I have a little something here for the posters who are convinced that I’ve never said anything good about Ben and that I’ve always been out to get him.

And here’s a column from Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News on Ben’s fist sexual assault accusation.


  • http://SteelerNation David

    I’m missing it. What is the good thing you said about Ben in that article? That you would be shocked if he’s not exonerated?

    That doesn’t really say anything about what you think about his character. If someone was of the frame of mind that the Rooney’s and/of NFL are powerful enough to buy a player’s way out of a mess could certainly say, “I’ll be shocked if he’s not exonerated”.

    You go on to repeatedly ask “what if it’s true”? So I’m missing the “good” thing you’re saying here.

    • JohnSteigerwald

      I’m not assuming his guilt as I’ve been accused of doing. Try to keep up.

      • David

        1st, is this confrontational, grumpy old man style the default persona now? I mean I could see you point when people are attacking you or hurling insults.

        2nd, your original post mentioned saying something good about Ben. I simply asked you to clarify what the something good was. Now if you had mentioned something about always assuming Ben was guilty, then yes, this article proves that.