SteigerWorld Podcast | Ep. 3

Welcome to the world of John Steigerwald

John Steigerwald brings his 40 years of sports and worldly knowledge to the online podcast world with “SteigerWorld.” The show is a weekly no-holds barred format full of hot takes on sports, pop culture, entertainment, trending topics, politics and interviews with forty years of friends.


Segment 1 – Sports – Starts at 0:00
– Current state of the Pittsburgh Penguins
– Clock for a Shootout?
– Roethlisberger Holding Out?
– Cleveland Browns are getting a new logo…
– New England Patriots’ equipment man tried sneaking non-kicking ball into AFC title game
– Agony over the NCAA Tournament
– Vegas bookies give 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates an over/under of 83.5 games

Segment 2 – Politics – Starts at 29:16
– Summit on Violent Extremism – can’t call it “Islamic Extremism”
– Kasich 2016? How could you not vote for a guy from “dahn The Rocks”?

Segment 3 – Why We May Be Doomed – Starts at 34:49
– Young people too fat, too dumb & too tattooed for military service
– Avoiding the Viet Nam draft

Segment 4 – Stag at the Movies – Starts at 39:15
– Awards shows make me puke
– Oscar predictions
– Best movie I saw last year: “Railway Man” with Colin Firth
– In theaters: “Kingsman” – James Bond on steroids

John Steigerwald

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