Roethlisberger Again

Whoops. I’m new at this blogging thing and I just realized that I sent my first two posts about Ben Roethlisberger to the trash by mistake and instead of trying to retrieve them, I decided to just combine what I said in one post.

My first point is that none of this stuff surprises me. I’ve been covering sports in Pittsburgh since 1977 and I have never come across a player who generated so many unsolicited “hey why is this guy such a jackass” questions. I can’t remember a player who generated 1/10 as many of those kinds of questions.

There are a ridiculous number of stories around town about Roethlisberger refusing to pay his tab in clubs and restaurants and just generally being a jackass to people that he meets. I recounted the story of the email that I got from a woman who claimed Ben blew off a Make-A-Wish kid.

The woman was working in the hotel where the Make-A-Wish family was staying and she saw the girl crying hysterically. She was told that the girl had been promised a meeting with Roethlisberger and he was a no-show. The woman said in her email that KDKA should stop treating Ben like a hero and make her story public.

I told her that I couldn’t do that just based on her email. We eventually spoke by phone and she put me in contact with the Make-A-Wish family. A woman claiming to be the little girl’s mother verified the story in an email, but said she didn’t want to go public with it because she wanted to spare her daughter the public trauma.

Now, both of these women could have been involved in some kind of conspiracy and I was duped, but I don’t think so. When the emails were shown to KDKA-TV’s News Director, he made it clear that the news department wouldn’t be looking into it any further. He made it clear that he wouldn’t touch the story with a 10 foot pole. So,I couldn’t go on the air with it.

I was reluctant to mention the story in my column because newspapers are a lot more strict about sourcing etc. With all the stuff hitting the fan about Ben, I decided to lay the story out there on the first post on my brand new website. I looked at it as just one more story about Ben being a jackass to add to the thousands of similar stories already on the blogosphere.

My attitude is, this is a blog and I’ll tell you exactly what I heard and how I heard it and you can judge for yourself. Personally, I believe the story. The reaction here was unbelievable. I had hoped to get a few responses after I mentioned the site on the 93.7 The Fan Wednesday and Bob Smizik plugged the site on his Post Gazette blog yesterday. You can see by the number of responses that it became a runaway freight train.

I’ve had people tell me that they’re talking about my post in Chicago and Florida and last night I got a request to go on Sirius Mad Dog Radio. I’ll be on tonight at 9. To sum up my original thoughts. Ben Roethlisberger is a great quarterback and a Bad Citizen. He’s also a punk.

If he is charged with sexual assault he has to be treated as harshly as Mike Vick was and be suspended indefinitely. If the NFL doesn’t suspend him, the Steelers should. If the Rooney family wants to live up to its image of running the NFL’s model franchise and not tolerating bad citizens, they should release him. These are all big ifs, but IF Ben’s charged, and he doesn’t go, the Rooney’s lose their claim to the high ground.

  • Richard Claraval

    TOTALY agree about how the Rooney’s should handle it if Rothlisberger is charged. We’ll see how much integrity they have.

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  • Tom

    I’m livid with ESPN for “selling” the two game suspension as a really BIG deal. I’m sure the commissioner will go along with this HARSH punishment. This guy should be cooling his heals in jail for two years, not two games. By the way, he would be if the girl would have agreed to help the prosecutor.

  • http://Ben Alex

    Hi John, I use to email you from work at times from shady side and glad you are back. One part that bothered me was the Devil on the shirt. Many overlook that, but I do not when caught doing this accusation. I hope he did not do anything non consentual, but even if consentual, it is creepy given that there are body guards etc as part of the process.

  • grant

    Why do we continue to put athletes and other celebrities on pedestals and worship them as role models?

    Celebrities and entertainers are just as flawed, if not more so, than average no name citizens.

    The Beatles were “bad citizens”, according to your criteria – they did illegal drugs, John Lennon cheated on his first wife with Yoko Ono, they probably did their fair share of womanizing as popular young men.

    BUT, they created some of the most profound, revolutionary music of the past 50 years.

    We typically don’t judge artists and musicians based on their personal lives. Why do we continue to do so with the Ben Roethlisburgers and Tiger Woods of the world? They are elite athletes, and should be judged solely on what they do on the field.

    Who cares if they are “bad citizens”? Some of the best artists, actors, and musicians lead pretty f-ed up lives, but we still admire their work. Why can’t you admire Ben Roethlisburger for his work on the field and leave it at that?

    Professional Athletes are entertainers, just like artists and musicians. Morally and ethically, they are just as messed up as the rest of us.

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  • Jim Hilton

    BB (Big Ben) is starting to sound and act like a bigger ass than our good friend (the other BB – Barry Bonds). I’m probably in the minority, but I’m ready to see the Steelers sever ties with him. I know, I know….he throws touchdowns and wins games and gives it his all when he’s on the field. I’m proud to say I’m a Steelers’ fan but I don’t want this team to turn into the Raiders.

    Thanks for the updates, John. It’s nice to see a sports reporter in Pittsburgh who is not afraid of upsetting the more well known athletes. Keep blogging and I hope to continue to see you around the hockey rinks.

  • Larry

    Got to add my 2 cents… My wife and I have known my local neighborhood kid all of his young life. Great kid in every way! Struck up a conversation with him 2 summers ago. Seems he had got a ball boy job with the Steelers. I got to asking him about certain players and I mentioned one of my favorites, Big Ben. He got quiet. He told me that he couldn’t stand him as he was a jerk. I was shocked when I heard this. Fast forward to this past year. My best friend’s son works as a bartender at one of the South Side’s bar/restaurant that is close to Steeler’s workout facility. He told me that he met Ben more than once and found that he too lost respect for Ben the way he acted to the workers and women that were there. I have to tell you that due to these 2 people giving me first hand accts of Ben’s character, I have lost respect for him. Now to have not one (you think he would have learned his lesson from the first one) but 2 women accuse him of sexual misconduct is really starting to put doubts in my mine that Ben should remain the Steeler’s QB. Character counts and it seems he is lacking it. Thanks John for your wit and wisdom all of these years of reporting!

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Officially added to the pile.

  • Nick

    I was leaving a Steelers training camp practice in Latrobe a few years ago and as I was heading to the parking lot with my kids, a golf cart rode past us carrying Ben Roethlisberger.

    As he rode by, Ben threw a shoe at some little kid! Out of nowhere! (Okay, maybe he was just tossing it to him as a keepsake, but I’d like to believe he was trying to maim him. The kid appeared to be elated, but I’m pretty sure on the inside he was devastated)

    John, please jot this down in your old-man diary of people who think that Ben is a jerk.

  • JMS55

    Let me make this perfectly clear, I don’t agree alot with Mark Madden, but in this case I do. This was a “total” chararcter assassination of Ben. You are a poor excuse of a journalist. Where is your journalistic integrity??? One thing Mark Madden did point out was the fact you retracted some of your earlier statements both in print and live on air on Fan 93.7. Why?? Because of the fear of lawsuit for libel and slander. I know there’s no love lost on your opinions of Ben. But as a credible journalist you have to report objectively. I heard your comments made on 93.7 from which they call you ” The Sports Grouch”!!! in which I categorize as supermarket tabloid journalism. Anything to sell papers, books, news copy or headlines for the Nightly News and get your 15 minutes of fame based on the misfortune of others. Maybe its your lousy, unprofessional personality that cost you your job at KDKA. Only those truly involved know the true answer to that question. I for one am glad I no longer have to listen to your ridiculous game day analagies. To go one step further, I think the presence of Jory Rand on the sports desk and on game day is quite refreshing and excerpts professionalism and integrity. One more question that I want to ask is: How could the likes of Bob Pompiani have worked and tolerated you for so long is beyond me. Is has the professionalism, intelligence and integrity to do the job as it was meant to be done.

    Also, speaking of journalistic integrity, I have to commend Gerry Dulac, Ed Bouchette, Stan Savran, Guy Junker, Bob Pompiani, Sally Wiggin, Mike Prisuta and Bob Labriola for their true pofessionalism and integrity and as I would consider the best in the business. While, you, on the other hand should go crawl under a rock until you have enough intelligence and integrity to fill their shoes. Until then, JUST SHUT UP!!!

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I haven’t retracted anything. But thanks for your time and thanks for not getting personal. Have a nice life.

      • JMS55

        You better believe this is personal. And if I was Ben, I would take all of this personal. You started a firestorm and when the flames became so out of control you tried to put them out but couldn’t and you did retract your original story. You are now saying you did’t imply that he was high. READ your own words. Don’t insult everyone’s intelligence with your sick sense of humor and your unprofessionalism. You assassinate Ben in this blog and that’s ok by you because you feel you are entitled to your opinion. Well, everyone has an opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs. You are spreading vicious rumors about Ben that are not substantiated and based clearly on hearsay. Why not wait until all of the facts are released before passing judgement. Besides, who are you and the rest of these critics, to judge anyone.
        Its been reported that he didn’t grant you an interview and you took that personally. Grow up, its like I don’t like this game so I’m going to take my bat and ball and go home and you’ll get even for all of this. Boo Hoo Hoo!!! SHUT UP!!!

        • JohnSteigerwald

          Never asked him for an interview and was never turned down and never accused him of anything.

          • JMS55

            You called him a punk, jackass and a bad citizen based upon the alleged incident in GA. What do you call that???

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Being observant.

  • Bobby

    Come on people, think! If there was even the slightest bit of guilt on the part of Ben, he’d pay these girls (what they want anyway) and make them go away. By Ben pulling out all stops to defend himself and drag this out just tells you he is innocent and wants to clear his name.

  • WDF

    John, can you think of any other QB that has this many bad accounts associated with him? I can’t. Thank god for parents like Archie & Olivia Manning who brought up two classy and humble QBs who are impeccably polite and gentlemen off the field.

  • Mike

    So, you were there smokin’ weed and snortin’ coke with Ben? How in the living hell can you use your media vehicle to create a storyline that doesn’t exist? I could see if it was Yinzer Bob in Crafton who didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. But you have a 30-year reporting career. Isn’t there something resembling responsibility involved here?

    What we have here is plenty of misinformation or just plain lack of facts. Check your facts…was Ben charged? NO! Did he get charged in Lake Tahoe? NO! There is a Grand Canyon of real estate between convicted sexual predator and two women looking for a payoff in civil court claiming a rich sports figure assaulted them.

    Here’s a couple blurbs to consider about the Tahoe case:

    According to Andrea McNulty, she was working as an executive casino host in July 2008, when she said Roethlisberger struck up a friendly conversation at her desk during the golf tournament, the next night she said Roethlisberger telephoned her to tell her that the television sound system in his room wasn’t working and asked her to look at it. The woman said she determined that the TV was functioning properly, but as she turned to leave Ben stood in front of the door and blocked her, then grabbed her and started to kiss her. According to the lawsuit, the woman required hospitalization for treatment for depression after the alleged attack.

    In an affidavit obtained by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it states that the alleged victim Andrea McNulty allegedly bragged to a co-worker, Angela Antonetti, about having consensual sex with Roethlisberger. In a sworn statement, the woman said McNulty did not appear to be upset about the incident. Antonetti went on to say McNulty expressed the possibility of being pregnant and she was hoping for “a little Roethlisberger.” Moreover, Antonetti said, the woman asked her to travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in August 2008 for a Steelers game and to try to “run into” Roethlisberger. Antonetti told her that she shouldn’t try to chase Roethlisberger. Antonetti said she was “absolutely shocked” on July 21 when she heard on the radio that the woman had claimed Roethlisberger had assaulted her “because I knew the allegation was false”.

    So…what have we learned here? One, that the Washington-Observer (who you work for) chose not to publish exerpts from the allegation. Two, a depressed chick who couldn’t snare her obsession doesn’t necessarily mean she was sexually assaulted.

    Facts, man. Gather some and get back to us later. Much later.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I can’t believe the hysteria that this has created. I simply said that just because he wasn’t drinking doesn’t mean he wasn’t high. It’s an observation not an accusation. I never said he was charged. I just know he’s been accused of sexual assault twice. How many guys do you know who have been accused of sexual assault twice in 8 months? I was skeptical about the story in Tahoe and said so in my column. I said I would be surprised if he wasn’t exonerated. This one’s different and–call me crazy–but it has me re-thinking the Tahoe incident a little.

  • Will Morris

    Rumor has it that Styggy is also a “birther” kind of says it all. I guess if you believe someone that’s not a legal US citizen can make it all the way to be POTUS, you’d also believe every rumor your hear about others.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I’m a birther now? Thanks. I wasn’t aware of that.

  • Bob

    I am a 73 year old life long resident of Pittsburgh, and I have a few different opinions on this matter of Big Ben.
    First lets remember we are all innocent until proven guilty.Second, I’d like to say when Ben had his bike accident, the first words out of my mouth were “You jag-off, you stupid jag-off”. When I heard this latest thing, my first words were ” you did it again you stupid jag-off ” that bike accident must have caused you brain damage.
    Ben should be put in a lower class than Mike Vick…. How low can you go before this society wakes up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TONY D

    THIS IS A BLOG. If John wants to speculate what could possibly have caused Ben to possibly commit a crime, that’s not slander. I speculate that his motorcycle accident and numerous concussions could be affecting his brain…is that also slander? Both are guesses of what might possibly be true.

    Either way, it’s nice for once to have someone from the Pittsburgh media telling it like he sees and hears it, instead of cowering in the corner when covering the Steelers. The last guy I remember who used to ask relevant Q’s of the Steelers has disappeared (Thor Tolo). Ask Ed Bouchette why Gary Russell was released, and he’ll tell you it was to create cap space to sign Charlie Batch or that Russell was no Franco Harris. Ed knows that’s not the reason. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you–and the Pgh media has been guilty of this for years with the Steelers.

    I, for one, am thrilled that John is willing to tell it like it is involving Ben based on the information he has. If Ben turns out to be innocent, I’m guessing John will also talk about that, too.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Thanks Tony, although I can tell you I have no idea why Gary Russel was released.

      • TONY D


        The police are the reason Russell got released. Not the rock band, either.

        Bouchette has finally admitted the Steelers answers regarding the Russell release might be a cover-up, but he hasn’t elaborated.

        Keep up the good work!

  • George

    Sorry, but humor me, as I haven’t lived in Pittsburgh in 27 years.

    Why won’t KDKA touch the story? Do they have the Steelers games?

    (AFC used to be on NBC, ie WIIC, back in the day).

    • JohnSteigerwald


  • Melissa

    If anything, he’s proven himself to be a complete dolt. Common sense would tell you that if you are currently embroiled in a legal battle over a sexual assault charge, you should stay away from young college chicks in bars. Period. For once, I’d like to hear him publicly apologize for his bar hopping antics and making a laughing stock out of the Steelers organization, but no such luck. His ego has clearly gotten in the way of his decision making off the field. It’s a shame, really.

  • Josh

    Got to love public lynchings. This reminds me of an old fashioned witch hunt where it only takes one allegation to kill.

    The yinzers have gotten two superbowls from this man. Shut the hell up and watch him play ball.

    • Allen

      You’re absolutely right. Those two Super Bowls trump any amuont of criminal activity he could do. Maybe he can kill some people and we can forgive him for that, too!

      Sometimes I wonder if Hitler could throw a curveball if idiots would forgive the Holocaust.

  • Duke76

    John – let me be the first to point out that you could have been f***ing goats and smoking crack when you first posted that Mr. Roethlisberger could have been high on something other than alcohol last Thursday night, then “accidentally” deleted that post, then “forgot” to repeat your earlier statement that Mr. Roethlisberger could have been high on something other than alcohol last Thursday night when you “combined” your earlier posts regarding Mr.Roethlisberger.

    I of course am not accusing you of anything and there is no accusation in this post. Do you think it is unfair to suggest you could have been f***ing goats and smoking crack when you blogged yesterday that Mr. Roethlisberger could have been high on something other than alcohol without having any prior conduct to cite in suppport of asking that “question”?

    Maybe you will post this inquiry, unlike when you posted all the gushing “great to have you blogging John” posts last night while declining to post my inquiry last evening that asked what basis you had for tossing out the innuendo that Mr. Roethlisberger might have been high on something other than alcohol last week.

    As I posted last evening, there is every indication Mr. Roethlisberger has been a jerk for years and if he did what he is accused of doing in Milledgeville he should burn for it.

    Glad to see you got on Sirius.and had Florio link to you on PFT –

    Stay classy.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      No. I’m a horrible columnist.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I’ve since reiterated everything I said. Bleat. Bleat. If you hear a guy acted like a total idiot and knew he hadn’t been drinking, would you rule out the possibility of him being high on something else. If yoiu see a guy driving erratically and you know he had nothing to drink. Would questioning whEther he was high on something else constitute accusing him or would it just be considering all possibilities?

  • Allen

    I have a story to relate, and I’ll change the names to protect the innocent. One of the students that I have worked with extensively as a substitute teacher had his own run-in with Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger was unloading footballs from his vehicle, and this student of mine – an 8th grader – went over and asked him for an autograph. Ben’s response? “Get the hell out of here, kid.” The “kid” now hates Ben Roethlisberger with all of his heart and is, no doubt, taking delight in this current farce.

    It baffles me why people defend him so vehemently when he has very clearly established himself as a drunk, arrogant lout. I find it even funnier when people refer to him as “Ben,” like they’re part of his inner-circle.

    When you see people lining up to lash out at anyone who dares to criticize Ben Roethlisberger or mention a story about his boorish behavior, it really helps you understand why people have so willingly let dictators take over countries. I guess stupidity really is human nature.

  • GG

    It is obvious that Big Ben is guilty of being a first class moron at the very least, and at the worst is guilty of a disgusting crime and deserves all the punishment the law allows. However I am surprised that you seemed shocked by this behavior. Professional athletes have a terrible time being decent human beings, and it’s largely our fault as a society. From the time they are very young (sometimes middle school or earlier) they are praised, given everything, and told how wonderful they are. Then they are given millions of dollars at a very young age, and yet they go into any bar and people are lined up to buy them a drink.

    And we expect them to good, well adjusted adults?

    If I watched sports based on the character of the people involved, I would never watch sports again. We just need to admit that these people we used to idolize are not worth anything near that level of admiration, and not be shocked when one turns out to be a deviant of some sort.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Works for me.

  • Brynorb

    John, You are a horrible columnist, yes, ben may be the biggest jerk in town, but I’m not ready to throw him under the bus already. I really love the bandwagon folks, when he’s on top you love him & when he’s down you want to get rid of him! I don’t believe most of the things that get reported in these situations & it only adds fuel to the fire. If ben Isn’t charged, will you retract your story & issue an apology????

  • George


    There have been some in Pittsburgh chastizing the Steeler brass for “not supporting Ben” when they have openly done so for James Harrison and others. While Ben has been convicted of nothing, he certainly has shown himself to be a jackass. How much of the Steeler reaction is tied to media indications from early in Ben’s career concerning his “unpopularity” with his teamates? Just wondering if he is still that unpopular internally and has worn out his welcome with the Steelers for reasons other than his off field antics?

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I think it’s safe to say that more players respect his ability than like him as a person. I haven’t been around the team as much as I used to. So that may have changed.

  • Traci

    clearly this is a blog for Rothlisberger haters…fine…everyone is allowed their opinion…I though originally I was reading and unbiased reporters blog….my bad…

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Spread te love. It’s open to everybody. An unbiased blog would be pretty boring.

  • Traci

    Comparing Ben Rothlisberger to Michael Vick is disgusting…Michael Vick bated and abused and financed dogs to go into a ring and kill each other…and profited from was ‘sport’ to him…Michael Vick is inhumane to me…he belongs in the same conversation as Charles Manson…not Ben Rothlisberger….Even if this stuff about Ben is true (and I dont believe it it) he still is no where near the scum of Michael Vick…unless of course Ben put two women in a ring and shot them until they killed each other…sickening comparison…

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I didn’t compare Vick to Roethlisberger. I compared a player being charged and suspended–which Vick was–and a player who could be charged–Ben–and who will have to be suspended. I’m a certified dog trainer. Nobody despises Vick more than I do. I hope he blows out his knee on his next play and never plays again.

    • erin

      so you think that dog fighting is worse than a man raping human women?!? that is disgusting. there is just no justice for women when rape is involved. people always want to blam the women for rape. i guess that being drunk is an invite for rape now. it makes me sooo sick to read these kind of comments.

  • Jason


    First off i want to say that its really good to hear from you again. I really enjoyed your comments on KDKA-TV & on your old radio show you had and listened to you all the time. I really wish you would get a postion at 93.7 the fan, that would be awesome.

    Ok, to the point, i have another Ben story for you, personally, i cant stand him, i never did. Iam a steelers fan, i can do without him, anyhow, my neighbor was at Cosco in Cranberry about 1 month ago, and she saw Ben there. She told me that there was about 3 young kids came up to him and asked him to sign something for them, he told them to “get away from me”. Now i dont care, i understand that maybe you want to be left alone, but when you make all that money, and your a figure that kids look up to, you just dont do that to kids, you sign there ass if they want you too. I cant stand him, i hope the Rooney’s kick him off the team. Keep up the good work John, take care!

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I have no use for any athlerte who is mean to kids. But I also have verylittle patience for adults who can’t leave players alone when they’re out in public. As much of a jackass as Ben is, the fasns deserve a lot of the blame, too. They need to back off a little bit.

    • saneman

      As much as I am not happy with Ben, I do think no fan is entitled to an autograph. Athletes deserve privacy. Though I would prefer if Ben just smile and refuse the kids. That’s what is frustrating about Ben. It is not that tough to be a decent human being. Even someone like Ben has bad days, but he is friendly enough a lot of the time, he gets slack when he goes mess up. Ben lost that slack with his overall behavior.

  • JustAnotherBloke

    John, you’ve got to get the formatting working in your blog posts. On my screen, there are no paragraph breaks and the post is very hard to read without them.

    Good luck with your blog.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Working on it . Thanks

  • chad

    i’m sure my comment was denied. Your a coward. You committed slander by recklessly accusing Roethlisberger being involved with drugs. Also who cares if Ben doesn’t like to sign autographs? Does that really make him a bad person?

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I didn’t accuse him of anything. All I said was the fact that he wasn’t drinking much didn’t mean he wasn’t high.

  • leon

    release him for what if they release him they wont win anymore super bowls anytime soon, he don’t have to sign autographs all the time let the man breath if they release ben who will be the qb thyey will be back to the old steelers

    • JohnSteigerwald

      What would justify releasing hum? Murder? Or does having two Super Bowl rings give him total immunity?

  • chad

    How the fuck could you accuse Ben of being high? That’s slander buddy. I have grown up reading your work and can’t believe you would stump that low. Ben has never been accused of doing anything involving drugs. How could you just make something like that up? Unbelievable.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I didn’t accuse him of anything. I simply said that a guy who hasn’t been doing a lot of drinking could still be high. Are you disputing that?

  • Tony Hill

    Here John , I found your first “blog” that “trashed” or did you mean you
    were trashed when you submitted it? I no longer view you as a journalist John. Were you forced to remove your slanderous libel comments, John? Are you HIGH?

    by John Steigerwald

    I guess I should get my two cents in on Ben Roethlisberger:

    First of all, none of this surprises me. Ben is a bad citizen. He doesn’t know how to treat people and he definitely doesn’t know how to handle being the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In my more than 30 years of working in the Pittsburgh sports media, I have never had any player come close to generating as many unsolicited questions from fans as Roethlisberger has. They want to know why he’s such a jackass. And these aren’t just Steelers fans who got turned down for an autograph. It’s men and women from all walks of life.

    Most of the accounts of the incident in Georgia mention that Ben wasn’t drinking much. The implication being that he wasn’t high. Let me be the first to point out that he could very easily have been high on something other than alcohol. If that turns out to be the case, will you be surprised?

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Who would force me to remove it? I didn’t accuse him. I just said that when you’re discussing someone’s possible criminal behavior and use the fact that he didn’t have much to drink to bolster your defense of him, you’re discounting too many other possibilities. As I said in the post, would you be surprised to hear that an NFL player who has been accused of abusing a woman was high on something other than alcohol. There was nothing close to an accusation.

  • Jeff

    Big Ben is a douchebag and an embarrassment to the team. I wish we would get rid of him

  • great_santini

    I had a post that was deleted and just wanted to reiterate for future readers. Ben is a proven jerk. I know women that practically had to fend him off with stick, then were verbally abused by his entourage and him for not doing what he wanted. I persoanlly have seen him in local bars and he acted like a jerk to most people, employess and other patrons alike. I will still root for the Steelers, and I understand that Ben gives them a great chance to win, but I cannot in good conscience root for this jerk individually. I feel bad for guys like Polamalu, Heath Miller and Charlie Batch having to deal with this guy as a teammate. They are all professionals that also happen to be good people. I hope Ben did not commit this crime. When it comes down to it, this isn’t about football. If these allegations are true it is just about a naive young girl being assaulted by an entitled slob. Good luck on the blog, John. I look forward to being a regular reader.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Another story to add to the pile.
      Thanks for the good wishes

  • SteelerSam

    John, I hear the negative stories but why no mention of the good stuff about Ben. Is it because he always avoided you when you were with KDKA? I recall how Ben wouldn’t give you the time of day for an interview and instead ran to the more high-profile ESPN reporters after winning the big game.

    I’ve run into Ben Roethlisberger many times around town and he’s been nothing but down to Earth polite…a normal guy. I have noticed that he’s a lot more withdrawn when approached by a larger crowd but one on one I forgot that it was the same guy we watched win a Super Bowl.

    Wasn’t it Big Ben that took it upon himself to reach out to the family of the fallen state trooper and doesn’t Ben also donate money to the police K-9 unit of every host city he plays in?

    Another respected member of the Pittsburgh media has said that sources close to the Steelers say that it appears unlikely that any criminal charges again Ben are coming.

    Ben might be a jerk in public, your story might about Make-A-Wish might even be true, but I can’t stand when people pass judgement without the complete facts. Being rude does not make the guy a rapist or criminal.

    In my opinion, you showed good judgement to hold back from your story as a journalist because you can’t run half-baked stories…running this story and suggesting Ben was on drugs was both irresponsible and comes off as a ploy to generate a buzz for your new website John…that’s just as classless as making out in a dirty bathroom if you ask me…

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I never had a problem with him avoiding me. Never had any problem with him at all. If not for the mountain of stories about what a creep he is, I would think he’s an OK guy. I didn’t suggest he was on drugs. I said just because he didn’t appear to be drinking a lot doesn’t mean he wasn’t high on something else. That’s not an accusation that’s just common sense.

    • saneman

      Big Ben is human. He will have good days. Even freaking T.O. who I consider a clubhouse cancer has good days where he acts like a decent guy. I know a couple of people in Pittsburgh who even had good meetings with Barry Bonds. It doesn’t mean crap.

      It really pains me to bash him as my entire family have been Big Ben fans. I have been thrilled with his selection because I knew he would be an intergral part of a few SB runs when he showed his mettle during his rookie year. But I am done with this guy whether he is guilty or not. I can no longer minimize the troubling signs I have seen in this guy for years. What kind of guy rewards a club that is paying him 100M with coming into camp out of shape? You seriously do not think that doesn’t have an effect on his scrambling? What kind of guy doesn’t put everything into studying game film on a Peyton Manning level when given 100M ? Peyton doesn’t have Ben’s talent, but he makes the most of what he has. The same with Brady. Brady has lots of fun with women and still worked his ass off and seems much more genuine with his teammates than Ben who seems to only bond with the OL and heath. Hines Ward has consistently taken discounts to play for the Steelres and yet he comes into camp in 100% shape.

      • Matt

        Anyone else not have issue with “Peyton doesn’t have Ben’s talent, but he makes the most of what he has.” ?
        Your post lost some credibility there.

      • Siggy

        “I said just because he didn’t appear to be drinking a lot doesn’t mean he wasn’t high on something else. That’s not an accusation that’s just common sense”

        So any night you act like a jackass on a sports radio/TV show if you didn’t drink before you went on we can suggest that you were on drugs?

        That’s not an accusation that’s just common sense right?

        • JohnSteigerwald

          Any time a woman who is with me accuses me of sexual assault and/or I’ve been acting like an idiot but you know I qwasn’t drinking, you have my permission to not rule out the possibility that I was high on something other than alcohol.

          • Siggy

            Hey John,

            How did you feel when the Duke Lacrosse team was accused of rape?

          • JohnSteigerwald

            You mean when two strippers voluntarily went to a house full of drunken guys and took their clothes off as opposed to an underage college kid in a bar? You don’t see the difference there? There have been many cases of “gang rape” that I have been very suspicious of and in most cases my suspicions were warranted. You can’t possibly think that this is comparable to the Duke Lacrosse case.

          • Siggy

            Just because a guy is accused doesn’t make him guilty.

            She’s not underaged. She’s an underaged DRINKER.

            You’re an adult at 18 John, not 21.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Of course I meant underaged drinker but I get your point.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          You can suggest anything you want. You just can’t rule out the possibility that I could be high without drinking. See the difference? Probably not.

  • JohnSteigerwald

    Mike Vick was CHARGED and suspended. He was SUSPENDED before he was CONVICTED. How’s that for a clue?

    • saneman

      AS a big time Steelers fan, let me join in and say that it saddens me to see hypocrtical fans who bash other teams for the same stuff they want to give the benefit of doubt to their team. Can you imagine the same fans being so charitable to Tony Romo if he was accused of assault just once?

      The track record of Ben is horrible. A lot of these i tended to minimize because I loved his playing style, but collectively, i just cant ignore anymore
      1) Has had t3wo sexual assault allegations. Other than Michael Irvin, I can’t think of a single superstar who has had this many.
      2) Broken toes controversy. Let’s face it. Many of us supported him over Cowher. Now, I believe Cowher especially after Ben pulled the same kind of tall tale with Tomlin over some other injury.
      3) Santonio Holmes: I believe Ben flat out lied when he said he reached out to Holmes on the phone when he was drafted and offered hel. Holmes flat out looked confused when posed a question about that from some reporter. He had no idea what Ben was talking about.
      4) Don’t you think Hines Ward’s unclassy takedown of Ben on NBC had something to do with Hines Ward probably thinking Ben was up to some drama again? I was on Ben’s side. But now I think Hines Ward really thought Ben was creating drama again. That lack of credibility led to the Hines Ward blunder on NBC.
      5) Mark Madden hinted that Ben not getting the team MVP a couple of years ago was racially motivated. I didnt think so, but I could not dismiss that possibility either. But now when you look at Ben’s track record, and the fact that even Charlie Batch had to lecture him on how to be a leader, you wonder if the other players had a point and it was not mere jealousy. .
      6) Remember when Ben was being an unclassy jerk talking about Wisenhunt – a man about whom I haven’t heard a single bad thing about from any other player?
      7)Skipping out on even a single restaurant tab when you earn many millions of dollars is one of the lowest things you can do. hell, I disliked Michael Jordan immensely when I heard first hand about his cheapness when it came to tipping.
      8) His out of shape blubberiness and lack of attention to game film study gave us games like Cleveland or stuff like his constant INTs in the 3rd quarters of many games. Yes, he had a good year overall, but his lack of work ethic will lead to other players taking it easy too. Maybe someone like Holmes will see Ben taking it easy and go lazy on the preparation for a game. Right now, Ben is getting by on great talent. I personally think he is on par with Bradshaw and more polished early on . What a waste.

      It’s not just Jophn Steigerwald. even the PostGazette once put out an article summarizing anecdotes about Ben being a jerk a few months ago. Why his handlers didnt point out that article to him is amazing. I have always foiund his pandering to his OL and his fake humility on the field as kind of disconcenrting. But I always told myself not to overthink things and just enjoy his play.

      • JohnSteigerwald

        Not much I can add to that.

        • Angry Little Midget

          You should thank him for making some news so you and the other blowhard columnists can have something important to discuss. He is obviously an idiot. He must have been high on the crack. I have heard stories about you and your pompous family being pricks, so this is probably a case of the pot calling the kettle “insert proper word for black here”.You are all just a bunch of retarded newscasters. Stop interrupting my most favoritest tv shows with your big ben bullshit every five minutes and go out and do some real reporting. It looks like the flood is near according to your tracking systems, so you and your midget family should get to high ground. P.S. I hope Ben dropkicks your midget body through the uprights the next time he sees you.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Is that the best you have? Weak. The short jokes cut like a knife. Original, too.

          • Mike Wenger

            Enough with the Big Ben crap! It’s Bucco season. Steigey, we all know how much you love baseball. What’s your Bucco win prediction this season. Do you think the Bucs have an actual PLAN in place?

          • JohnSteigerwald

            I don’t have a prediction but I’m hoping what I hope every year. That they go 0-162. I’ve decided that’s the only way to get people to stop giving their money to the smartest team owners in North America, the Nuttings. I hope the Yankees go 162-0.

          • JMS55

            that’s one thing I agree with you on.! Pirates are the worst team ever in any sport.

        • Allan

          The Rooneys had better be making contingency plans. If the dumbass doesn’t get himself locked up, his brain will probably be the consistency of tapioca pudding in two years from the punishment he absorbs on the field….so they will need a replacement anyway.

        • Ira

          John –

          With all due respect you brought up the fact that just because he may not have been drunk doesn’t mean he could not have been high on other controlled substances as a way to suggest he was in that very sort of mental state. You worded it in a very specific way where you could make the accusation and fall back on the defense that you technically never said you thought he was high on drugs if he wasn’t intoxicated.

          Also, please don’t interpret this as a defense Roethlisberger’s actions. I personally am reserving judgment on him and the girl involved in the incident until actual facts surrounding the case are in.

          With charges as serious as sexual assault, its better to air on the side of wait. I find it disturbing the number of people who are either slandering his accuser or opinions like your original post about Ben that basically already considered him guilty.

          • saneman

            One thing I did not like about John’s wording was the drugs insinuation. Unless John has heard from someone reliable that Ben partakes in any serious drugs recreationally(pot doesn’t count), then he is offbase insinuating that. However, I have no problem with the rest of his posts.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Why would anybody need me to “insinuate” that not drinking doesn’t rule out being high. That’s not an insinuation. It’s an observation. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that any of the hundreds of people in the bar were high on something else. That’s not an insinuation that they all ARE on drugs. Why is this distinction so hard to grasp?

  • Skip

    Your original post is on Madden’s page at

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Good. Thanks

  • JohnSteigerwald

    Check my earlier response. I said it again in capital letters. I did mistakenly push the trash tab.

  • Ron

    Missing a Make A Wish appt or not signing autographs or not having his bar tabs paid does not mean someone is more likely to assault a girl in a nightclub. This could just be bad management. If Ben doesn’t feel like signing autographs while he’s out doing his day to day things, it’s his right. A person of his stature probably has a huge amount of requests on a daily basis. I get personally get asked to donate to charity all the time, and I’m just a small business owner. He obviously took many photos that night. Otherwise how would we know he was wearing his Devil shirt?

    It’s been a whole week and still no charges have been filed. This girl could just be trying to get some settlement money, knowing Ben is a marked man, as it being true. I think we should hold judgement until all the facts come out. If they ever do.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Being accused of sexual assault twice in 8 months would be enough for me to advise my daughter to steer clear of him

      • Stacey

        And if you believe any of the so-called “facts” in that first allegation/civil suit, then that says more about you than it does him! And it ain’t saying anything good!

        • JohnSteigerwald

          I wrote in my column a few months ago that I would be surprised if he wasn’t exonerated. I also find it interesting that so many people have decided that ben didn’t do anything wrong in Georgia. No reason to believe he did but there’s just as little reason to believe the woman is lying.

  • grant


    I don’t believe this story for one second. You don’t have any sources or verifiable facts, just two emails from a a hotel worker and a person who claimed to be the parents of a Make-A-Wish child? These are unsubstantiated rumors, nothing more. This is definitely shabby journalism, but now that you’re a blogger and fictional writer, I guess standards of journalism go out the window.

    Regarding why you’re getting more negative questions about Ben than any other sports celebrity in the last 30 years? Well, that’s easy. New technology (cell phones, email, internet, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) allows the media to fixate obsessively on celebrities such as Ben on a scale that we’ve never seen before. Ben is all over TMZ, which is the biggest celebrity rumor / gossip website in the world. In this day and age, rumors and innuendo get spread faster than a wildfire during a drought. We’ve all heard stories about how Ben is such a jerk to fans and autograph seekers, etc., etc. All these stories start out with, “I know a someone who met Ben…”, or “My friend works at a restaurant where Ben once had dinner…” This is all just b.s. – you need to be a LOT more skeptical and question everything you read. Most of it just ain’t true, John.

    Stop spreadin’ the hate and vicious lies about Ben. I thought you’d be above this crap. Ben is just a young guy who maybe likes the ladies a little bit too much, who maybe likes to party a bit too much. Likes to drink an adult beverage on occasion with his friends. Pretty typical 20 something frat boy behavior. Sure, maybe he’s blown off a fan or two over the years. So what? I don’t hold that against him.

    Until there are charges brought against Ben for sexual assault, stop churnin’ the rumor mill. It sure is unseemly for a respected Pittsburgh sports journalist like yourself.

    Just sayin’.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Here’s what churned the rumor mill: Ben being dragged to the police station after a woman said he assaulted her in the ladies room. You’re free to ignore the Make-A-Wish story. It’s just another story on the pile. I’m not talking about being asked questions by people in emails etc. I’m talking about respectable people who have, out nowhere, volunteered a story about what a jagoff Ben was/is.

      • Siggy

        “Here’s what churned the rumor mill: Ben being dragged to the police station after a woman said he assaulted her in the ladies room”

        Wrong again on two counts John.

        Ben never went to the police station, and the room in question wasn’t a ladies room.

        Maybe you were in Kordell’s limo?

      • JohnSteigerwald

        I grew up in the South Hills. Hopewell’s very nice, though.

    • The Truth

      You’ve nailed it. One person (possibly a Browns fan?) e-mails a story and tells so-called journalist to call this other person to verify said story. No other verification to story. MSNBC should hire this guy, this is how they operate. In the end it accomplishes so-called journalist’s goal, gotten him in the news and he hopes potentially gainful employment.

  • Chris

    Great blog John…I enjoyed your radio show, and your various tv appearance and articles. Thank you for exposing the truth, as ugly as it can sometimes be. Keep up the great work.

    I have no problem with a single, 28 year old man going out for drinks with his buddies and chasing single women. I do have a problem with a 28 year old single man going to clubs where a large portion of the opposite sex is 21 years old and UNDER. Those aren’t woman, they are girls. That is pathetic. And Big Ben is not your typical 28 year old single man. He is a professional athelete. One who signed a 110 million dollar contract a few years ago and like it or not, is the face of the entire Steelers organization. The one thing he is guilty of is incredibly bad judgement for the THIRD time that we know of publicly. The first one almost killed him, the second one was of great embarrassment, and now this. The woman in question is just 20 years old. If he is charged, he should be immediately suspended indefinately by the Steelers, without the league’s input. The Rooney’s right now should be seriously looking at their franchise face and start planning for a successor. Ben at the moment is a moron, and may turn out to be a criminal. If that latter occurs, the Rooney’s need to be proactive and take a stand. It is the right thing to do, it is the only thing to do. Great blog John…I enjoyed your radio show, and your various tv appearance and articles. Thank you for exposing the truth, as ugly as it can sometimes be. Keep up the great work.

    • JohnSteigerwald


  • Ron

    Yeah, “whoops”, John why didn’t you leave up the original post were you recklessley accuse Roethlisberger of using Drugs? “He could’ve been high on something else. Would you be surprised?”

    I hope the Steelers do release him, so I can then listen to all the whiny Steelers fans around here for the next who knows how long.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I didn’t accuse him of anything. I actually forgot that I had mentioned that. Let me say it again for you in capital letters. LOTS OF PEOPLE HAVE MENTIONED THE FACT THAT ROETHLISBERGER DIDN’T APPEAR TO BE DRINKING MUCH ON THE NIGHT OF THE INCIDENT. LET ME BE THE FIRST TO POINT OUT THAT HE COULD HAVE BEEN HIGH ON SOMETHING ELSE. IF THAT TURNED OUT TO BE THE CASE, WOULD YOU BE SURPRISED. There is no accusation there and there wasn’t one in the original post. He was bar hopping all night and ended up being accused of sexual assault and you think it’s unfair to suggest that he could have been high on something else? Where have you been?

    • Chad Weaver

      He took the post down because his sensationalism has done its job, he got a spot on Satelite Radio. All pro sports teams in Pittsburgh should black list Staggy and let him go back to covering high school sports where he belongs.

      • JohnSteigerwald

        I re-posted it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tim Teabag

    Now that’s a long paragraph Stagy.

  • John Bauman

    Wow! This is sad how bad this makes me feel. To think someone as celebrated as Ben is in the Burgh could turn out to be such an ass. Thanks John for sharing this.

  • Tom

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. As a Miami student who has met Roethlisberger on a few occasions on campus, as well as having worked at a bar he frequents when he visits, this comes as nothing new. I’ve known his prerogative since before he signed for the Steelers.
    I’ve only met one person who has said great things about him, and she happened to be a childhood friend.
    He skips out on tabs here in Oxford as well. I was there when he pulled that crap last time he was in town.
    He also keeps body guards around him so no one like me (an avid Steelers fan since being born in Pittsburgh in 1986) can come up and get an autograph. They only let attractive girls and football alumni approach him.
    In this case, I think he’s not guilty. However, he needs to realize that regardless of how he’s perceived by the people who know him, a lot of people only hear about his heroics on the field and look up to him as a role model. It’s time he stops being a selfish womanizer and realize that with his contract comes added responsibilities, not just to the Steelers, but his entire fan base.
    I’ll tell you that given the opportunity to hang out with the Steelers for a day, I wouldn’t care if he was there or not. Actually I’d prefer he wasn’t because he’d be either a jerk or put on a fake face.
    I’d rather meet a guy with real character, like Ward or Polamalu.
    And coming from a die-hard fan, that’s a pretty big deal I should think.

    What are your thoughts about picking up LeFevour and trading Ben after this year (assuming he’s not found guilty)? It’s another great quarterback from the MAC. I feel like we could get him in round 3 and still address other issues before we pick him up.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      They should be looking at quarterbacks right now.

    • grant

      Tom, nice job spreading gossip, hearsay, and second hand stories about Ben. We’ve all heard these stories before – where’s the proof? I detect a bitter fan who might be a bit obsessive about celebrity athletes and was turned down more than once for an autograph.

      None of us truly knows the real character of any celebrity. How do you know Hines or Troy have “real character”? They all put on a good face when they’re interviewed. What we see is just an image on tv, not who they really are. Only God, his closest friends and family know Ben’s true character.

  • Anthony

    Hey, nice article. You know, I live in Chicago and have never heard a word about Ben like this, partially because of where I live, and partially because the only news outlets I can find Steelers coverage on are the Post-Gazette, ESPN AFC North, and NFL Network.
    Most of the people that know me are really ribbing me for this stuff. In a way, I feel like I should stick by Ben because I’m a Steelers fan, and because it has not been proven, but in a another way I’m not so sure of that.
    So what I’m going to say is that I think Ben deserves the benefit of the doubt on this one until he is put to court. But what I think will be the tell tale story of this case will be the NFL draft. Let’s face it, it’s going to take a long time to get started. But if the Rooneys get a new QB, well, they must not believe Ben.

    • Anthony

      And just a quick thing I forgot. In your opinion does Willie Colon distancing himself from Roethlisberger hint towards guilt, or is it just to stay out of the spotlight?

      • JohnSteigerwald

        No idea.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Something you should keep in mind as this unfolds:
      Ben wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

      • Siggy

        “Something you should keep in mind as this unfolds:
        Ben wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire”

        Tell that to the motorist he helped after the guy was waffled in his car downtown.

    • Sean H

      I live in Florida, but most of my family and many of my friends are still in Pittsburgh. Everything I’ve heard from all those people about this person’s behavior in public lines up well with Steigerwald’s blog entry. #7 for the Steelers is living proof that bad things happen when white trash suddenly comes into a lot of money.

  • Will Morris

    Steelers fans lining up to “Kordell” Ben. Maybe you all should run him out of town like you did Bradshaw.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Yeah. It’s the fans’ fault.

      • Will Morris

        Bradshaw – check
        Ben- in the process

        Pittsburgh hates quarterbacks.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          So, if she’s in a bar that makes her accusation suspicious? If that’s the case it’s time for single sex bars. If she’s “hanging” on him, that gives him permission to do whatever he wants? Would you say the same if it were your daughter or your sister? Sorry, but I think you’re giving a 20 yr old kid too much credit. In the course of a few minutes she decides that she’s just hit the jackpot and heads for a cop thinking that she’s going to get lots of money by lying to the police, her parents, millions of people around the world and possibly a judge and/or jury. Maybe you’re right. I know one thing. There’s no way you can be as sure as you say you are.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          Can you make up another list of the Steeler qbs who have been accused of sexual assault twice in 8 months?

          • Will Morris

            How did she know his exact stats as listed on the police report? Right from the roster to the police report. 6’5″ 241 pounds.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Yeah, you’re right. She planned the whole thing. Why aren’t women smart enough to come after Tom Brady and Peyton Manning with similar plans?

          • Will Morris

            Brady just knocks them up and then dumps them.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            And there’s no indication that the ONE woman he “knocked up” was forced into anything and, as far as I know, in the process of getting “knocked up” she didn’t suffer any facial injuries

          • Siggy

            You mean the Peyton Manning who paid hush money to a girl who sued him after he defamed her in his book after he sat on her face with his bare ass in the trainers room in college? THAT Peyton Manning John?

            She tried to sue him for his comments about her, Peyton paid her off to shut her up.

            You didn’t know that did you?

          • JohnSteigerwald

            HJow old was he 19? Ben’s is 28 and has $30 million of Dan Rooney’s money. One more bad comparison.

          • Siggy

            He wrote the book in 2000 John. It was four years after it happened and after she already got a settlement from Tennessee. He decided to defame her four years later and then the true details of the “mooning” came out.

            Age doesn’t matter. Or will you start letting guys come over to your house and sit their bare asses (and other things) on your daughter’s face?

            I didn’t think so.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            He`was a kid, Age does matter. More is expected of you when you’re 19. More is expected of you when you’re representing an organization that has committed 102 million dollars to you.

          • oksteelerfan

            I keep seeing people saying that she gave this information. As little as was written in the police report, how do you know she gave that information? I kind of doubt there was any doubt who he was. I guess some people’s minds can’t grasp that maybe the cop looked it up and filled it in? He was supposed to have questioned Ben, maybe he got the info from his drivers license? I was a witness to a wreck one time and the cop asked for my drivers license to make sure he got my information correct.

          • Will Morris

            Can you name me one that has been CONVICTED of it? You started the Ben is on drugs rumor, how long before people start believing that too.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Pittsburghers don’t like jagoffs. Ben is a classic.

          • Will Morris

            Tell that to his police dog program. Tell that the thousands of people who have gotten Ben’s autograph or picture taken with him. Tell that to his football camp program. You only believe what you want to about Ben, the bad, for what ever reason. Did Ben have something to do with KDKA not renewing your contract?

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Ever heard of the bad outweighing the good? You’ve taken up enough space for a while. Go away. You’re boring me.

          • Nick

            You’re way off there, Will. I think Steigerwald’s out because he failed a drug test.

            Oh, no…..there I go making ridiculous, unsubstantiated accusations. How unprofessional of me.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Read the post. I made not one unsubstantiated or substantiated accusation.

          • Bees

            Its funny to read this. Post after post you just keep getting owned over and over again.

            Delusional comes to mind.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Glad you’re enjoying it.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            It would be unprofessional to make unsubstantiated accusations. That’s why I didn’t do it.

          • Siggy

            “Pittsburghers don’t like jagoffs”

            Hines Ward?

          • JohnSteigerwald

            I haven’t heard a ridiculous number of stories about how he mistreated people. Bad comparison number 1,247

          • Doug

            You are making a great case for yourself every time you blog. Blah blah 30 years covering Pittsburgh….30 years too long. You’ve lost it man….lost it. You sound like a bitter, prejudice, irrational old man.

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Bah, humbug.

  • Will Morris

    The drugs thing is a little over the top, even for you.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Are two sexual assault charges in 8 months over the top? What about this guys behavior causes you to assume that if he’s not drinking, he couldn’t still be high? I’m not accusing him of anything. I’m just saying that a guy can be high while he’s barhopping without doing a lot of drinking.

      • browns fan

        silly john,

        very few people barhop when they are high. and i doubt a guy who gets drug tested for his job is smoking weed when alcohol is legal.

        now coke makes a lot more sense, it’s expensive and he’s rich…slutty chicks love it, ben loves slutty chicks…and it’s out of your system in a few days.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          You said it.I didn’t

          • Goose


            This blog is unbelievable, like you said the best comments are the ones that rip into you; Good for them and good for you. That is what makes Pittsburgh great.

            We don’t care about “celebrity” – a real Pittsburgh doesn’t stiff jocks, and you have always been a real Pittsburgher and that is why you were on the air for 30 plus years!

            Here is what Ben needs to do;

            He needs to go to the Pitt archives and get a video of people walking up “cardiac hill” to Pitt Stadium on a crispy Sunday afternoon to watch a Steeler’s Giant Game

            He needs to look into the eyes and faces of those Pittsburgher and see they don’t give a damn whether we win the game, we were glad we had a place to go that wasn’t Dormont, or Birdland

            After he watches the video – he needs to go down to the Heinz Sports Hall of Fame, and look up a quote that Chuck Noll said to you (or someone) when he was asked to comment on Franco holding out and he said “Franco who?”

            Then after all that he needs to go to the strip district on Saturday morning and stand in line at Penn Mac and again look into the people faces and eyes.

            (I’m not talking about people that weren’t born here – I’m talking people that were born and raised in the ‘burgh’ and we really don’t give a fuck about whether a guys has two super bowl rings or not.

            If you are a jagoff we are going to call you out for being a jagoff,

            I have traveled all over the world and whenever I run into someone who was born and raised in Pittsburgh I always ending making a new friend.

            We understand that 90% of the building people work in this country were built by steel made by our grandfathers, and the Steelers are not an NFL Football Team they are “Pittsburgh’s Steelers”

            Ben’s problem (like most jagoffs that grew up rooting for the Browns) is that he things being the QB for the Steelers matters to us as much as it does some stupid college broad in Ohio.

            Ben’ here’s a little secret – we don’t care, if you are going to be a jagoff you are not welcome. (although we we like a few first round picks for you)

            We won without you before, and we will win with out you again, what makes the Pittsburgh Steeler’s Special is that we are owned and operated by a REAL PITTSBURGHER.

            And because we are real, all Ben has to do, is go to a bar in Millvale somewhere, walk in and sit down at the bar and have a shot and a beer (maybe grab a hard boiled egg out of the jar on the bar) and just shoot the shit.

            In a month the story would spread just like the bad stories spread.

            If he wants to heal his image, he needs to just look around and see how many retired Steelers still live in Pittsburgh, they are welcome because they understand the bond this city has with people that aren’t assholes.

      • Will Morris

        He has been charged with nothing. If it weren’t for the media making him out to be the equivalent of a mass murderer, no one would even know he was out for his birthday. Even you John can see that his other case cries foul nothing but a not so sane ‘ money grubbing female’. You should read Smizik’s opinion about Ben, since he did pimp your self righteous blog for you. Next time I see your brother out on the town drinking with chicks hanging all over him I’ll warn him that his big brother doesn’t approve of such activity.

        • JohnSteigerwald

          I don’t disapprove of the activity. I do have a little problem with sexual assault, though. Even if it’s committed by a member of the immediate family. How about you?

          • Will Morris

            I will have a problem with it if there ever is a conviction. Right now, both scenarios reek of money grubbing females. Funny how the media is portraying the latest ‘victim’ as little miss innocent, sorry, but if that were the case, she wouldn’t be in a bar. Why were her Facebook and Myspace pages scrubbed? Incriminating evidence to the contrary? Remember how the media and the family made the Holloway girl look? Umm, little miss innocent, then bam, there she was drinking and hanging all over guys. How about being a responsible blogger John and get some info on the accuser. It’s not quite fair that Ben is being made to look like a murderer and she is being kept in a cave.

          • oksteelerfan

            So Ben shouldn’t be judged for being a 28 year old man, NFL QB who has a civil suit hanging over his head for rape, being in a college bar. But a 20 year old girl should be judged for being in 18+ college bar? That makes her a money grubber and not innocent?

            I think someone needs to educate you on what women in the past went through when raped. They were raped by a man, then they were raped by the media then they were tried in court just as much as the man who committed the crime if not more. Thank God that time is long gone.
            Her facebook and myspace was scrubbed to protect her privacy.

            I honestly believe some of you believe even if he did sexually assault her she should feel grateful.

            If your daughter was raped or sexually assaulted do you want her name and picture plastered everywhere?

            Some of you people really make me sick.

  • Matt


    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. What do you think Steelers fans should do to support our time while expressing our disgust with the behavior of our quarterback? Last summer I thought the charges were bogus based upon the sketchy accuser and her civil suit. This time, the girl went to the police, the next day. I’ve got a bad feeling.

    I’m glad we won 2 more Super Bowls because that may be the last time for a while.

    Thanks and keep writing, I’ve got you in my RSS

    • JohnSteigerwald

      You should support the Rooney family if , in the event that Roethlisberger is charged, they release him.