This site has had thousands of visitors and responses since it went up last week. Most of the responses have been reactions to my original post about Ben Roethlisberger. Nobody came close to nailing it as well as this guy.
Author : Bobzilla

When’s the (stinkin’) media going to get it? They can’t be constantly blowing smoke up someone’s rear end without that person thinking he/she is entitled to special treatment.
Ron Cook wrote a column in which he said Roethlisberger’s only crime is poor judgement. C’mon!!! He had  restroom sexcapades in a public place.
The local media act like an innocent, unsuspecting Roethlisberger waundered into a bar to unwind from yet another tough week of being young, rich and famous, and was suddenly blindsided by a gold-digging wench.
By the sounds of things, Roethlisberger and his police posse stormed into that small Georgia town with all the bravado of a rock star.

By instructing his “bodyguards” to not allow men, but women only, into a nightclub’s VIP room, Roethlisberger was making it clear he wasn’t there to talk football. Evidently he was on the prowl, looking for potential sexual partners.
Guilty or innocent, the damage has been done. And now it’s going to be interesting to see how much longer the Rooneys are willing to allow this ego maniac hold their proud and low-key franchise hostage.
Based on his growing weight problem, his series of alleged concusions, his lack of arm strength to throw the deep ball and his inability to keep his pants up in public, Steelers Nation ought to be more than willing to see the Rooneys send this guy packing.



Thanks to Bob Smizik and his Post-Gazette blog, I came across what was an inevitable piece of stupidity from New York Daily News columnist Filip Bondy on Tiger Woods making his return at the Masters . Bondy is still beating up on Tiger for not joining Martha Burk’s crusade to force Augusta National to admit women several years ago.

He was among the thousands of columnists and commentators who couldn’t understand the concept of a men’s club. You wonder if there would be an outcry if Tiger was a Boy Scout Troop leader. Fortunately for the human race, Burk has become irrelevant, not that she ever was relevant.

Bondy sees some irony in the fact that Woods got in trouble for barring his wife from his real life and for objectifying women. As if that has anything to do with Augusta or golf. He makes the same mistake now that he and many of his colleagues made when Burk first showed up outside Augusta.

He assumes that Tiger is being cowardly for not protesting Augusta’s  exclusion of women and doesn’t consider the possibility that he, as well as 99% of the players on the PGA tour , 95% of the men and probably 70% of the women in the country are OK with it.

It’s a men’s Club.

When did that become a problem?

If an when a woman is ever admitted to Augusta ,she will have joined a new club because the one she petitioned to join will no longer exist.  It won’t be a men’s club anymore.

Golf was invented in the 13th century by a bunch of guys in Scotland who thought it might be fun to try to use a stick to knock rocks into a rabbit hole.

Try to imagine a group of women 800 years ago, or 8 minutes ago, for that matter, coming up with an idea that stupid. It’s one of the many indications that women are superior. The guys who got the idea probably never considered the idea of asking their wives because they knew they would be laughed at. (I write about this in my forthcoming book, “Just Watch The Game”, by the way.)

The spot where these guys came up with the idea is now The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew’s.  Quite a few British Opens have been played there.

In all the years that men and women have been on the planet, why is it that no woman has ever invented a game that men want to play?  (No sexual references, please.)

Why isn’t there a women’s club that men are just dying to join?

Call me crazy but I think those guys in Scotland 700 years ago saw knocking stones into a rabbit hole as a way to get away from their wives.

Men’s clubs exist so that men can have a place to go where they can swear, burp, fart, and scratch themselves without worrying about offending anyone.  Although, those guys at Augusta are pretty stuffy. I’m not sure too many of them would permit themselves to burp.

Forget farting.

Tiger Woods can be criticized for a lot of things and, boy, is he aware of that now, but for Bondy to criticize him for choosing a men’s club  for his return is even more stupid than the original protests.


Remember when your government “leaders” were telling you that the 15% increase in the Allegheny County sales tax was good for you? That was back when most people were voting against the idea to pay for two new stadiums. We were told that the new stadiums would do wonders for the local economy and local government treasuries. Since then, the city has gone into receivership and Allegheny County has a new 10% tax on alcohol. Now, Luke Ravenstahl wants to tax your Gatorade. And your Pepsi. And your iced tea.  Next time you hear or read another heartwarming story about how wonderful it is to see all those black and gold jerseys at Steelers road games, keep in mind that those people don’t live around here anymore because they were chased out by population reducing, job destroying taxes. But hey, keep pulling that Democrat crank. Pittsburgh is like Havana. Governed by the same idiots for 70 years. The difference is that Pittsburghers are allowed to leave. And they’ve been doing it in droves.  And the idiots who have caused the exodus keep getting reelected and keep doing the same things that keep driving people away. I think that’s called insanity.


These guys just keep out doing themselves. Bud Selig is going to fix everything by realigning Major League Baseball.

Why is it that these guys can’t face the fact that their economic system is a joke and the only way to achieve parity and not the parody of a league that exists now is with a salary cap?  This is a gimmick from the guy who likes to run around the country telling us that these are the golden days of baseball. He truly is a super idiot among idiots.


Remember all the grief and outpouring of sympathy when Ben Roethlisberger almost died in a motorcycle accident? It was all understandable and justified. Although, you always have to wonder about the pathetic people who showed up in their Steeler garb and held vigils outside the hospital.

(There are a lot of people out there who are in dire need of a perspective when it comes to the Steelers. Some of them can be found in the comments section of this website.)

There was quite a bit of discussion at the time about Roethlisberger’s decision to ride without a helmet. And, speaking of perspective, there were lots of people out there who thought Roethlisberger’s position as quarterback of the Steelers obligated him more than normal humans to wear a helmet. Not to the Steelers, which I agree with, but to the fans.

As though his life is somehow any more important than the life of any other man or anybody’s else’s husband, father or brother. I never got that and I said that I thought he had every right to not wear a helmet. I have no problem with Pennsylvania not having a helmet law as long  I’m not asked  to take care of someone whose brains are splattered all over the road.

If you recall, at the time, there were stories about Ben being asked to do a public service announcement encouraging motorcyclists to wear helmets and he declined.

It could be because he wasn’t planning to wear a helemt, either.

The Steelers, once they knew that Roethlisberger was going to recover from his injuries, had to be awfully annoyed by his recklessness. Especially after they had begged him to wear a helmet.

Here’s another example of his recklessness. Not long after he recovered from his injures, Roethlisberger was out on the highway on a large motorcycle without a helmet.

This is according to a 1000% reliable source. That’s one thousand percent. He worked for a local TV station and videotaped it himself and when he brought the tape to the news director to see, he was asked to hand the tape over and it was destroyed.

It never made the air, but you wonder if the news director let the Steelers know. Or should we wonder if the Steelers already knew?  This provides two good examples.

First, of Ben’s recklessness.

Two, the media’s willingness to quash stories that might make the Steelers uncomfortable.


A little while ago someone posted a testimonial to Ben Roethlisberger. It was well written and talked about how friendly, generous and wonderful he is with some examples.

That’s good. The other side of the story should be told.

He had some good examples of what Ben has to put up with from fans looking for autographs.

Let’s be clear. Not one bit of my criticism is based on complaints from frustrated autograph seekers.

Unless it’s during training camp in Latrobe or outside Heinz Field on game day, they deserve whatever rude treatment they get.

Leave the guy alone.

Leave all your favorite “celebrities” alone when they’re in the supermarket or eating in a restaurant. They don’t want to hear what a big Steeler fan you are or that you haven’t missed a game in 37 years.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much Roethlisberger is tortured when he tries to have some kind of a life. My opinion of this guy is based on stories I’ve heard from credible people who usually started with a question that went something like this: “Why is Ben Roethlisberger such an _________”?  My answer has always been, “You know, I’ve never had a problem with the guy, but I can’t believe the number of people who ask me the question you just asked.”

I volunteered my own story on the first blog that went up on this website and it created a firestorm. I gave the now famous Make-A-Wish story as my example. I was told–unsolicitied–by a woman that Ben had failed to show up for a meeting with a Make-A-Wish kid a few years ago and even received an email from a woman claiming to be the kid’s mother.

I just considered it another story to throw on the mountainous pile. Apparently, that’s considered a pretty serious offense out there in blogland. It created a firestorm. My little blog was linked to 127 other websites in North America.

Meanwhile, when I wrote it I thought it was going to be a tree falling in the forest. I really didn’t expect to get more than 10 or 12 visitors and I would have been thrilled with two or three responses. I had over 5,000 visitors. Welcome to the blogosphere.

I spoke with a spokesperson from Make-A-Wish , by the way, and she wouldn’t confirm or deny the story. She said, “We never comment on individual wishes and the Steelers have been wonderful partners.”

There are some other details to the story that I didn’t bother to mention. None of them make Ben look any better.

Call me crazy, but, if I were in charge at Make-A-Wish and I had the Steelers as a partner, I would be doing my best to assure everybody that it never happened, if that were the case.

If it turns out that the story isn’t true, I promise I’ll apologize to Roethlisberger with every medium that will have me and the retraction will be on the front page here and it won’t be on page 47 of the papers that carry my column.

Finally, the poster, who did a great job of defending Ben, had to ask if I’m being tough on him because Ben snubbed me for an autograph.  If I had asked him for an autograph, I would have been shocked and disappointed if he hadn’t snubbed me.

All autograph seekers–except for kids–and not the ones who are goaded into asking by their parents–deserve to be snubbed unless it’s outside the Stadium door or on the St. Vincent College campus.