Heisenberg

    Of course he’s a Socialist. The Democrat party should be named the Socialist Party or worse. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” right out of the Karl Marx playbook and the Democrat party.

  • oksteeler

    Oh but if we say that we’re racist.

    • Tim

      You do seem to get upset when people call you a racist. It’s an ad hominem attack that makes no sense. Just like calling Obama a socialist.

      • John Steigerwald

        Actually, Obama has been a member of radical left wing and socialist organizations. Don’t know if OK has been a member of any racist organizations.

        • oksteeler

          Nope, I don’t have a white hood hanging in the back of the closet. Although I do believe some of your posters believe becoming a citizen of Oklahoma automatically comes with a KKK membership. But the closest I’ve ever came to being a member of a racist organization was when I was a registered Democrat.

    • Dan

      It would be a baseless accusation – if people didn’t give us sooooo much ammunition.

      • oksteeler

        Any criticism against Obama is ammunition.

  • Tim

    Calling him a radical, socialist etc elicit those responses because he hasn’t advocated anything that hasn’t been advocated before.

    He supported a bank bailout. Pro Capitalist there.

    Hardly the first person to support universal health care. His top rival in 08 for the nomination, Hillary, tried to pass it in ’93.

    The centerpiece of Obama’s health care plan, the mandate, was proposed by the Heritage Foundation and was supported for a Federal solution by both Romney and Gingrich.

    What is objected to, is not calling Obama a socialist, its the free pass given for everyone else.



      Haha…..Thanks for proving John’s point for him!! (unless your post is satire, of course).

    • Dan

      If he’s running on his record, which is all you hear about incumbents and which includes 21 tax cuts and is anything BUT socialist, then why are his haters making their minds up on a bunch of hearsay and poppycock from years and years ago?

      If his name was, say, Jim Reinhardt, he was white and he simply changed the D to an R next to his name, Republicans would be giving him a job approval of 80% having spontaneous orgasms during his speeches about getting bin Laden and extending tax cuts. His record is anything but radical and the most radical things about it were ideas the Republicans had first.

      But it’s not, so we have half the country pretending that the president’s only job is to fix the economy, and they want to elect some ham-hocked flip-flopping Wall Street crony who is going to let the psycho Tea Party people in Congress walk all over him. We’ll be wearing shock collars that zap if you don’t sing God Bless America, cock your double-barrel, and say a prayer to Sarah Palin every 15 minutes. Oh, and grandma’s medication costs will triple and half her coverage will be dropped while her Social Security is cut.

      • John Steigerwald

        Taxes go up in 2013 unless the Bush tax cuts are extended. He has been for eliminating them from the beginning and had to cave when the repubs took over the house. His past associations are important because they tell the story of just how radical he is and why he shouldn’t get a 2nd term when he will be unrestrained. Obamacare kicks in in 2013. That’s when the taxes go up. Funny how they made it take effect after the election. If his associations are so irrelevant, why does he try so hard to deny them?

        • Dan

          His past associations are not as important as his ACTUAL 4-YEAR RECORD as president. He was already “unrestrained” his first two years with a dem Congress and he was the most compromising president ever, all while the Reps. threatened filibuster on every single piece of proposed legislation in, refusing to return the favor in the most un-American display our “representatives” ever undertook. Think Romney will ever try reaching across the aisle? No chance. The red states took a great tradition of our two parties reaching across the aisle to each other to get things done and flushed it. And we wanna put them BACK in power just so the dems can return the favor and make it even worse?

          The real problem is he will be a puppet president and cave to Tea Party pressure. It’s actually a smart ploy by the party. Find rich, soft, flip-flopping white guy unfit to lead but with non-middle Eastern last name, use his money to get the party back in power and install him as a figurehead while the real powers pull the strings behind the scenes. Romney doesn’t have a spine and not a single conviction to stand on. And the Republican establishment loves it.

          • John Steigerwald

            My favorite compromise was on Obamacare. The Republicans didn’t have filibuster power. He didn’t get everything he wanted because democrats voted against him. His budget proposal was voted down 99-0 in the Senate.

        • Ned Twyman

          He was for eliminating them for people making over 250 k ONLY. I got news for you, the ONLY way we will eliminate the “massive debt” that you Tea Party types wring your hands over so much, will be to, wait for it…RAISE TAXES. The question will be which segment of society shoulders more of the burden. Obama, progressives, and Democrats will advocate that this should be corporations, billionaires, and millionaires. Romney, Teabaggers, and Republicans will advocate raising taxes on poor and middle class people. However, if Romney somehow tragically wins, you will witness the “massive debt” issue drop from the radar of the Teabaggers like a moderate Republican. I wonder why that would be?

          • John Steigerwald

            Those 250,000 earners own small businesses. They do the hiring. Taxes are scheduled to skyrocket in 2013. Lots of people with lots of money are waiting for the election before committing to investing any more money. Republicans are just as much to blame as democrats for overspending.

      • Gary M

        I live in a battleground state. The Obama adds have started. He is not running on his record. (As if he had a choice)
        His record, has 3 jewels.

        The Stimulus – Which is considered an abject failure by all non partisan reviews.
        Obamacare – Which, besides being unfordable and unsustainable may be unconstitutional.
        Bin Laden – He told the guys to go in. Of course he was against any of the tactics used to get the information needed to find him, but yes, he did say, ‘go get him’.

        Those are his achievements, his list of failures are even larger. But as Danny’s posts have illustrated before, if your against Floppy Ears, your a racist.

        • Dan

          No, if you’re a racist you’re a racist.

          • Gary M

            Dan says: He was already “unrestrained” his first two years with a dem Congress and he was the most compromising president ever
            Anyone who can make a statement like that either has no footing in reality or has other motives. Nothing can be further from the truth.

          • Dan

            You’re 40 years beyond the point in your life where you should be using a childish term like Floppy Ears at all, let alone to describe the president, but I’m the one with no footing in reality. You’re a parrot, nothing more.

            Thanks for playing.

  • Mike from Monroeville

    He’s a corporatist ass kisser.