A suggestion for 93.7 The Fan.

Lose the sports updates.

If you’re telling me the details of last night’s Penguins game and last night’s Pitt basketball game at 10:00 in the morning, you’re wasting my time and yours.

It’s 2015.

I probably watched the Penguins game last night. Every game is on TV. It’s not 1984 when 20 Penguins games and three or four Pitt games were televised.

I also probably watched the post game show and heard all the post game comments.

If I didn’t watch the games, there’s a pretty good chance I know what happened. Maybe I went on the interwebs. They tell me you can get scores and highlights on one of them fancy cell phones now.

The updates every 20 minutes are fillers. If anybody knows what happened with the Penguins last night, it’s someone who has made the choice to turn on an all sports station. THEY ALREADY KNOW. Stop insulting your listeners’ intelligence.

Now, my wife doesn’t care about the Penguins, Pitt, the Steelers or the Super Bowl, but she’s not The Fan’s target audience. She doesn’t need updates. She ain’t listening.

There are good reporters working for The Fan.

Let them report.

But let them work on stories that are new and interesting and break into the regular talk only when you think you’re telling your audience something it doesn’t already know.

It’s a waste of good talent to have good reporters sitting around waiting to regurgitate the same old news every 20 minutes.

You know what updates every 20 minutes constitute? Lazy radio.

It may seem like a small thing but it’s not.

It demonstrates a lack of creativity, originality and enterprise — three things that separate the average from the really good.

It also demonstrates complacency and taking an audience for granted.

Good, creative, original, enterprising reporters should want the stupid updates to go away. It would give them a chance to show their stuff and increase their value.

Meanwhile, If you need me, I’m on with Mark Madden 3:30 Friday’s on 105.9 The X.

  • Mark

    Jordan, was gonna say the same thing. Thats why I listen to Triblive or other podcasts. I want to hear breakdowns or behind the scenes or historical banter between the hosts. I agree John, most of us know who won or lost when listening, another of the several reasons I dont listen to terrestrial radio anymore. Miss you on Triblive.

  • Jordan

    that’s why I listen to Trib Radio, I just want sports talk, don’t need the updates, I can get any update I want to on my phone, I don’t need them telling me what they want me to hear or update me on things I don’t know about or care about