• Ochotexto

    They just named some new people their admin at PSU but they’re reportedly insiders. The Feds need to step in to stop the madness. Lack of institutional control at it’s worst.

    • oksteelerfan

      If nothing else this has brought it to light even more what a joke the NCAA is.

      • Ken

        I agree 100% that the NCAA is a joke in many ways.

        But I don’t know what jurisdiction they have here. Their rules cover athletic programs and recruiting. I don’t think PSU has violated any rules there. The coach that molested these kids retired a long time ago, and the ones (that we know of ) that didn’t report it to police are either fired or on admin leave. What else could the NCAA do?

        This is a matter for the courts.

    • Ken

      In terms of just the football program, I think Bob Smizik is right. They’ve done enough. At least for now.


      As for Penn State admins, it is a little concerning perhaps that they’re insiders, but I don’t think everyone at the university can be damned for what happened. Guilt by association isn’t fair. I don’t know squat about who is now running the show, but just because they’re not an outsider doesn’t make them a bad choice. (Don’t ask. I didn’t go to PSU. I’m a Pitt guy.)

      • oksteelerfan

        I disagree for a couple of different reasons. When you have something this bad that looks like it was covered up because the football program’s image needed protected. Football more important than kids. If you’re going to call for an investigation, you want it to look like you mean business.
        The canceling football games or having their football program shut down isn’t even just about Penn State. It’s more the culture surrounding college campuses across the country. Penn State needs to be made an example of and either NCAA rules need to be changed and/or more laws need to be made that if a college covers up any kind of crime or doesn’t report any kind of crime then anyone who knew about whether that be a coach, professor or campus police they be held criminally responsible. I would hate to guess just how many girls have been raped on college campuses where nothing was done other than to suspend the kid a few games.

        To be perfectly honest I’m sick of hearing about Penn State’s football program. Penn State needs to play football so they can heal. It is just more people saying football is so damn important and once again putting football over the lives of people that a damn game is not going to for one minute help them heal.
        I wonder how those victims felt watching Penn State play that game and saw all the JoePa signs and saw people crying for JoePA. I wonder if Bradley gets his wish and they play in a bowl game how that will make the victims feel?

        I love high school football, when for the most part it’s still innocent and is still just about playing because they enjoy playing. I see all kinds of little girls dressed in their cheerleading outfits. However, if my local hs covered up one of those football players or one of the coaches molesting one of those little girls it would take the innocence away. If I had a little girl and it happened, I certainly wouldn’t attend another football game and I sure wouldn’t take my little girl.

        I like Bob but I disagree with him strongly on this.

        • Ken

          I just don’t see what the NCAA can do. I guess they could cancel games or apply other sanctions, including a death penalty.

          The criminal charges that you want (and I agree) are hopefully on their way. Curley and Schulz are charged. Others like Paterno or McQuery may not be in the clear either. If people go to jail, I think that would send a message and should do wonders to clean things up both at PSU and other colleges. (Of course, with the money involved, it’ll never be totally clean.)

          I don’t think that the entire football program needs to be punished. Innocent people shouldn’t be punished for the actions of others.

          Life does go on. Will the victims fell bad if PSU plays in a bowl? Perhaps. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but I think that’s another issue. I’d think that their focus should be on the criminal proceedings against Sandusky, Curley, and Schulz and not for across the board punishment against people not involved.

          • oksteelerfan

            Innocent people are punished all the time. When teams are punished for NCAA violations, did everyone commit the violation?
            When a coach violates recruiting rules is it the school’s fault even if they didn’t know about it, is it the players’ faults that weren’t involved?
            Take Miami for instance, when/if they do something to them, most of these players are long gone.

            I just don’t see the big difference other than the fact that apparently the NCAA doesn’t have rules to cover this, but imo they should have. It hurts a lot more people for a program to cover up assaults, rapes and in this case child rape then it does for some kid to sell his signature or jersey, etc. for money or a tattoo or for a kid to be given money, cars, their parent’s a house to live in, etc.

            The NCAA rules needs to be changed and state and possibly federal laws need to be changed.

            People say they cleaned house, but more than likely this was going to be the last year for Paterno anyway and probably the end for most of his coaching staff. Very possible that at least Curley who Paterno basically chose for AD was likely to be gone. So they fired their President, which is possibly the only change that wasn’t in the plans anyway. Other than that what have they done? Say we’ll investigate?

            They’re still playing football, the interim coach, who btw testified to the grand jury as well, so what does he know and when did he know, is saying they want a bowl game.

          • oksteelerfan

            Also, I kind of think they had no other choice but to fire Paterno and the President. They are also picking up the tab for Curley and Schultz’ defense.

          • Ken

            We just diagree on this one. What happened is horrible and I don’t want it to sound like I’m minimizing it. But I don’t see why life can’t go on.

            Did Bradley know something? I’d bet he heard at least rumors. I think they’ll clean out the coaching staff following the season. But the curernt coaches, even if they’re something like Paterno and were morally wrong, didn’t break a law. The players certainly didn’t break the law. So I just don’t see the harm in playing the season. I don’t think that’s hurting anyone. The victims and their families may not like it, but they probably don’t like anything about Penn State right now. I don’t think they need to shut down the entire university.

            Now we won’t know what Paterno would have done. I was kind of enjoying that yearly drama. And listening to (and taunting) my Penn State fan friends complaining about his pitiful offense and actually wanting him to retire.

            I really don’t think that he would have retired. Couldn’t see him going out on his own. And once his body started feeling better in the offseason, I think he’d have wanted to come back for sure.

            Before the scandal, I’d have bet that the Penn State AD secretly wanted a losing season so that it would have been easy to just not renew his contract. Don’t know how it will end up, maybe not well with Wisconsin and Ohio State remaining. But if they had finished well off an 8-1 start, it would have been very difficult for them to retire an unwilling Joe Paterno.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

            To me it’s about getting some perspective. Cancelling the season would have sent the message that football is not more important than the university. The kids who rioted obviously, aside from pouncing on a chance to party, obviously need some perspective.

          • oksteelerfan

            For me it’s that as well. I would like just one person who could actually do something, say football is not more important than these victims.

            The punishment end, is because an example needs to be made imo. It has to start somewhere and if not with something this horrible being covered up then where? I’m not even saying it will stop it across the country of crimes being covered up on college campuses. On the other hand though imo it just proves to other coaches/administrations even something this horrible can be covered up for years and can survive, so ignoring that girl that was beaten and raped is a walk in the park even if it does come out.

            When this first came out I thought no way would they get a bowl game, no way anyone would want to be associated with the scandal. Then Penn State said they weren’t canceling the football season and Bradley said they wanted a bowl game. Now we’re hearing the Rose Bowl will accept them and other bowls as well. So I guess I was wrong.

          • Ken

            When the scandal broke, I thought orginally that Paterno would finish the regular season and be fired or convinced to retire before a bowl game to at least minimize some of the publicity.

            But I always thought it was possible that Penn State would turn down any bowl invitation. It’s stil possible. It’s not Bradley’s call.

            I don’t think that playing the football season – by a team not involved with the scandal and with a coaching staff likely not involved with the scandal – shows any insensitivity towards the victims or even shows a lack of perspective. They’ve already canned a coach who was thought to be god-like and untouchable as well as the AD. If this was the off season, the entire staff would probably have been fired. They’ve made so many mistakes already, but punishing the players (including the opposing players) and the fans would just be another mistake.

            You’re right about innocent people being punished all the time, especially with NCAA violations. It’s often unavoidable. This time, innocent people don’t need to be held responsible for what they had no part in.

          • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

            It’s hard to imagine that there weren’t players who had heard talk about Sandusky. They’re not being punished any more than a kid is punished for having his trip to Kennywood cancelled because of rain. It would be a good message for them and college football players everywhere : “Football needs to be DE-EMPHASIZED” and it starts here now.

  • oksteelerfan

    I’m really starting to wonder if everyone involved with this case are stupid. Not only did the judge who released Sandusky with paying nothing and not being monitored although he’s an accused pedophile living next to an elementary school and playground, volunteer for Second Mile, Second Mile raised funds for her.

    Did they all think this was going to be kept secret and nobody outside of that county was going to care and they could just do business as usual?


  • Tattoo Rick

    I laughed when I heard one of the CNN talking heads say “He admits to showering with young boys, mistake now his fate is sealed” I asked myself do they forget MJ? He admitted to sleeping naked with children and was aquitted. Don’t be surprised if this guy walks,, his lawyer is no joke & will shoot holes in the case and create doubt, thats what good lawyers do..

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      Good point about Jackson but he sold a lot more records than Sandusky.

      • GeeWhiz

        The lawyer is a piece of work too. A couple decades ago he got his 17 year old client pregnant. He was 49 at the time. They did get married, but she was a minor. Birds of a feather, I guess.

      • oksteelerfan

        My worry is getting a jury that doesn’t have at least one person who was involved with Second Mile or Penn State and thinks ol’ Jerry is a great man with a heart of gold and shuts their ears to the evidence presented to them.

        Another thing that bothers me is that HS, besides the trying to discourage the Mother from reporting it, but she said they were allowing Sandusky to take her son out of school without her knowledge.

  • Tim

    I cannot imagine anyone with experience coaching youths being in an empty building / locker room with a child alone – naked in the shower.

    Why doesn’t anyone ask him how he could allow himself to be put in such a ridiculous position……..how can he be innocent? No moral man would have a child in that position even if he wasn’t a pedophile.

    • jwit

      i coach grade school kids at a local private school. After a background check, you have to take protocol class. In this class you are told to never be anywhere alone with a kid. You can’t hold practice as the lone coach in a gym, you cant transport kids to a game without another adult in the car, etc. These are basic principles of working with kids. How does a coach of young men and a founder of a home for boys not know this? Showering? Horseplay? Yeah right. A guy this narcisisstic and in good shape, they ought to ask where he was the day the last district attorney went missing too. Maybe he was horsing aournd with that guy, too.

      • oksteelerfan

        Most of that should be common sense.

        My husband coached all of our kids at some point when they were growing up. Common sense dictated that you couldn’t be too careful.

        But then I guess that’s common sense of not wanting to be falsely accused of something. If your game plan is to molest kids then you’re not worried about being careful, because they are your prey.

  • francis

    ..anyone else think its a bit strange JS wasant there in person to answer the questions…..when asked if hes sexually attracted to young boys…he takes his time in giving a answer…first words out of any innocent man accused of these horrific crimes HELL NO…hes so guilty…and he deserves the toughest sentence when convicted…how is this even a debate…costas nailed the interview…if it had been a local guy in town…they of asked questions about everything except the young boys hes claimed to been involved with…then thanked him for his time and told us all the part two of the interview would air tomorrow…

    • jwit

      anyone else think Sandusky may be trying to cut yet another deal with old PSU. You know what, I’ll cop a plea and go away, but my wife keep the cute little campus house and my pension, otherwise i keep showing up in my yard with PSU gear on, going on Tv, Radio dragging you all down with me. If you dessert us now, i will sing like a canary about the coverup. Why else would this guy show his face or go on tv in a psu suit.

  • Dan

    Sandusky did himself no favors doing that interview. And why did his attorney allow him to do it? Unbelievable.

    Costas finally asked the question I’ve been wondering about. After McQueary told Paterno what happened in 2002, why didn’t Paterno approach Sandusky and ask him what happened???

    Sandusky and Paterno had known each other for 30 some years, Sandusky was his top assistant, and Paterno doesn’t get Sandusky’s side of the story? Had I been in Paterno’s shoes, that’s the first thing I’d have done.

    I think the reason Paterno didn’t do this is because he was aware of what happened in 1998, so what McQueary told him in 2002 wasn’t a surprise. Paterno instead went to Curley to cover his butt legally, but failed in his moral obligation and was deservedly fired.

  • Chris

    This is all about spin, damage control, and most importantly, PUBLICITY…Talk, talk, talk. Take advantage of the modern 24 hour newscycle, TMZ world, and taint as many people as possible. How could Sandusky possibly get a fair trial? That will be the argument. Where are they going to find 12 uninformed, unbiased jurors in the state of PA? That is what this is all about now. There is no way they will win in my opinion. So it is about deadlock, mistrial, and other tactics that will avoid the truth, so Sandusky can skate.

  • Blasto

    I’ve worked with kids in one form or another almost my entire life. I can tell you that I never had the urge to shower with any of them.

  • KAYO

    In one of the video’s that NBC showed of Sandusky around kids, there is a shot of the back of one child who has striking red hair. From what I’ve heard, McQueary grew up near Sandusky. I wonder if McQ was one of his early victims? It would certainly put a spin on things.

    • a-dawg

      McQueary’s family had a little money while he was growing up. I went to Penn State and my one roommate was an exercise science major. Late in his schoolastic career, he worked as a personal trainer and McQueary was one of his clients. This was while he was in high school.

  • HGWT

    Let’s say,” he gets off”, no pun intended. I don’t know when or where it will take place, he’ll get what’s coming to him.

    • GeeWhiz

      Eventually, a lake of fire will consume him.

  • Chuck

    Olld Jerry is just a fun guy who likes to roughhouse in the shower naked with young boys. What’s wrong with that?????

  • http://wayo72.blogspot.com Tony D

    You mean Sandusky and his defense team are using the “I’m innocent” defense. Brilliant! No jury will ever convict him now.

  • oksteelerfan

    John, what is in the water there? Sandusky’s attorney got an underage girl pregnant while representing her? How the heck did that escape any scrutiny or ethical violations by the state bar?
    How can Sandusky or his attorney or anyone involved think horsing around naked in a shower with a naked little boy is normal?

    My Lord, Clinton gave us what the meaning of sex is, now I guess we need what the meaning of horsing around naked in the shower is?

  • Niblick

    This may be a shrewd move by the defense attorney. When this goes to trial, all the defense has to do is create reasonable doubt. Maybe that is what Sandusky did last night. Still no word from McQueary. If some of the alleged victims testify that nothing happened, then it becomes a he said he said situation. Could be interesting.

    • DormontDirtBag

      By denying the allegations publicly and broadcasting the denials via TV, Sandusky has put his theory of the case “out there” without Sandusky having to take the stand to be cross-examiend at trial. Pretty good move by the defense attorney.

  • Ken

    I heard that the lawyer for “victim #2,” who I think was the kid in the shower witnessed by McQueary, says that his client claims nothing improper happened. Interesting twist there.

    This is going to be a long, ugly ordeal for Penn State in court.

    Sandusky sounds pretty pathetic. I’ve been in health clubs where there are teenagers and sometimes much younger kids in the locker room. Somehow, myself and the other adults manage not to accidentally touch them when while showering.

    • oksteelerfan

      Maybe I’m crazy but there just seems something different about a group of men in a health club taking showers or a team taking showers then there is a grown man taking a shower with a young boy at night in an empty locker room.

      I didn’t hear Costas ask him the question as to why after the 1998 investigation when you said you’d quit showering with boys did you continue showering with them?

      • Ken

        I’m not suggesting it’s the same. Just talking about how ridiculous his “explanation” of what happened was.

        A locker room full of guys or boys of various ages is a completely different situation. And when I’ve seen kids that young at a health club locker room, usually their dad is nearby.

        Why would he grant that interview?

        • oksteelerfan

          I got what you were saying and was doing the same. Who in the hell takes a shower alone with a kid? Who would not see anything wrong with that?

          I think though anyone who heard his response to “are you sexually attracted to young boys” could only come away thinking that man is guilty as sin.

      • JimGott

        -oksteelerfan…Excellent Point!!!

  • Mike from Boston

    Costas asked great questions, very direct, and Sandusky’s answers just make him look like a bold faced liar.

    It makes you wonder why his hotshot attorney would agree to an interview like this when it could potentially be a coffin nail for him.

    • Blasto

      Ken-seemed like the lawyer took this opportunity to set up the defense. It’s going to be “yes, I showered with kids. No, I didn’t penetrate them.”
      I may have been 95% sure that Sandusky was guilty before hearing him speak. After listening to him last night, I am now 100% sure he’s a Ped-O with a capital P. What a twisted fuck.

      • Ken

        You aren’t kidding. That audio is really creepy.

  • Dr. Phibes

    Obviously I’m not looking to defend Sandusky, but its odd that, from what we know, he was age 55 when the first evidence of his pedophilia came to light. This seems really old if he just started doing this at that age. If he’s been doing this all along, I would have thought the AGs report would have turned up something stretching way back into the 80’s possibly earlier. And after all the headlines the past week, nothing has turned up prior to 1998.

    Does this mean he was fine all those years, or just that he kept it all his sick fantasys all to himelf all those years, and finally in 1998 it had to come out? Just seems odd that someone may have been a decent person all those years and suddenly turns into a monster.

    • oksteelerfan

      When did him and his wife start fostering and adopting kids?

      There was something that came out in 1994 when one of his adopted kids was still a foster child I believe at the time. I guess nobody took it seriously or they just ignored it because a judge let the adoption go through after the boy wrote a letter saying he wanted to stay with them.

      I’m not going to say he molested his kids, but I don’t think it’s too far fetched to believe it could be very possible.

      NY Times is reporting more alleged victims have come forward, so who knows maybe some of them were from a long time ago.
      Maybe he was molesting kids a long time and none came forward or none were believed.

      • Mike V.

        I’ll say it. He molested kids.

  • Gary M

    So, the prosecution got these 8 boys of varying ages, to tell the exact same, ‘Uncle Jerry came downstairs and blew on my stomach’ story.
    Because that’s what the defense is going to have to prove if he’s innocent. The prosecution in it’s zeal for a conviction, wittingly or unwittingly, got these kids to attest to things that did not happen.
    Oh, and McQueary is either a liar or sadly mistaken.
    McQueary is less damaging. They will make the same case that the public did and that is, if you believed this monster was in your midst, why didn’t you do anything?
    They can’t attack the kids, that would be suicide.
    So they have to attack the investigators. You were looking for a monster, and you found a monster, how convenient.

    After hearing about the Uncle Jerry reduced, unsecured, unmonitored bail from the charity associated…er I mean judge, don’t you wonder when the Fed is going to step in and take over this case?

  • Mike from Monroeville

    Innocent until proven guilty, blah, blah, blah.

    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law blah, blah, blah. I’m not on the jury. Guilty.

      • Mike from Monroeville

        Its sounds like you give more thought to shopping for underwear.

        • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

          I tru not to spend too much time kidding myself.

  • Chipped Ham

    Soooo…. McQ now he says stopped a rape which Sandusky now says never happened.

    Got it.

    I’ve never been so proud to be a PSU alum.

  • howard
    • http://justwatchthegame.com John Steigerwald

      If he’s innocent, think of how much time and money is going to be spent prosecuting all of those people who decided that it would be a good idea to commit perjury.