California is considering the legalization and taxation of marijuana.

And, according to a study done by the state, the tax revenue that could be generated by taxing weed would be way more than what the state brings in from the wine business.

California is a mess because it is the model for what Barack Obama would like to have for the entire country.

Too many people on welfare, ridiculously high taxes and lots of illegal immigrants.

There are also a lot of pot smokers out there and they’re going to keep smoking it whether Arnold gives them permission or not.

Taxing it seems like a pretty good idea. I think we have way too many taxes now, but consumption taxes are the only good ones because we get to choose whether we want to pay them.

If you want to see how well the War on Drugs is going, watch an episode or two of Boardwalk Empire on HBO. It’s going about as well as prohibition went in the ’20s.

Let the potheads smoke and as they get higher, the state’s debt might go lower.

Maybe more people would make the switch from alcohol to marijuna.

If nothing else, it would reduce the chances of someone throwing up on you at a football game.

  • Ochotexto

    Boardwalk Empire is a great show. It also shows how things ran better when gangsters maneuvered the govt instead of corporations and hedge fund brokers. I have more respect for Al Capone than Bernie Madoff. No CEOsmade 9 million back then., when mobsters ruled everyone was working and got a piece. Where have you gone Jimmy Hoffa ? A nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      The mobsters were pretty powerful in the 30s too. Why didn’t they prevent the depression that FDR prolonged?

  • Joe

    The whole argument that people smoke it anyways, so make it legal fails because the laws aren’t there for the lawbreakers…they are there for the law abiding…however, if you legalize it, there are people who will do it because they aren’t fearful of the law anymore (the same reason some people are alive only because it isn’t worth the punishment for killing them – we all know people like that)…thus, the problem grows…and the unintended consequences of such also grow…like more high people driving on the roads…

    Sorry, the cost of fighting the war on drugs is way less than the REAL cost of the problems legalizing it will do…

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Tell the people in Homewood about the cost of the War on Drugs. I’d rather see 1.000 people die from an overdose than have my wife killed in a crossfire between two drug dealers. Watch one episode of Boardwalk Empire on HBO to get a perfect picture of what happens when the government tries to protect people from sin.

  • Ochotexto

    Yeah., like Bush ., when they F everything up they’re RINOs all of a sudden. Has there ever just been a failed Republican ?
    Yinz voted Bush twice now want to give advice on how to run things.
    Thanks., but no thanks .

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Bush is not a RINO. Arlen Specter is. Sp is Armold. So are the two women from Maine. Bush is closer to Reagan than he is to a RINO but still wasn’t nearly conservative enough.

  • GeeWhiz

    I’m all for legalizing pot, but not the harder stuff like cocaine and heroin. Those things mess up a person’s life more than alcohol or pot could, in my opinion.

    But John, maybe you can explain something to me because I honestly don’t understand. You said the California is a model for what Obama wants for the country, yet the state is run by a Republican. I don’t get it. Shouldn’t your criticism be targeted to Arnold and his zombie wife?

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Arnold is a RINO. He’s not a conservative.

      • GeeWhiz

        Man, you’re making me Google way too much. I honestly never heard of that, but LOL’d when I found out. Thanks 🙂

    • saneman

      The revenues in legalizing pot could be used to fight more effective fights against much harder dangerous drugs.

      As a libertarian(although I am one of the very few that leans liberal), I wouldn’t mind seeing everything decriminalized. Spend the money on inpatient rehab for the sake of public safety(You dont want druggies stealing). Have the patients either OD to death on free drugs or work for their daily dose in a productive manner so they won’t be a burden to the state. OK, just a though, not a serious proposal. Still there’s gotta be more creative solution.s

  • Satire 24/7

    I don’t know about pot and getting high but I’m sure of one thing, “The Rent is too damn high.”

  • Ochotexto

    Pot should have been legalized long ago. Don’t agree on harder drugs though., ive seen too many good families shattered. If kids could easily access , experiment with crack/heroin and get it at the the 7-11 things would worsen.Some fights you fight till the end even though it seems hopeless.

  • John

    I get a little scared when we agree on something Steigy, but if we agree, how could something be wrong.

    The tax revenue is the big thing, but I could think of plenty of other reasons to legalize drugs.

    1. Less money spent on arresting, trying, and convicting small time drug users. Simply having a trial in state court costs thousands of dollars. Even magistrate courts cost a lot of money for routine hearings. Have to incarcerate those tried? Enjoy paying for a roof over their heads and 3 squares a day for a while.

    2. Ease the burden on cops and allow them to improve their performance in other areas. Cut out a large percentage of the crimes which they must investigate, and more resources can be devoted to preventing/solving crimes which have a more clearly defined victim.

    3. De-power those inclined to break the law. By this, I don’t mean the casual drug dealer. I don’t think those people are generally criminals. I mean those who make a living from their illegal ‘trade’. Drug laws give criminals more money in their pockets than they would otherwise have. Take that away, and the criminals may have less incentive to continue breaking laws and may turn to something legitimate (or go to something legit from the start).

    4. Make the drugs ‘safer’. Maybe less dangerous would be a better way to put this. While nothing the gov’t does makes cigarettes or booze better for you, legitimate providers of these vices must maintain some quality/safety standards. In short, you don’t have to worry about cigarettes containing 10X the nicotine it should or the beer you’re drinking being spiked with anything before you open it. Legalizing drugs would make them less addictive and less potent. Nothing will make weed or coke safe, but perhaps ‘safer’.

    I’m no burnout sitting in his parent’s basement lamenting that pot isn’t legal. I haven’t touched that stuff since high school. (Ironically, when I was in high school, it was much easier for me to get some pot than it was to get either beer or cigarettes. Thats largely because it was illegal, and dealers didn’t have the same qualms about taking my money) I know people have hangups about drugs. They’ve earned a bad reputation. However, no amount of police resources or governmental pressure will ever take them off the street, so why not accept that they will be there and take something that is detrimental to society something that has benefits?

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Prohibition doesn’t work. You would think that our”leaders” would know history well enough to understand that.

      • Matt

        Yeah it will become legal and then being a pot head will be classified as a disease and potheads nationwide will collect disability and SSI.

        • Mike

          Obese people collect disability. Should we ban McDonalds and KFC?

          • JohnSteigerwald

            Don’t see why not.

  • Chris Robertucci

    Your last sentence

  • Niblick

    I read today somewhere that California’s pot crop is worth $14 billion, according to a state report. Their wine crop comes in at $2 billion. That is a lot of money for someone to get their hands into.

  • Tim

    How bout they start taxing those donuts you like so much to close their budget gap? You know better than most once you put one product on the “sin tax” list that it just opens it up to more products being taxed. They should legalize it and let it operate as any other legal business.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      Works for me. Taxing it makes more sense than wasting my tax dollars to arrest, try and jail dealers.

  • Gary M.

    Growing up, I thought I’d never see the day that pot would be legalized. But a few years ago, with California’s debt increasing, I now think there is no way I won’t see it happen in my life time.
    On the illegal immigrants, I hope you had a chance to the the Erlich/O’Malley debate on that point. O’Malley wouldn’t refer to them as illegal immigrants, instead, he calls them, ‘New Americans’. Erlich retorted, does that mean if someone breaks into my house, he is now a New Family Member? Great ad-lib.